Carpet Maintenance Recommendations

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Carpet Maintenance Recommendations

Carpet Maintenance Recommendations

Being a core furnishing item in the household, you want to protect it. Its state will set that look and feel to the space, directly impacting the decor. Keep your carpet in top condition with these tips:

  1. Invest in a welcome mat

As people walk into the house, they come carrying soiling under the soles of their shoes. The carpet’s fibres will scrape this off, holding it within the material. The soiling will then gradually break down, while being abrasive all through, wearing down the fibres of the material, and adding to the allergen problems in the household. A welcome mat drastically reduces the amount of dirt that gets into the house. 

  1. Have a shoe rack in place at the entrance of the house

Better still, get your guests and family members to take off their shoes the moment they come in. A shoe rack will encourage them to do so, and having a pair of flipflops close to the door, for them to make the switch. This will also aid greatly in reducing the soiling that is getting tracked into your home and onto the carpet. 

  1. Regularly change the furniture positions

Here, the goal is to reduce the traffic wear on sections of the carpet. You will notice that there will be portions where the pile will be crushed so much that it is in stark contrast to the sections that are under the furniture, especially on the highly trafficked areas. In these areas, the rates of wear and tear will be higher, and more soiling gets pushed deeper into the carpet and ground against the fibres as people walk on it. Changing the layout of the interior space regularly comes in handy to even out the wear- while also giving your home a new look without having to incur any extra costs. 

  1. Deal with stains immediately

They are bound to happen- regardless of how one is careful. Those occasional accidents cannot be predicted- and when they occur, can mess up your carpet. From drink spills to ink blots, the priority is dealing with them fast. The earlier you get to them, the easier the stains will be to remove. Blot up the spill using a dry and absorbent cloth. Do not rub the spot, as this will just drive the stain deeper into the material. Add just a bit of clean water and blot the spot again. Depending on the type of stain, chemical cleaners may be included- from acidic agents to enzyme-based formulations. For these, ensure that the product used will be safe for the particular type of carpet. 

  1. Vacuum the carpet often 

Those gritty dirt particles that are in your carpet will be constantly accumulating. Vacuuming is necessary to slow down the build-up. It’s not just about the structural integrity of the carpet. There will be allergens and pollutants that have piled up on the carpet’s fibres, putting the persons in the residence at risk. Kids, fond of playing on the carpet, and the pets that are occasionally sleeping on it, will be at a greater risk. Investing units like Vacuums with HEPA filters will make the process more thorough, removing those fine particles and preventing them from being released into the air space during the vacuuming process. However, vacuuming alone is not enough. This brings us to the next point.

  1. Schedule routine carpet cleaning sessions

Deep carpet cleaning is needed to get rid of the grime that will have built up in the material. Hiring the services of a professional company will go a long in providing you with the results you desire. Processes like hot water extraction that pull out the grime that is in the unit, high-powered machinery including truck-mounted systems, plus a skilled and experienced team all come together to give you quality results in a fraction of the time that you would have taken tackling the task through the DIY route.

So how often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned? Well, there isn’t one answer that cuts across the board. It all depends on the particular situations. For instance, going by the warranties from the carpet manufacturers, these usually stipulate that cleaning should be carried out at least once a year. However, the more the children there are in a residence- especially the young ones, the higher the rates of spills that will be occurring. Large families will also be witnessing higher levels of foot traffic, with more soiling being ground into the lush carpet pile and pushed down the fibres. Here, the deep carpet cleaning will be required at least twice a year. A similar case applies when there are pets involved, given all the fur and dander they will leave on the carpeting. The higher the levels of staining and soiling, the more frequent the cleaning should be. Don’t want until the carpet is a pale shadow of its former self. 

Protect Your Peace Of Mind By Bringing In Our Qualified Carpet Cleaning Crew

You want your carpet to be in safe hands – that’s what you get when you hire our services. Our cleaners have been thoroughly trained, and keep up to date with the developments that take place in the carpet cleaning industry. New products and technologies are adopted into the process used, that way your unit will receive advanced care each time. We are also big on customer care. After all, you want to have a pleasant experience all through. Our team is friendly and will be sure to address any queries that you raise throughout the process, from the moment you’re calling in schedule your carpet cleaning session, to while they are on the ground working on your unit. Speaking of which, they have undergone strict vetting and background checks, that way you can feel secure while they are on your property. Our carpet cleaning services are insured, which is an industry best practice in order to protect the client from accidents that may occur during the service delivery, while we still put in place safety protocols to prevent these unfortunate incidences from occurring. 

Carpet Maintenance Recommendations

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