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Carpet Cleaning Raheny

Carpet Cleaning Raheny

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1 bedroom house carpet cleaning 100 euro

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4 bedroom house carpet cleaning 160 euro

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Team To Take Care Of Your Needs


DIY carpet cleaning consumes loads of time, and comes with plenty of risks. Take for instance the equipment used. The machines rented from stores are usually smaller than the truck-mounted units that are used by the professional carpet cleaning crew. Thus, the component parts are smaller and less effective, which means power is reduced. They also have less precision when using the detergents and removing the soiling. This means that you are at a disadvantage right from the onset, and the DIY carpet cleaning will take longer, and use more of your energy. Usually general purpose units, the rental machines are designed for common stains. When it comes to set-in stains and stubborn odours, like for the cases of pet urine, you end up finding yourself in a pickle. How the machinery is used also factors in. Improperly mixing the ratios when it comes to preparing the cleaning solutions leads to a plethora of problems. For instance, when too much soap is used, plenty of residue remains in the fibres. This easily traps dirt, causing the carpet to get resoiled at a faster rate. In order to prevent this, one ends up having to use too much water to rinse the carpet. Over-wetting has its array of issues, such as discolouration, plus the carpet can shrink or even separate from its backing. Without the proper equipment to extract the water and cleaning solutions used, this means that the drying time will be increased. This allows mould and mildew to thrive. This brings on board health risks to the persons in the establishment, since the fungi release spores, which are allergens, and mycotoxins, which affect entire body systems such as the nervous system. Get things done right, at a fraction of the time, by hiring our carpet cleaning professionals. Carpet Cleaning Raheny


Why You Should Invest In Expert Carpet Cleaning Services


  • Clean carpet = Healthier home


The carpet catches everything that falls onto it, including mounds of allergens. This is from pet fur and dander, dead skin cells that nourish dust mites, which in turn deposit faecal waste, all through to insect husks from the bugs coming out at night to feed on the food crumbs, and dust particles filtered from the air. There are also harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds and other pollutants that cling to the fibres, getting dislodged and kicked into the air as people walk around. For homes with children and pets, it’s vital to schedule regular carpet cleaning. With the kids crawling around on the carpet, they are at a high risk of picking up germs. In case there are pests brought in by pets from the outdoors, such as the troublesome flea, you don’t want an infestation of the little creatures hopping around and causing discomfort to your family members. Your four-legged furry friends too are at risk, with all that time spent rolling around on the carpet, plus the daily naps on it. You don’t want them picking up pathogens and falling ill. In case there are insects hiding in the fibres, these too can bite your pet. You also want to avoid mistakes such as overwetting that are made during the DIY carpet cleaning process, which encourages mould and mildew to grow, which release mycotoxins and spores into the air space. Bringing in our carpet cleaning experts will enable you to protect your loved ones at home and persons on your business premises. Carpet Cleaning Raheny



Every establishment has its particular needs, from home owners, retail stores, office buildings, malls, art galleries, school libraries and hospitality venues. Carpet cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all, hence our pricing structure has been designed to suit your particular needs. That way, you won’t have to worry about blanket costs that end up charging you for services not rendered. One of the core factors that come into consideration is the size of the job. How large is the carpet? How many rooms are being covered? The condition of the carpeting is also considered. There is a difference between lightly soiled carpets and heavily soiled ones, especially when it comes to the cleaning systems and processes that will be put in place. All that may be needed is a light touch up that will take a short time and minimal resources, while there are cases where gunk has been allowed to build up in the carpet for years, and several extraction passes, in addition to pre-treatment and tough cleaning agents will be required. Special attention will need to be dedicated to areas that have tough stains, those that are discoloured, and sections that are damaged. After the cleaning, the carpet can also be treated upon request, in order to enhance its stain resistance features. The costs themselves are affordable, allowing you to get the professional services you desire without distorting your finances. Carpet Cleaning Raheny


Carpet Cleaning Raheny


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