Do You Have A Sofa Cleaning Schedule?

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Do You Have A Sofa Cleaning Schedule?

Do You Have A Sofa Cleaning Schedule?

While other surfaces in the home are routinely worked on as part of the day-to-day chores, what about the sofa? Many homeowners confess to not having had their sofas deep cleaned for years – which consequently results to the upholstery getting ruined. Just like other items and surfaces in the household, the furniture needs to be routinely worked on. After all, you don’t want to keep feeling exasperated each time you get back into the house, or get embarrassed about the living room when you’re having visitors over. The longevity of the furniture is also on the line, since poor maintenance will cause it to deteriorate fast. Let us look at the benefits you get when you schedule deep sofa cleaning services.


  • Maintains the aesthetic appeal of your sofa


Those dirt spots that have built up on the unit, the stains that are riddling the upholstery – they make appear neglected. What’s more, they are in stark contrast to the rest of the colour scheme and patterns of the furniture, which as a core factor that made you purchase that specific unit in the first place. With an in-depth cleaning, those stains and grime build-ups will be removed. This restores the radiance to your unit, enhancing the decor of the house. 


  • Keep the upholstery stronger for longer


One of the main factors contributing to the deterioration of the quality of the fabric is the abrasive soiling that is grinded against it each time people use the sofa. These particles, though tiny, cumulatively cause the wearing down of the material, such that it begins looking old and forlorn. Larger debris can also scrape against the fibres of the sofa, accelerating the damage. The food crumbs that are in the sofa are also an issue. These attract hordes of insects like ants, and occasionally larger pests like rodents. The last thing you want is a mouse trying to pry off food crumbs from the upholstery with its sharp claws and teeth, as this will result in instant damage. However, the routine vacuuming, coupled with the occasional deep sofa cleaning will ensure that the source of the problem is got rid of, allowing your elegant set to restore its structural integrity for longer. 


  • Safe process


Sofa cleaning in itself requires care and skill. This is because there are numerous ways that things can go wrong. Using a brush that is slightly too abrasive will tear the fibres of the upholstery. Working with a cleaning agent whose pH is incompatible with the fabrics will result in corrosion of the unit. Pick the wrong solution to deal with the stains and you may just end up setting it more permanently into the upholstery. Use to much water and the fabric of the sofa may shrink. There are even upholsteries, like leather, where just using water itself is a risk, since it accelerates the breakdown of the bonds of the oils that the unit has been treated with. The different materials, from the natural to the synthetic fibre upholsteries, require their preferred modes of cleaning, and one of the common cases seen using the DIY sofa cleaning is damage caused by using the wrong product or processes. On the other hand, when you hire professionals for the job, you can rest assured that your unit is in safe hands. This is especially for the companies that have been in the sofa cleaning industry for years, and who invest in the routine training of their personnel to keep them up to date with the advancements in sofa cleaning technology. 


  • Keeps allergens at bay


Allergic reactions being triggered by the substances that are in the sofa can be disconcerting to both family members and guests. Take the dust mite faecal waste for instance. This tiny creature feasts on the dead skin that is shed by people using the sofa, and in its wake leaves behind faecal pellets that trigger flu-like systems once inhaled. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of allergic rhinitis. The dust, smoke particles for homes where a household member smokes cigarettes, pet fur and dander accumulating in the sofa – these all worsen the health standards of the furniture, negatively affecting those on the premises. Maintaining a strict cleaning schedule is key here, in order to keep your loved ones safe. 


  • Reduce your cleaning commitments


Sometimes the neglect the furniture faces is simply due to the homeowner not having sufficient time to work on it. It’s understandable, being busy all through the day eking out a living, balancing both work and social commitments. Sure, one can tend to the routine household chores, but the larger tasks like working on the sofa take a back burner. However, this still needs to be done. Don’t have enough time on your schedule? Leave the task to the sofa cleaning professionals That way, you get to ensure that the upholstery is maintained in a clean and elegant state, and you can go about your day-to-day activities with one thing less to worry about. 

Speaking of issues to worry about, did you know that the state of the house has an impact on your stress levels? The more dilapidated the furnishings and indoor space, the more it chips away at your peace of mind. The deep sofa cleaning will give you back control. 

All-round sofa cleaning

Are you gearing up for spring cleaning, and want that large and bulky sofa worked on? Is it the routine maintenance, or you’re making preparations for an event in your home like a get together with your relatives or party with your friends, and want to make a great impression? Or perhaps there has already been a wild party in your home, that left the upholstery in a mess, covered with all sorts of stains and dirt spots. Are you preparing to move to a new residence and you want your items given a thorough wash, or are you a realtor looking to put a fully-furnished apartment on the market? Whichever the case, our qualified sofa cleaning team has the tools needed to deliver a quality clean, and restore the elegance to your unit.

Do You Have A Sofa Cleaning Schedule?

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