Creating A Healthier Workspace With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

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Creating A Healthier Workspace With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

 Creating A Healthier Workspace With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

When was the last time you had the carpet in your business premise cleaned? Due to the busy nature in these environments, maintaining the carpet may slip off the mind of the business owner- unless there are glaring stains that have formed on it, or odours being produced- which are hard to ignore. However, even when the carpet looks clean, it can still be harbouring an ecosystem of pathogens and other organisms that are a threat to the health of your workmates and customers. After all, the carpet has all they need to flourish: warmth, nutrients, moisture, and a surface on which they can grow. Routine vacuuming simply removes the loose soiling, but still leaves behind nutrients for the organisms to feed on. There’s plenty that is buried in the carpet. Take skin flakes for instance. These are shed by the persons on the property, and they provide nourishment to the carpet beetles and multitude of dust mites that are lurking within the fibres. What of food crumbs? Those bits and pieces of snacks that were dropped as people were munching away at their favourite treats become a magnet for insects and pests. These, in turn, leave behind body waste when they come to feed on the food crumbs. Being surrounded by faecal waste from dust mites and body parts from insects isn’t exactly a postcard for healthy living. Add this to dust particles that settle onto the carpet. This is a daily phenomenon, happening under the influence of gravity. The particles build up, mixing together with allergens like pollen, plus the soiling that is tracked into the building. Speaking of which, since commercial establishments witness high levels of foot traffic, the amount of dirt that gets scraped off the bottom of people’s shoes by the carpet fibres is at a high concentration. Without deep cleaning, the structural integrity of the carpet is negatively impacted. This is because the dirt particles are abrasive, and keep getting ground against the fibres of the lush carpet, weakening them and reducing the lifespan of the installation. 

When there are smokers on the premises, there is the additional issue of cigarette smoke that is readily absorbed by the carpet. Pollutants like lead particles from paint spray jobs that were being carried out during renovation projects on the premises can also wind up on the carpeting. What of bacteria? These microbes come from different sources- be it the germs feeding on the decaying organic matter in the carpet, those that are coughed or sneezed into the environment and end up settling to the carpet, those brought by pets like cats and dogs from the outdoors, to the pathogens that are carried over from the washrooms- the carpet hosts them all. As such, odour neutralisers are used during the carpet cleaning process. These have the capacity of rendering the molecules of the odours permeating through the airspace inert. Since the sources of the odours themselves will have been extracted from the carpet pile, you won’t have to worry about it recurring. 


  • Protecting your staff and clients


You don’t want your customers suddenly coughing or sneezing the moment they walk into the business premises because of reactions to the allergens that are getting kicked up from the carpet. Irritated throat, watery eyes- they make one uncomfortable. Your employees, who are constantly within the premises, get affected most. An unconducive work environment affects their productivity, which will negatively hit your business. Asthma attacks are also exacerbated for the affected individuals. When there is a disease outbreak on the premises, it can spread like wildfire due to the unhealthy state of the premises. These are not the conditions that you want to run your operations in. Commercial carpet cleaning services come in to get rid of the gunk and enhance the health standards of your business premises. 


  • Safe cleaning process


Environmentally sustainability also weighs in. There is an increased push for the use of eco-friendly products across the cleaning industry, and the same case applies when working on the carpet. Products that will be effective in getting rid of the dirt and stains, without Mother Nature having to pay the price. We take this in stride. In fact, it is core to our operations. The products that are selected for the cleaning process have met EU regulations on environmental protection.

Safety of the property and the persons on it is also key. After all, you don’t want accidents in your business premises that will result in liabilities on your part. Our personnel have been trained on safety programs to put in place while the task is being carried out. That way, the employees and customers can go about their activities without worry. In addition, there are no toxic fumes generated by the carpet cleaning products being used, preserving the indoor air quality of the premises. 


  • Timely services


You get to schedule the commercial carpet cleaning session at a time that is convenient for your business’ operations. Our personnel will arrive punctually, allowing you to accurately plan your activities as well. The cleaning process itself is carried out expeditiously, and the moisture extracted from the carpet to reduce the drying time. This is key in minimising the disruption to your business activities. 

Turn to the professionals to take care of your carpet

With our services, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with the experts. We are licenced for the task, and the personnel sent your premises has been taken through stringent vetting and background checks. As such, you can trust them as they go about their mandate on your property. We have also invested the personal and professional development of our carpet cleaning crew, to ensure that they deliver professional results on each visit. We are also insured. Here, the coverage caters to your property, plus our personnel and the equipment that they use for the task. This is testament to the professionalism with which our cleaning services are offered. Our crew put in place safety measures as they carry out the job, to protect the carpet, the property and the persons on it. Our goal is to ensure that you receive top-notch services. 

Creating A Healthier Workspace With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services


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