Sleeping In Comfort: The Value Of Regular Mattress Cleaning

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Sleeping In Comfort: The Value Of Regular Mattress Cleaning

Sleeping In Comfort: The Value Of Regular Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses can get really soiled. The body oils, sweat, dead skin, pet dander when Fluffy hops on the bed to wake you up each morning- it needs to be got rid of. When it comes to dust mites, the mattress may have the highest concentration of the microscopic creatures than any other item in the household. With the abundant supply of dead skin cells, which are its primary food, that doesn’t come as a surprise. Even when there is a mattress pad, deep cleaning is still needed. Changing the sheets is not all it takes to ensure that you have a healthy sleeping environment. Here are reasons why you should invest in professional mattress cleaning services:


  • Improve the indoor air quality


Just how much time do you spend in bed? With the average adult clocking 8 hours a day, which is pretty much a third of your life, you don’t want to spend all that time breathing in allergens and pollutants. As you turn over in bed in the course of sleeping, the disturbance stirs up fine dust particles from the mattress into the air you breathe in. This causes different issues, from congestion of the upper parts of the respiratory tract, sneezing, to fatigue. Do you find yourself getting nasal blockage each time you get into bed? One core reason is the reactions to the particles that get into your system.


  • Preventing allergic reactions


Your goal is to get a good night’s sleep, not cough half the night away. The dust mite waste particularly is a notorious allergen, triggering issues like eczema, rhinitis, and even asthma attacks. Persons with pre-existing respiratory conditions are at a higher risk, as the allergens even exacerbate conditions like bronchitis. An in-depth mattress cleaning is needed to remove the allergens and mites that are crawling around in the material.


  • Protect your Mattress


Carrying out the mattress cleaning as a DIY job poses lots of risk to your unit. These are the likes of the wrong chemicals being used, which damage the material, oversights like using too much water for the task, which leaves the mattress too wet that it takes days to dry- thus encouraging mould and mildew to grow, all through to working with abrasive tools that ruin the cover, and formulations which cause stains to set deep into the padding. With a professional crew, which has been trained on the various aspects of the task and where the personnel have years of experience, these risks are avoided. The appropriate safety measures are also put in place during the task, to protect individuals on the premises. Drying systems suction out the moisture from the mattress, which drastically cuts down the drying time, that way you won’t have to worry about fungi getting a footing.  The personnel will also point out issues in the building that are putting the mattress at risk, giving you ample time to plan to have them resolved, and avoid losses that would have been incurred later on. 


  • Restore your peace of mind


A soiled mattress sets a chaotic scene. No one looks forward to sleeping surrounding by bugs, dust and dander. Not only does it gross you out, but the nagging thoughts about the chores that are pending and demanding your attention make it difficult to rest without feeling guilty. The knowledge that you’re sleeping on a bed that has kilograms of dead skin flakes and colonies of dust mites is not exactly appealing. With a deep mattress cleaning, you get to improve the quality of your sleep, which positively impacts on your physical health and emotional wellness.

Hiring The Right Mattress Cleaning Company

Here are aspects to consider when deciding on the company to hire to conduct the mattress cleaning:


  • Reviews


You can carry out an online research about the company, focusing on what its customers say about it. Reviews, testimonials and recommendations will give you an idea of what to expect from the services being offered. When it comes to negative reviews, you should pay particular attention to how the complaints were resolved. A company that is intent on ensuring customer satisfaction will be keen on addressing any negative reviews that are raised- with the exception of trolls, who are simply out to tarnishing the brand name, and should thus be ignored.


  • Ask about the equipment and processes that are to be used


Here, the goal is to ensure that you’re comfortable with the machinery that will be used for your mattress. This ranges from aspects such as its compatibility with your particular type of unit to ensure that it won’t damage it, to issues like the environmental sustainability of the processes that will be used. After all, getting the mattress cleaned doesn’t mean that Mother Nature should take a hit. The safety of the products to the persons on the premises- including kids and pets, is also key. 


  • Licensing and insurance coverage


Fly-by-night companies can land you in a mess. You want to deal with one that is duly licenced, that way even follow-ups can be made, with legal recourse. Insurance coverage also comes into play. Here, it is to protect you from liabilities in case of an accident on your property while the mattress cleaning is being carried out. Industry best practices call for the company offering the services to be fully insured, with the protection covering the property, the persons on it, all through to the personnel carrying out the cleaning.


  • The pricing


Aim for reasonable, not cheap. Going for the companies with the lowest pricing can end up frustrating you in the end. Chances are that the mattress cleaning will not be up to the required standards, due to low quality products being used, or some of the steps of the cleaning process being skipped altogether. What’s more, harsh products may be used in a bid to speed things up, which results in damage to the mattress. There are also the bait-and-switch scams, where items crop up down the round to hike up the price. Get a detailed quotation that stipulates what you’re paying for, that way you can make an informed choice.

Sleeping In Comfort: The Value Of Regular Mattress Cleaning

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