Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? How To Find Out The Truth And Keep Yourself Safe

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Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? How To Find Out The Truth And Keep Yourself Safe

Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? How To Find Out The Truth And Keep Yourself Safe

Have you been sneezing and sniffling a lot lately?

Has your asthma been flaring up? 

Do you find yourself with weird rashes and unusually irritable skin?

If you can relate to any of these scenarios then you might want to start looking at your carpet suspiciously. It is no secret that our carpets harbour a lot of criminals so to speak. These can cause all sorts of problems from simple allergies to serious infections. It is important not only to understand what you are dealing with but also what you can do about the problem. In the sections below you will learn more about what in your carpet is making you sick and how you can protect yourself.

Allergic to your carpet? Here’s why


  • Dust and pollen


This comes from small particles in the air that settle on the fibres of your carpet. It could be from anything including soil, pet waste, ash and so many other sources. Pollen does the same thing but the effects are more seasonal. Here, pollen in the air settles on the carpet and binds to the fibres. 

The dust poses a huge problem to people with allergies to fine particles. You will notice it mainly when you are moving the carpet around or even cleaning it. In these cases, the particles get dislodged and become airborne. This is where you then inhale them and all hell break loose in your nose. 

You could use an air filter as a way of minimizing the amount of dust that settles on the carpet. Unfortunately, though effective this does not get rid of all the dust so you still might have problems with your carpet.


  • Pet dander


You do not necessarily have to be allergic to dogs or cats for their dander to affect your health. In cases where the shed fur accumulates on the carpet there is always the risk of both allergic and non-allergic reactions. The accumulation also offers the perfect environment for dust to settle and for other living organisms to thrive.


  • Dust mites and other pests


Dust mites are among the leading causes of allergies related to carpets. These include both respiratory allergies from inhaling the bug and their products to dermatologic irritation. There are also other pests found in carpets that could be the cause of all the trouble in which case bed bugs are common culprits worth considering. These mainly cause skin irritation from their bites and can be a real nuisance. In these cases, it will take a pest-focused deep carpet cleaning to solve the problem properly.


  • Germs 


Finally, your carpet could be harboring microscopic pathogens that are causing you to get sick. Here, all systems are at stake from your respiratory to your digestive systems. These germs find their way into your body by contaminating the food you eat or the air you breathe. But how do they get there in the first place? The answer is that they can simply come from anywhere. It could be from the air, from your pet’s paws or even from your own bare feet.

  1. Mould and mildew

Fungi thrive in warm and wet environments and this unfortunately is exactly what our carpets sometimes offer. The spores from the mould cause a variety of respiratory complications including worsening asthma, triggering allergies and even causing fungal lung infections. It is by far one of the most serious group of threats hiding out in your carpet and should be handled swiftly and professionally to avoid complications.

How to deal with the situation

So clearly there is a lot going on in your carpet that could cause you health issues. Does this mean that you throw away your rug? Does it mean that you have to give up the comfort and convenience of warm fabric under your feet in exchange for a safer but less comfortable floor? The answer in both cases is no. You can actually have your cake and eat it if you are ready to do the work. To help you out, here are 5 super simple steps that you can take to win the battle against your carpet for your health.


  • Vacuum regularly


This is very effective when it comes to dealing with particulate matter like dust, carbon and pollen. To some extent, it also helps with minimizing the amount of pet dander on the fibres. The more regularly you do it the less the buildup which means less risk of health complications for you.


  • Keep pets off the carpet


If you can, try and train your pet to stay off the carpet. This will help minimize the amount of shed fur accumulating on it. It also reduces the amount of other potentially harmful agents like germs and dust from outside. If you cannot keep your furry little buddy off the floor then consider investing in play mats that you lay down for them as a way to protect your carpet.


  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen


Liquids on the carpet are responsible for the dampness that attracts germs and fungi. Therefore, as soon as you spill something make sure to blot it up and dry the spot as much as you can. This also helps to prevent the accumulation of dust and hair that rely on the moisture as a base through which to remain bound to the fibres. 


  • Pop open a window


A little fresh air goes a long way when it comes to getting rid of germs, dust and pests on your carpet. The flow of cool fresh air carries away some of these particles and also minimizes chances of new loads settling on your clean carpet.


  • Get the carpet professionally cleaned


Last but not least is the real secret weapon when it comes to dealing with a carpet that is making you sick. Just call professional cleaners and get your carpet deep cleaned as often as is recommended for your specific type of carpet. These crews have the perfect combination of skill, experience and equipment to get every last hair fibre, dust particle and pest hiding out in your carpet.

Get professional carpet cleaning to stay safe

All the carpet related health problems you have can very easily be avoided by simply investing in good carpet cleaning. Regular vacuuming may help but ultimately it is not enough to win the way against the allergens and creepy crawlies. So get to work looking for a professional cleaning crew that you can trust near you. That way you will have the very best in the business on your corner working hard to ensure that your carpet doesn’t turn against you.

 Is Your Carpet Making You Sick? How To Find Out The Truth And Keep Yourself Safe

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