Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

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Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

While at face value it may appear cheaper to hire carpet cleaning machines and do the job yourself, when it comes to the actual task, you can end up biting more than you can chew. Numerous stories have been told of DIY carpet cleaning jobs gone wrong, ranging from unsatisfactory results to all-out damages to the carpet. The implications can result in time wastage, to cases where you end up being forced to start budgeting to purchase a whole new carpet. In fact, the common result is the individual throwing in the towel and calling in the pros to reverse the damage already made- which unfortunately isn’t always possible, since the problems will have compounded. Just what is amiss? Here are reasons why DIY carpet cleaning is ill-advised:


  • Overwetting the carpet


This is one of the most common mistakes made. It can be as a result of the DIYer simply drenching the carpet in too much solution, or the carpet cleaning machine rented from stores not having the suction power needed extract most of the moisture from the fibres. This leaves the material too wet, and it will take days to dry. That lingering “damp smell is the least of your problems. For starters, the excessive moisture stimulates fungal growth. The wet carpet fibres provide suitable conditions for mould to spread, forming stains of different colours, ruining the appeal of the carpet. The mould also releases spores into the indoor airspace. The spores are allergens, putting the health of the occupants of the building at risk. When they are inhaled, they can cause anything from roughs and sneezes, to respiratory distress and triggering asthma attacks- which was certainly not what you expected to happen after the carpet cleaning. Persons with compromised immunity are at a higher risk. Some species of the fungi will produce mycotoxins, which are a threat to organs such as the liver once they get into the body system. This is not an outcome you want. The systems used by the carpet cleaning professionals drastically cut down the drying time, which prevents these issues from occurring. As a welcome benefit, you get to resume using the carpet much sooner- in fact within the same day it has been cleaned, thus reducing the disruption to your day-to-day activities.

Overwetting can also cause issues such as delamination, where it separates from its backing, and even shrinkage of the material. The intent of the carpet cleaning is to remove the dirt and stains, not damage the very structure of your unit. These blunders will be costly to rectify, and you may even find yourself back at the store, shopping for a new carpet- which is an additional expense, yet your goal at the onset of the DIY carpet cleaning was to save on costs.


  • Low quality results


Sure, the professionals make the carpet cleaning job look easy. That’s because they have the skills and equipment needed to get it done right, and in a fraction of the time that the DIY carpet cleaning process would take. On the other hand, without proper training, and due to the myriad of factors that go into the carpet cleaning process, the DIYer can end up with results that are below-par, even after spending hours on the task. For starters, the machinery rented from department stores has lower capacity compared to the truck mounted carpet cleaning gear used by the professionals. In a bid to make the units more portable and lightweight, their component parts such as the motors, reservoirs and suction units are reduced in size, impacting on their power and efficiency. This means that right from the start you are at operating below the desired levels. Then there are mistakes such as using the wrong carpet cleaning products. The stains and heavy build-ups of grime take various approaches when working on them. The type of the carpeting also factors in, as they come in natural and synthetic materials. One needs to use products which will be effective in removing the grime, without damaging the material itself. Issues like using too much detergent for the carpet cleaning, on the other hand, cause too much residue to be left behind, which increases the rate of resoiling. This forces the DIYer to repeat the process much sooner than had been anticipated, taking up more of your time and resources. What of the mental anguish? It can be frustrating when you spend hours on the task, only to wind up with unsatisfactory results. Avoid the hassle by bringing in the carpet cleaning pros.


  • Colour bleeding


Carpets come in different sorts of material. Harsh chemicals, all-purpose cleaners, DIY reagents prepared to tackle the stains on the hard surfaces- these are not automatically suitable for use during the carpet cleaning. They can easily result in discolouration, taking away the beauty of your unit. Overwetting also has a role to play here. Soaking the unit with too much of the carpet cleaning solution can cause it to lose the dyes that were used on it, thereby making it dull and unappealing. That is not an outcome you look forward to, seeing that the carpet is an integral part of the interior décor. The carpet cleaning professionals have the skills needed to determine the appropriate approach to use for your particular type of carpet, getting rid of the grime while preserving the attributes that make it an elegant addition to the interior space. What’s more, additional treatments such as antistatic agents can be applied to enhance its attributes.


  • Voiding the warranty


Carpet manufacturers usually require that the purchasers of their products get the professional carpet cleaning services at least every 12 to 24 months. Failing to have this done may invalidate the warranty. DIY carpet cleaning blunders such as using the wrong chemicals, like those situations where products that are too acidic are employed, which end up corroding the fibres, also means that you won’t have recourse when the material is damaged. These are not risks that you want to expose yourself to, especially since the carpet is an expensive investment.


  • Laborious task


Plenty of elbow grease goes into the carpet cleaning. From handling the machinery, moving the furniture, scrubbing away those stubborn stains- it all requires muscle. This is while the weekend was meant for you to kick back and relax, in readiness for the new week ahead- not taking on back-breaking tasks. Is the DIY carpet cleaning really worth it? Free your time and avoid the disastrous mishaps by hiring the carpet cleaning experts, who will get the job done right in moments.

Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

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