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No matter how zealous your efforts are to keep your carpet always clean, it is practically impossible to keep it away from dirt. Your carpet will be victim to accidental spills, accidents, pet dander, allergens, soiling and dust that is constantly getting trapped under the carpet fiber. Dirt caught on carpets can be triggers for serious health conditions. Most of us constantly try to vacuum our carpets as often as we can in attempt to rid it of all the dirt trapped in them. As much as frequent vacuuming is an important hygiene habit and does clear some of the dirt, the truth is it only cleans the top two third of your carpet. The other third is left soaked up in deep seated residue which is the major cause of bad odor or discoloration of your carpet. These residues can also trigger allergies and create brewing zones for bacteria and disease causing pathogens that are very harmful when inhaled. On top of regular cleaning therefore, your carpet may require deep cleaning from you or by a professional in order to get rid of all types of dirt trapped in it.


Types of carpet cleaning.

There are two types of carpet cleaning:

Steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is the process through which a steam cleaner uses a hot water extraction rinse technique. The steam cleaner is filled up with a cleaning solution and slowly and methodically run over your carpet where it sucks up deep seated dirt. The machine will dump out the water after cleaning. For this type of carpet cleaning, one may purchase a steam cleaner machine or rent it for a fee. You can perform this carpet cleaning you or hire a professional carpet cleaner for a fee. The disadvantage about using this method of carpet cleaning however is it will require 12-24 hours to dry up and be usable again.


Dry cleaning.

This is whereby cleaning solvents or dry chemicals are used for carpet cleaning. These dry compounds are poured on the carpet and will break down whatever dirt that may be present. A small amount of moisture may be used to complement the dry compounds. The best thing about this method of carpet cleaning is that the carpet dries up fast and is usable almost immediately. The chemicals used however may be harsh on some carpet fibers.


The Advantages of carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning will preserve the quality of your carpet fabric improving its durability.

Accumulated dirt will fasten the wear and tear process of carpets by weakening fabric due to decomposition factors. Deep carpet cleaning will eradicate factors that could lead to poor quality of your carpet making it last longer and in good quality.


Carpet cleaning will improve the appearance of the carpet.

Clean carpets look great and will create an inviting ambience to a space. To improve the appearance of your living rooms ensure that carpet cleaning occurs as often as necessary. Your rooms will be injected with a fresh vibrancy and comfort that will be fulfilling for you and your guests. Carpet cleaning will also restore your peace of mind that could be deterred by a dirty carpet.


Carpet cleaning will get rid of unpleasant bad odors.

Dirty carpets will often give off unpleasant smells. This is due to accumulation of bacteria and pathogens in the dirt trapped under the fibre. Bad smell could also emanate from soiling by pets. Proper and deep carpet cleaning with the right cleaning solutions will get rid of these organisms and leave your carpet smelling great from the pleasant scents of the cleaning agents used. If you have preference for a certain scent such as lavender, you could use or direct the professional handling your carpet cleaning to use cleaning solutions that give off that particular scent. A great smelling carpet will diffuse the same sweet scents to the rooms in which the carpets are.


Carpet cleaning eradicates the risk for diseases associated with pathogens trapped in dirty carpets.

Once released into the air, allergens trapped in dirty carpets can be triggers for serious respiratory complications such as asthma, bronchitis flu, colds and allergy related complications. These organisms could also be causes of skin diseases especially on sensitive skin. Carpet cleaning ensures elimination of these disease causing organisms and consequently the risk for these diseases.


Whether you decide to steam clean your carpet for yourself, hire a professional carpet cleaner to do it for you, or use dry compounds to deeply clean your carpet, the fact remains that carpet cleaning is very vital. Regular carpet cleaning will guard you against allergen-induced respiratory infections, make your house look and feel inviting and restore your peace of mind. Carpet cleaning should be adopted as a regular house routine therefore to reap all these benefits.

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