Have Your Sofa Worked On By The Professionals

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Have Your Sofa Worked On By The Professionals

Have Your Sofa Worked On By The Professionals

With the heavy usage it handles, the sofa builds up loads of grime fast. Those hours spent watching TV, entertaining guests, the afternoon naps, game nights, dinner dates- the sofa is the go-to set of furniture, and in the process becomes a victim of spills, body oils smeared onto the upholstery and through pillows, sweat that is absorbed by the cushions, to the mounds of skin flakes that are produced, which in turn feed a colony of dust mites that calls your furniture home. For those with cats or dogs, there will be fur and dander that remain behind, especially with the pets having likely already picked out sections of the sofa to keep sleeping on. It needs an in-depth clean, in order to get rid of the abrasive soiling, stains and allergens that are building up.

The impact on the indoor air quality

Odours being produced by the decaying organic matter in the sofa make it uncomfortable to use. The food particles that are being decomposed by bacteria, the body waste of the insects and rodents that were feeding on it, musky smells coming from the cushions, the dull odour from sweat- it drags down the décor of the premises. Pet urine stains, for those cases where your furry friend has yet to properly get a grip of its in-house training, or perhaps it is suffering from a medical condition such as urine tract infections, or it may be an old cat or dog that has incontinence- these stains are particularly problematic. The urine stains emit pungent stenches that reek up the entire room. You want your home to have an invigorating scent that is welcoming and relaxing, not to be hit by foul odours the moment you walk into the room. In fact, with odours it becomes difficult to focus on other things, from simple conversations with your family members and guests, or that office work that you brought home with you to work on over the weekend. Masking simply covers the problem for a short while, only for it to recur later on. The source of the odours needs to be removed, and the stench itself neutralised. 

The allergens accumulating in the sofa are a threat to the persons using it.  Dust that settles on the cushions and throw pillows, the faecal pellets left behind by the hordes of dust mites walking all over the sofa, the fur and dander from your pet- these all trigger reactions when they get into the body system. Do you find yourself sneezing whenever you lay your head on the cushions, or do your guests keep coughing the moment you invite them to take a seat? Some sections of the sofa can get such a high concentration of allergens that they trigger adverse reactions- such as the sofa arm where Fluffy spends those lazy afternoons sleeping on. For those residences where there is a smoker, then there will be cigarette smoke particles that have been absorbed by the upholstery, prolonging the exposure of the rest of the occupants. All this needs to be got rid of during the sofa cleaning process.

Preventing mould growth on your sofa

Mould infestations can be frustrating- and as is with any other problem, the best course of action is preventing it in the first place. Whenever liquid solutions are used to clean the sofa, it is imperative that it gets to dry out completely. Allowing the liquids to dwell in the upholstery will encourage mould and mildew to grow, resulting in unpleasant odours and unsightly stains. What’s more, the fungi will literally feed on the sofa fabric, deteriorating it further. For the sofa cleaning, it is important that the right amount of solution is used. Overwetting, as usually occurs during the DIY jobs, will prolong the drying time. With professional sofa cleaning services, this won’t be a concern, since high powered drying systems will be incorporated in the process, extracting the bulk of the moisture content from your unit, and the little that remains gets to have dried off within a couple of hours. In fact, the sofa dries so fast that you can continue using it within the safe afternoon that it has been cleaned. The reduced disruption to your normal day-to-day activities is a welcome bonus in addition to avoiding mould troubles on your set.

Protecting your unit from wear and tear

Without routine care, the sofa quickly gets deteriorated. From the gritty soiling that abrades the protective treatments that had been applied, the spills that seep deep into the sofa and affect structural components, including the wooden and metal frames, food particles that attract insects which add to the growing attacks that your unit is facing- having an in-depth cleaning carried out to remove the source of the problem will prolong the life of your unit. 

Book your cleaning session today

Our sofa cleaning team is ready to restore the fresh look and feel to your set. We use industry-grade cleaning systems and tough acting products that will break down those heavy dirt build-ups and dissolve the stains that are riddling your furniture, flushing out the grime and leaving your unit truly clean. We have built an efficient system, from the technicians selected, the training they are taken through, to the machinery they are equipped with, in order to optimise our processes and deliver on our mandate fast. With years of experience in the industry, we have a long track record of serving both residential and commercial clients, and the reviews are testament to the quality of services that we provide. Our personnel are keen on maintaining professional standards throughout the course of the operations, from the timeliness, the customer service keen to address your concerns and queries, all through to the cleaning itself, where they are not satisfied until you are. As our client, you are our #1 priority, hence we aim to ensure that you have a pleasant experience each time. In fact, our referrals are some of our main sources of businesses, and we will strive to win you over as a loyal client. Get in touch with us today to have your sofa cleaning needs addressed by specialists. 

Have Your Sofa Worked On By The Professionals

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