Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet

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Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet

Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


They are unsightly spots that take away the appeal of your carpet. An assault to your eyes, the coffee stains ruin the elegance of the interior space. All that effort that goes into finding the right fabric, colouration and design patterns for your carpet, to have it blend with the furnishings, upholstery and the rest of the items in the building, gets trashed by the spills that create marks wherever they settle. What’s more, it’s not like you can be 100% sure that there will never be a coffee stain. They are accidents, and they can happen anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s during the morning rush as you prepare to head out to work and a few drops slosh over the cup’s rim, you were hosting guests and in the midst of the activities a cup got knocked over, someone accidentally bumps you, or just when you are about to curl up on your sofa with a good book. Even in commercial establishments, coffee spills are common, like in the employee lounge as the staff take their breaks with some fresh brew. Someone in the office building may have misused the coffee maker, running it on the inappropriate settings and a mess ended up being made. Establishments such as restaurants are also a hot bed of coffee spills. With all the hustle and bustle as hundreds of customers are served, it’s no surprise that in the course of the day some coffee will wind up on the carpeted floor. Nursing homes, malls, that dental office, libraries- wherever there are people, there will be coffee, and with that comes the occasional spill. After all, it’s one of the world’s most popular beverages. Did you know that over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are taken around the world every day? That’s over 93 million cups per hour. You want the persons in your home or business premises to enjoy their coffee without having the ambience ruined by stains. You can fix the damage to your carpet with the appropriate stain removal techniques. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


Just how do the stains form? A typical mug of coffee contains sugar, milk, coffee granules, water, and a host of artificial sweeteners. The stains are formed when the oils in the coffee stick to the carpet fibres and are absorbed. The material of the carpet makes it highly absorbent, and it can soak up loads of liquid before reaching saturation. Proper chemical formulations are needed to break down this grip on the material, for the stain to be removed from the carpet. That’s where Craftex stain removers come in. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


Get Rid Of Those Coffee Spots With Craftex Stain Removers


Follow these steps:


  1. Blot up the excess spillage. It is advised that you work from the outside of the spill and head towards the middle, that way you won’t end up spreading the stain. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


  1. Spray the Craftex Stain Remover on to the spot, and leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.


  1. Use a clean white absorbent cloth to wipe the spot. Avoid pushing down while you rub the area.


  1. Dry the area.


In case there are stubborn stains, repeat the steps as needed.


Benefits Of Craftex Stain Removers


  • Fast solution

Without the appropriate ingredients and their formulations, the process of removing coffee stains can be hectic. Dealing with soaps and detergents, make pastes with baking soda and water or even preparing vinegar solutions will end up consuming time and resources. On top of that, you don’t want to risk using the wrong chemicals that will end up damaging your carpet, causing more harm than good. For instance, bleach-based products, while they may be effective on other surfaces in the building, will cause discolouration of the carpet material. The stain removers from Craftex have been designed to work on carpets, and break down the coffee spots with ease. That way you get to complete the task in moments, without putting your investment at risk. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


  • Multipurpose

Coffee stains aren’t the only thing to worry about. Tea, wine, and even fruit juice can wind up on your carpet. You don’t want to be forced to get a different product for each one of them. With the Craftex Stain Remover, you won’t have to worry about that. It works across the scope, allowing you to fix those accidents when they occur, and bring back the elegance to your carpet. It can also be used on fabrics. Simply test for colourfastness on an inconspicuous spot on the affected item to ascertain if it’s compatible with the material. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


  • Biodegradable

Environmental safety also factors into the stain removal process. You want to eliminate the stains without putting the persons in the premises, or the biodiversity around your establishment, at risk. The Craftex Stain Removers are biodegradable, and you also won’t have to worry about toxic fumes permeating in the interior space. Your kids and pets that spend plenty of time crawling around and playing on the carpet are also safe. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


  • Affordable

Coffee spills are common. You don’t want to strain your budget with bloated cleaning and maintenance costs for your establishment. With the stain removal products from Craftex, you won’t have to punch a hole through your wallet to fix the spills. The products are competitively priced, and come in different package sizes depending on the requirements of your establishment. Moreover, with the high efficacy, you get to remove the stains without having to drench the carpet, thus leading to further cost savings. Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet


Tips For Removing Coffee Stains


  • Time is of the essence. The sooner you get to the stain, the easier it is to remove.
  • Do not scrub the carpet. This comes with the risk of damaging the fibres, and in severe cases, pieces of the carpet can get pulled out. Use a pressing or blotting motion with the absorbent cloth.
  • Avoid over-saturating the carpet. You want the break down the coffee stain, and still be able to soak it up with the cloth.
  • When using coffee stain removers, avoid contact with your skin. The products are designed to break down the chemical nature of the spill to enable it to be easier to remove, and you don’t want these reactions occurring on your skin.
  • For old stains, first moisten the area. This is to make the coffee stain wet again, for faster removal.


Getting Coffee Stains Off Your Carpet

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