Creating An Allergen-Free Space: How You Can Breathe Easier

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Creating An Allergen-Free Space: How You Can Breathe Easier

Creating An Allergen-Free Space: How You Can Breathe Easier

Are your sneezes and coughing spells going into overdrive? it may not be a case of the sniffles, or you coming down with the flu. The indoor airs space may be simply choke-full of allergens, that reduce the air quality and put you at risk. It can be frustrating, since you don’t want to raise your family in an unhealthy environment, or put the guests coming over at risk. Here are 5 ways that you can get to create a healthier living space:

  1. Vacuum your flooring often

It is literally ground zero for dust collection in your home. Soiling tracked in from the outdoors, dust particles carried into the rooms by wind through the open windows, to pet fur and dander for those households with cats and dogs- the particles will accumulate on the floor. For those with carpets, the issue is compounded, given that the fibres of the material will lock in more of the particles, resulting in a higher concentration of the allergens. Actually, at the onset, this is quite beneficial, given that the carpet acts as a massive air filter, sifting out the particles and allowing the air to be healthier to breathe. However, over time the concentration builds up to such high levels that the same allergens can be easily be dislodged and released back into the air space when the carpet is disturbed- which occurs when anyone simply walks on it. The result is more allergens in the room, affecting your loved ones. Frequent vacuuming is needed, to keep these concentrations low. 

  1. Schedule routine carpet cleaning

Vacuuming, while important, is not enough. More gunk will be buried within the lush pile, requiring deep carpet cleaning to get rid of it. Here, you want systems and formulations that will get the task done in moments, given that ineffective processes from rookies, or with the DIY tasks, will put the structural integrity of your carpet at risk. Your goal is to get rid of the grime, not damage your unit. As such, it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional carpet cleaning team, that has been duly licensed, insured and has a track record of performance in offering the services.

  1. Keep a close eye on the indoor plants and window sills

They are particularly notorious for fungal spores, which trigger reactions in sensitive persons. These areas should be dusted and swept frequently- even daily, in order to reduce the rate at which the allergens build up. 

  1. Have the sofa and draperies worked on

The upholstery also accumulates loads of allergens. Take the furniture for instance, like that favourite sofa everyone in the household uses. The skin cells that are shed, plus fur and dander from the pets, are fodder for colonies of dust mites. These microscopic creatures produce plenty of faecal pellets, leaving them strewn all over the furniture- and this is one of the main causes of allergic reactions. The cushions, curtains, and the blinds as well – these all need to be worked on, in which case you can also outsource the task to an upholstery cleaning company, that comes fully equipped to take care of the task in a fraction of the time that it would have taken had you gone the DIY route. 

  1. Clean your pets

While they are cuddly and fun to be around, pets are allergen carriers. From the dust they pick up while playing outdoors, to their own fur and dander that they deposit all over the house- they need to be bathed regularly. This should also include grooming, keeping your furry friend in top condition all through, while simultaneously protecting the rest of the household members. 

Handy Tips When Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Different factors are considered when outsourcing tasks like the carpet cleaning. First, there is the quality of the results. You want your property to be thoroughly washed, and for this to happen, the company in question should be properly equipped for the task, from the machinery involved to the skill level of the crew handling the job. Have they been trained and certified? What do other customers have to say about their quality of services? Going through their social media pages, the reviews on business directories, and even following up on the references provided by the company themselves, will put you in a position to judge the level of service delivery to expect from the company that you’re engaging. Then there is your safety. The crew will be coming to your home, and you want to feel safe and secure. It is thus paramount that you deal with a licenced company, with a verifiable track record, insurance coverage- and whose personnel have been taken through background checks. That way, you will not keep being uneasy when they are in your home. Professionalism is also key- which extends to how the personnel carry themselves when speaking to you- and even their dress code when they come to perform the task. 

What about the cost? Here, it is important to understand that situations are different and that you will not necessarily get the same quotation as your neighbour or relative. For instance, with the carpet cleaning, aspects like the size of the unit, the material of the carpet – whether it is natural or synthetic fibre, how long it has been since it was last cleaned, the kinds of stains that are on it, including unique scenarios such as pet stains – these will all need to be considered. Do you want regular or once- off carpet cleaning? Is it an emergency, such as the cases of water damaged carpets caused by plumbing accidents, or is it the aftermath of a fire incident in which the carpet absorbed loads of smoke? The particular situation you are in will determine the final cost. A site visit is recommended for the personnel to assess the condition of the items being worked on and give you an accurate quotation.

Creating An Allergen-Free Space: How You Can Breathe Easier

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