Expensive Mistakes Made During DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Expensive Mistakes Made During DIY Carpet Cleaning

Expensive Mistakes Made During DIY Carpet Cleaning

Taking pride in accomplishing home-related tasks with one’s own hands is understandable. However, while it may be tempting to head out to the department store and rent a carpet cleaning machine to save on some bucks, there are plenty of risks that come with DIY cleaning. These may result in blunders that could cost far much more than if you had simply hired the experts for the job. Carpet manufacturers insist on one getting professional cleaning services occasionally with good reason. What is at stake? Here are factors that make the DIY carpet cleaning more trouble than it is worth:


  • Safety concerns – Carpet Cleaning Dublin


When there are spills and stubborn grease spots on the carpet, the natural instinct is to reach for a cleaning agent and get rid of them. However, the conventional products used around the household are not automatically suitable for use on the carpet. Just because a solution was able to remove a coffee or tea stain on the marble worktop or tiled floor doesn’t mean that it will be effective in getting rid of the same type of stain on the carpet. They come in different materials, some natural, others synthetic. These have varying carpet cleaning requirements, and aspects such as the pH level of the products that are used are vital. You don’t want to use products that are too acidic, which end up corroding the fibres of your carpet. Vinegar, beach-based products and other agents that are a common feature of home cleaning operations can be a threat to the carpet. They can ruin the material, and even cause issues like discolouration. Your goal is to remove the stains, not leave a glaring spot that contrasts with the rest of the colouration and style of the carpet. Some of the chemicals may even cause reactions that release toxic fumes into the interior space, putting the health of your family members at risk. Speaking of which, improper carpet cleaning and rinsing will leave behind residue of the chemicals in the carpet. These can be easily picked up by the kids and pets as they play and roll around on the carpet. You don’t want to create an unsafe environment in your home. With professional carpet cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about that occurring.


  • Mould growth – Carpet Cleaning Dublin


The carpet cleaning process requires the use of powerful machines. You’ll notice that the professional crew come with truck-mounted systems, equipped with industrial-grade machinery. These units are expensive, and pack a punch. They are not the same as the machines that are hired out from stores. The latter usually have their component parts reduced- such as the motors and pumps, in order to make them lighter and more portable. That way people can be able to carry them in their vehicles, and manoeuvre the units around the house. However, this compromises on the power needed for the task. This includes the heat involved, pressures required to pump the carpet cleaning solutions into the plush pile, and the vacuuming systems to suck out the contents. Focusing on the extraction process- if it is not effective, there will be loads of moisture left behind in the material. Consequently, the carpet will remain wet for days. This encourages fungi-like mould to develop. Their characteristic musty smell makes the living conditions uncomfortable. What’s more, the mould is a health issue, as a result of the spores and mycotoxins that it produces.


  • Damaged carpet – Carpet Cleaning Dublin


Here, blunders made during the DIY carpet cleaning ruin the structural integrity of the unit itself. Take overwetting for instance. Using excessive water can cause the carpet to shrink. When you began the task, you intended to remove the soiling that is buried within the fibres, not watch your carpet pull away from the walls. Delamination can also occur, in which case the carpet gets separated from its backing. These are not the outcomes you envision for the carpet cleaning. However, without the requisite skills needed for the job, there are high chances of them occurring. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services will enable you to avoid the risks involved.

Restore the elegance to your carpet

Do you long for that soft, plush feel of the carpet under your feet? Has it dulled and changed its colour, such that you don’t even recall its original look? Regardless of the level of soiling, our carpet cleaning crew are up to the task. They will arrive at your residence, fully equipped to give your carpet an in-depth wash, bringing back the charm to your installation. Stain removers, odour neutralisers, hot water extraction systems- different carpet cleaning products and processes are employed depending on your particular situation.

Time is key. We recognise that, and our personnel will adhere to the schedule that will be agreed upon. This will enable you to accurately plan out your activities. We also understand that you don’t want just anybody walking around in your home. You should be comfortable when there are crew going about the carpet cleaning. In this regard, our personnel have been selected after a rigorous vetting, that involves background checks. We are also licenced and insured, allowing you to rest assured that you are in safe hands. In fact, the insurance coverage caters to your property, our personnel and the equipment that will be used for the carpet cleaning. This means that you are protected from liabilities in case of any unfortunate incident. The professionalism of our crew further prevents such cases from occurring, by putting in place the required safety measures during the carpet cleaning. They are also a friendly lot, and will be sure to answer the questions that you may have about the systems being used, and anything concerning the cleaning in general. Should there be aspects in the building that pose a risk to the carpet, our personnel will also bring this to your attention, that way you can make arrangements to have them resolved as early as possible.

Extend the life of your unit

The dirt and grime that is ground against the fibres of the carpet are abrasive. This wears them down, reducing their strength and functionality. With routine carpet cleaning, you get to ward off these effects, consequently prolonging the life of your unit. This also has the welcome benefit of enabling you to cut down on the costs that would have been spent on making repairs and or replacing the entire carpet.


Expensive Mistakes Made During DIY Carpet Cleaning

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