Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?

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Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?

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With deep carpet cleaning, going the DIY route can be biting more than you can chew. Why? From the amount of work involved, to the risks that you’ll be exposing your carpet to, plus the frustration that comes with disappoint results, and the extra money spent rectifying the mistakes made, you can end up ruining your investment and incurring losses. Take the quality of equipment that’s rented from the local store for instance. In order for it to be easily transported in the trunk of people’s cars, its size has to be reduced. After all, you can’t go hauling around a monstrous system in the back a regular-sized family vehicle. Sure, that’s great when it comes to convenience- but what about power? That DIY machinery will have its efficiency reduced across the board- from the heat production, delivering enough water pressure to get to the really deep sections of your carpet, all through to the vacuum’s suction power when it comes to extraction. So basically you’ll have started off the DIY project on a limp. You want the grime to be eliminated, not pushed further into the carpet’s pile. You also don’t want to be left with a carpet that’s too wet, or with residue in its fibres. The former increases the drying time, which allows mould and mildew to get a foothold and develop, while the latter increases the rate of re-soiling. The inefficiency also means that more time will be spent on the chore, taking loads of hours off your weekend- time you’d have spent relaxing with your friends and family, or engaging in your favourite hobby. There are also hidden dangers, when the equipment is used wrongly. For instance, excess solution used can result in the carpet shrinking or separating from its backing. The wrong cleaning chemicals- like those with too high or too low pH for your particular type of carpet, can end up eating through the fibres. The fungi growing on the damp material produces spores and mycotoxins, which exposes the health of the persons in the establishment to risk. Reversing the damage to your carpet will require more resources, or you may even need to get a brand new one. You don’t want things to go down this way. Get them right from the onset by dialling up the carpet cleaning Dublin professionals. Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Benefits Of Getting Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally

  • Tough tools for a quality job

Our carpet cleaning Dublin personnel use hot water extraction systems to get the dirt and grime off the carpet, to give it a deep and long lasting clean. Heated solutions of water and tough acting cleaning products are forced into the carpet at high pressure, breaking and dislodging the soiling, bringing it to the surface for it to be removed. The stains are dissolved, getting rid of those unsightly colourations on the carpet. A thorough rinsing is carried out, ensuring that there is no soapy residue left stuck to the fibres, and powerful suction pulls out all the content from the carpet. This includes even most of the moisture. In fact, the carpet is just left slightly damp to the touch, which enables it to dry fast naturally. You can also turn on your air conditioner or fans to accelerate the drying further. You will be able to resume using it in mere moments. Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?

  • Professionalism and experience – Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Our carpet cleaning Dublin crew have been doing this for years. They have loads of experience, in addition to being highly trained, to take care of your carpet and ensure quality results are delivered each time. Your carpet is given a complete analysis, noting everything from the level of soiling to the type of cleaning that is most suitable for it, to get rid of the grime while protecting your investment. Moreover, the personnel arrive at your home or business premises on time, enabling you to effectively plan out your activities. They will treat your respectfully and courteously and also advise you on the approaches you need to take to further protect your carpet from damage. Why Use Professional Carpet Cleaners?


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