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Carpet Cleaning Rathcoole

Carpet Cleaning Rathcoole

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Investing In Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


DIY carpet cleaning is a minefield. Take a single wrong step and you’ll end up with a damaged carpet. From those nifty tricks doing rounds in social media that end up spreading and trapping the stains and odours instead of eliminating them, to those that lead to outright corrosion of the fibres themselves, your investment is put at risk. For instance, the baking soda and vinegar mixture is a common stain removal solution for various surfaces around the home. However, when it comes to carpets, this often results in the fibres getting broken down, and the stains and dirt being locked into the material. Essential oils that also form part of the DIY home cleaning package, popular for helping to fight bacteria and deal with odours, adhere to the carpet’s fibres and padding, forming a dirt magnet. This makes the carpet build up soiling faster. What’s more, they simply mask the odours within, instead of removing them, and over time, this wears off, taking you back to where you’d started. Improper use of the carpet cleaning machines that are rented from stores leads to its own package of problems. For instance, one may overfill or underfill the slots for cleaning solutions. When the solution used has too much soap, plenty of residue gets left behind, which traps more soiling. Too much soap also forces one to drench the carpet in water to rinse it, which brings about the risks of water damage- ranging from discolouration, carpet shrinkage, to separation from its backing. When the water used is not sufficiently extracted, then the drying time gets increased and then you’ll have to deal with fungal growth in the material. Why go through all this when you can have the professional carpet cleaning team take care of the task for you, without the risks and for a fraction of the time? Carpet Cleaning Rathcoole


Value Of Calling In The Expert Carpet Cleaning Team To Take Care Of Your Needs


  • A healthier clean There’s more at stake than just the beauty of the premises, and the life of your carpet. The persons in the premises are at risk from the substances lurking in the dirty carpet. These range from allergens such as dust, pollen, plus pet fur and dander, pollutants like cigarette smoke particles that were absorbed from the air space, pests such as fleas that are brought in by pets from the outdoors, all through to fungi that develops when the carpet remains damp for long. This results in plenty of issues, from worsening conditions such as eczema, triggering asthma attacks, to dealing with year-round allergies, and not to mention the diseases that one can contract. Take for instance dust mites. They feed on the dead skin cells being shed by persons in the premises. Each mite produces about 20 waste droppings a day. there can be over 20000 faecal particles from mites alone in every cubic foot of carpeting. These are allergens, that lead to discomfort and reactions in sensitive persons. Then there are the pathogens themselves, from Norovirus, E. Coli, to resistant strains like MRSA. There have been numerous cases of Athlete’s foot being spread in a household as people walk barefoot on the carpet. All it takes is one infected individual to bring the fungi into the premises, putting the rest at risk. Thorough carpet cleaning is vital to ensure that your family members at home, and the staff and customers in your business premises are safe.  Carpet Cleaning Rathcoole


  • Economical


Our carpet cleaning pricing structure is designed to take into account factors such as the size of the area, the cleaning method to be applied, type of material, and issues such as the frequency that is being scheduled- like annual and biannual bookings, all through to those emergency cleaning sessions. Even cases of stubborn stain removal, like pet urine accidents are considered. Urine stains involve more intensive processes since they sink deeper into the carpet’s pile, hence extraction requires tougher measures to be put in place, while light stains like those from food spills generally consume less. With the cleaning methods, it depends on the type of carpets fabric, and some like the sensitive wool require specialised methods that will be safe for the fibres, and also the loop type. This is because the way the fibres are twisted, be it medium, loose or tight, determines how much soiling that they conceal. In addition, less time is needed to clean Berber carpets compared to those with cut and level loops. The cleaning process is also determined by the amount of grime to be removed, and the existing condition of the carpet. For instance, when it is heavily soiled, more intensive processes are required. All this is to ensure that your needs are addressed according to your particular situation. After all, for both our residential and commercial clients, their situations are unique, varying from one premises to the next. Whichever the case, you are guaranteed to get competitive costs and high quality results. Carpet Cleaning Rathcoole


Carpet Cleaning Rathcoole


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