Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Dirty Carpet? Let Us Clean It For You

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Carpet Cleaning Dublin - Dirty Carpet? Let Us Clean It For You

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Dirty Carpet? Let Us Clean It For You

Those cosy fibres can hoard loads of grime- multiple times their own weight in fact, hence the value of regular carpet cleaning. They catch everything that falls on them, from dead skin cells shed by the persons on the premises, the faecal residue from the dust mites feeding on the skin flakes, volatile organic compounds, food crumbs and the body husks of the insects being nourished by them, dust, soiling and gritty particles tracked in under the soles of people’s shoes, all through to allergens like pollen grains that are blown into the building by wind. While vacuuming is important, it doesn’t ensure that all the gunk is got rid of. A thorough carpet cleaning is needed , one where the systems used reach deep into the fibres, flushing out the material buried in it.

A Healthier Carpet

Did you know that the carpet that your kids enjoy playing around on can be over 4000 times dirtier than the average toilet seat? When last was the carpet cleaning done? It could be a germ hotspot, containing microbes ranging from the bacteria that are feeding on the decaying food crumbs and insect faecal waste, to the pathogens that are coughed and sneezed into the air space which eventually settle on the fibres. Some like MRSA can have been tracked onto it from the gym locker rooms, and there even cases of athlete’s foot being spread onto persons walking barefoot on the carpet. E. coli, Campylobacter, all through to salmonella- there can be a wide range of bacteria residing on the carpet. Some, such as the Norwalk virus, can survive in the material for over a month, and once it gets into the body system it causes symptoms similar to food poisoning. Children who keep touching the carpet and putting their hands over their faces and in their mouths are exposed to higher risk. Ensuring that there is a routine carpet cleaning schedule in place will go a long way in protecting your loved ones.

Allergens are also a cause for concern, hence the value of routine carpet cleaning. From the dust particles settling on the carpet to the faecal pellets from dust mites, these get airborne when the carpet is disturbed. It can be as a result of a person’s simply walking on it, or even during the vacuuming process. These allergens cause respiratory distress, skin irritation, and worsen conditions such as bronchitis and eczema. These are not the conditions you want in your home, or for the staff and customers in your business premises. A thorough carpet cleaning will reach deep into the carpet’s material flushing out the allergens and pollutants that are within it, allowing you to live and work in the confidence that you’re safe.

The faster and more convenient approach

The DIY carpet cleaning process can be long and tedious. What’s more, it can result in anything from unsatisfactory results, to outright damage of the carpet. There are numerous things that can go wrong, resulting in the ruin of your unit. One common issue is overwetting. This can be caused by the rented carpet cleaning machines leaving too much water in the lush pile, such that it takes days to dry. During this time, it will have a damp smell lingering in the interior space. The longer the drying time, the higher the chances of mould growth, which comes with its health risks. Back to the results. Due to the lower capacity of the rented carpet cleaning units, factors such as the scrubbing power and suction during extraction are impacted. As such, the carpet may still appear dirty after hours of gruelling labour. Mistakes like using too much of the detergents cause residue to be left behind, which accelerates the rate of resoiling, making a mockery of your carpet cleaning efforts. The professional crew, on the other hand, have the proper equipment needed for the task. In addition, they know the exact products, and the dilution ratios required when handling them, and the proper approach to take care of those heavy build-ups of dirt. The time taken for the job is drastically cut down. The extraction process used also remove the bulk of the moisture from the carpet material, reducing the drying time from days to a single afternoon. You can resume using the unit on the same day that the carpet cleaning has been done.

Environmentally-friendly processes

We all have a duty to take care of Mother Nature- for our sake and that of the generations to come after. The push for utilising eco-friendly systems and processes is global, focusing on the different facets of day-to-day life- from the transport choices we take, the packaging we use, all through to carpet cleaning. Our services have been structured with this in mind. Our personnel use biodegradable products for the carpet cleaning, which do not pose any this to the ecosystem even after disposal. The products also do not negatively affect the indoor air quality, so you won’t have to worry about toxic fumes being generated during the carpet cleaning. The formulations employed have been certified to be safe, meeting the stringent EU regulations on environmental sustainability. This is while still retaining their efficiency in getting rid of those stubborn stains and dirt spots. The solutions also keep the carpet itself in optimal condition. From the synthetic to the natural materials the processes used make the fibre stronger, and they can be worked on without the risks of splitting, or the chemicals reacting with the material and weakening it.

Easy on your budget

You want to have a proper carpet cleaning schedule in place without draining your wallet. We hear you. As such, we have invested in quality machinery that enhances the efficiency of the process, reducing resource wastage and translating into savings. It gets the task done to quality results within a fraction of the time that conventional processes take. We then get to transfer these savings over to you through more affordable quotations. The pricing itself will also consider your particular carpet cleaning needs, such as the type and size of the carpet that you want to be washed, plus factors such as the frequency of the sessions that you want to schedule, and even cases where emergency carpet cleaning services are required.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Dirty Carpet? Let Us Clean It For You

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