Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk- Remove It With Craftex Bio-Enzyme

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Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk- Remove It With Craftex Bio-Enzyme

Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk- Remove It With Craftex Bio-Enzyme


During that morning rush as you take your breakfast, a glass can accidentally get knocked over and spill milk onto the carpet. Out on the road as your passengers enjoy some sips and you hit a bump, some may end up on the automobile carpeting. Someone may bump you as you walk around your workspace in with a mug in your hand, or it may even be a spill in the process of whipping up some tea in the employee lounge of your business premises. Accidents can occur anywhere, at any time. Carpets, with their high absorbency, soak up the milk fast, causing an unsightly stain to form. This ruins the intricate blend of colours of the carpet, plus those patterns that give it its appeal. It’s a spot that screams up from the carpet, immediately grabbing the attention of anyone walking into the room. The decor is dragged down, affecting your comfort and relaxation at home, and damages your business’ image for commercial establishments. It’s not just the looks. With milk spills, an odour will develop. In fact, you may remove the stain, and still be left with a pungent smell reeking up the interior space. As the milk spoils, the odour worsens. This ruins the ambience of the interior space, and it’s not the living conditions you want in your home, or the atmosphere you want in your busy restaurant. For food service establishments, the high rate of traffic and plenty of beverages being ordered means that milk spills will be common. The longer the stain is left unattended, the worse the smell gets. Both issues needed to be tackled. That’s where Craftex Bio-Enzyme comes in.


Getting Rid Of The Milk Stains In The Carpet


The Craftex Bio-Enzyme comes ready to use. No dilution is required. Simply shake it well, then follow these steps:


  1. Remove the excess spillage on the carpet.
  2. Spray or dab the Craftex Bio-Enzyme onto the stain using a white cloth.
  3. Allow 15 minutes dwelling time.
  4. Use a clean white cloth to wipe the area.
  5. Allow to dry.
  6. Vacuum up the residue.


For stubborn stains, repeat the process as needed


Benefits Of Using The Craftex Bio-Enzyme


  1. Fast acting solution

Craftex Bio-Enzyme is specially designed to get rid of the protein-based stains. An enzyme digester, it breaks down the very structure of the stain, allowing for easy removal. You don’t have to go through the lengthy processes of preparing solutions of water and dishwashing soap, working with baking powder and rubbing it into the fibres, products like vinegar where you may be required to set a bowl in the odour-filled area for a several days, or making pastes using powdered laundry detergent and water and working on the stain with a toothbrush. Each comes with its concerns. For instance, when using baking powder you will need to leave it to stand on the milk stain overnight, and still get down for some scrubbing. With vinegar, there’s that lingering smell that it leaves behind. Using the wrong product, like bleach-based cleaning solutions, will ruin the carpet. With Craftex Bio-Enzyme, you get to avoid the risks and hustle. What’s more, it has a short dwell time of 15 minutes, which comes in handy whether you’re carrying out spot treatments or you’re in the middle of your general cleaning.


  1. Odour removal

You want your carpet to be elegant, without stenches emanating from it because of the spill. Craftex Bio-Enzyme removes both the stain that is formed, plus the odours that result. It’s a high-efficacy deodorizer, that leaves a pleasant perfume in its wake. You get to enjoy look and scent of your freshly cleaned carpet.


  1. Multipurpose

Spills are accidents, and they are not just limited to milk. When it comes to organic matter, there are numerous things that can wind up on the carpet- from blood and food products like eggs and mayonnaise, to grease, vomit, and even faecal residue, especially if you have pets in the establishment. You want to have a product that you can use to handle these situations, and that’s right up the alley of Craftex Bio-Enzyme. It breaks down the protein stains, restoring the beauty to your carpet. Moreover, it is suitable for mattresses, bedding and even upholstery. It’s even effective as a pre-wash stain remover during laundry applications. Simply test for colour fastness before using it on the material to ensure that it is compatible. This also enables you to easily manage your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance program without having to get different products for each stain that pops up.


  1. Eco-friendly

The safety of the persons and pets in the premises, plus the rest of the biodiversity around you, also comes into play. You don’t want toxic fumes filling up the interior air space, or chemical residue remaining in the car

pet, or getting washed off into nearby water sources and endangering the plant and animal life it comes into contact with. With Craftex Bio-Enzyme , you won’t have to worry about that. It is fully biodegradable, thus you get to remove the stubborn milk stains and preserve Mother Nature at the same time.


  1. Pocket-friendly

The Craftex Bio-Enzyme is affordably priced, allowing you to take care of your stain problems without breaking the bank. Moreover, it is a highly effective enzyme digester, where you only needed to spray onto the affected area to remove the stain, and not soak the carpet in solution. Hence, each purchase gets to take you a long way, enabling you to make more savings.


Tips Milk Stain Removal With Craftex Bio-Enzyme


  • Start working on the stain as soon as possible. Leaving it to settle on the carpet for long just allows it to soak deeper into the pile and dry.


  • When using the absorbent cloth to remove the excess spillage, work your way from the outside of the spill towards the middle, to avoid spreading it. In addition, do not scrub, but rather blot it up.


  • Since it’s an enzyme digester, you don’t want it landing on your skin, which is also made of proteins. Take the necessary safety precautions like wearing gloves. In case some drops end up on your skin, immediately wash with plenty of water.


Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk- Remove It With Craftex Bio-Enzyme

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