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Have A Dirty Carpet? We’re Here For You


The DIY route,
when it comes to carpet cleaning, can lead to frustration at the results, and
cause damage to the carpet itself. Take the machines hired from the DIY store
for instance. They come in smaller sizes compared to those that are used by
carpet cleaning Dublin professionals. Why? It’s mainly to enhance portability.
After all, those large industrial grade machines would be difficult to lift and
put into your car to carry home. That’s the bright side. In the negative, the
smaller size means that there is a limit on power. This is a huge factor in the
cleaning. The bigger that the equipment is, so are the components like internal
motors and pumps used to run it. More power means a deeper clean can be
achieved, and there’s even more suction to remove the gunk and cleaning
solutions from the fibres. As the power increases, you get high performance
even in the worst conditions. All these get traded off for portability and ease
of use with the rented equipment. You can look at it this way: if the smaller machines
could achieve the same results as the large ones, why would cleaning companies
spend huge loads of capital for the latter? But it’s not just the machinery
that’s an issue with DIY jobs. The detergents used also come into play. Your
unique carpet has particular range of products that can be used on it. Using
the wrong chemicals will result in corrosion or colour bleeding. You don’t want
to watch your elegant carpet getting discoloured. There are also cases where
person use products like All Purpose Cleaners. While these are effective on
other surfaces and items in the establishment, they can actually cause the
stains to set into the carpet. Locked-in stains are much more permanent and
difficult to remove, due to their chemical nature having been altered. There
are also those products that come with high foam content. This leads to plenty
of residual foam in the carpet. Since the equipment doesn’t have the suction
power needed to extract it all, you end up with patches that attract dirt,
leading to rapid resoiling. You don’t want to endure all this, especially after
all the back-breaking work you’ll have put into it. Leave the task to the
carpet cleaning Dublin specialists, to free yourself and get quality results.


What You Get From Using
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Tools that deliver


Our carpet
cleaning Dublin team uses quality machinery to get rid of the dirt that has
accumulated in your carpet, restoring it to its fresh and appealing state. Hot
water extraction systems powered by truck-mounted gear deliver thorough results
in a timely manner. They get down to the deeply ingrained soiling, forcing it
out to the surface where powerful suction pulls it out of the carpet. The
cleaning products that are used break down the stains that had formed in the
carpet, hence getting rid of those blemishes that are ruining the decor of the
establishment. The deep carpet cleaning gets rid of the allergens, dust, dander
, insect waste, skin flakes, and all through to the microbes crawling about the
fibres that were putting the health of the persons in the premises at risk. The
odours are neutralised and their source removed, enabling you to enjoy the
look, feel and smell of your newly cleaned carpet. Moreover, the highly
effective suction gets rid of most of the moisture used during the cleaning,
and the minimal amount that remains gets to dry off easily and naturally.


We take pride in our work


As such, we
ensure that you are fully satisfied with the quality of the results. We won’t
be until you are. Our professionally trained personnel, with their years of
experience handling diverse carpet cleaning needs, will apply most efficient
approach for your particular situation. Your carpet gets cleaned to
professional standards, and you also get to be advised on carpet care measures
you can institute in your establishment, in order to protect your investment.

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