Extending The Life Of Your Carpet With Regular Cleaning

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Extending The Life Of Your Carpet With Regular Cleaning

Extending The Life Of Your Carpet With Regular Cleaning

Dirt is a menace. Over time, as the carpet continues accumulating more dirt, it wears down. This is especially because of the abrasive nature of the dirt. Those tiny particles grind at the fibres of the carpet, weakening them, causing them to split or break down them. This, in turn, affects the longevity of the carpet, its appearance, and even comfort. You will easily notice sections of the carpet that are frequently walked on having a different appearance compared to the rest of the unit. Given that you no doubt spent lots of money to get the perfect carpet for your home, you don’t want to see its life shortened because of the grime accumulating on it. Enlisting the services of carpet cleaning specialists will enable you to protect your unit. 


  • Deep Carpet Cleaning


As the carpet carries loads of grime, you want a cleaning process that will flush it all out- not simply pushing the dirt deeper into the carpet. This is why professional use methods like hot water extraction. Here, heated water and cleaning solution are pumped into the carpet at high pressure, dislodging the grime from the fibres and bringing it to the surface, from where they are lifted by the extraction system. The formulations used break down the grime and odour neutralisers can also be incorporated into the process to tackle foul smells that had been caused by the decaying organic matter in the carpet. 

By taking away the grime, which is a major threat to the carpet’s durability, your unit gets to last for longer. The carpet cleaning also gets rid of the food particles that would be a magnet for insects and pests, which could crawl all over the space and damage the carpeting. 


  • Stain removal services


The spills that wind up on the carpet are not just unsightly, but they also put its structural integrity at risk. The effect will be based on the chemical nature of the spill. For instance, some will cause discolouration of the carpet, acidic spills will corrode the material, permanently damaging the fibres. Given that the carpet is absorbent, it will soak in the stain, causing it to get deeper into the lush pile. The longer that the stains are allowed to remain on the carpet unattended to, the more difficult they are to remove. The professional carpet cleaning services come in to get rid of these spots, using tough agents that will chemically break down the stains, without damaging the material of the carpet. That way, its beauty can be restored, enhancing the look and feel of the space. 

Creating a Healthier Living Space

It’s not just the carpets beauty and structural integrity that are on the line. The health and safety of the household’s occupants are also affected by the state of the carpet. The grime accumulating in it is a health hazard. From allergens to contaminants and pathogens- those in the household will be at a high risk of getting affected. Take kids of instance. As they play around on the carpet, they will no doubt be touching their face and mouths multiple times. The germs that are on the carpet gets transferred into their body system, resulting in different effects based on the particular pathogens that they have come into contact with. E. coli, Salmonella, campylobacter – they can all be on the carpet, depending on the kind of organic grim that has been dropped or tracked onto it. With pets around, there is also the issue of pests that may have been brought in from the outdoors. Fluffy rummaging about in the dog park may have picked up a couple of fleas, which will find suitable hiding ground in the lush carpet fibres. From here, they will easily hop onto the people and pets in the household, continue suckling blood, and head back into the safety of the carpet. Some pathogens can stay for long in the fibres of the material while still being potent enough to cause infection. These are the likes of the Norwalk virus, which has been recorded surviving over 4 weeks in such materials. MRSA brought into the home from the school and gym locker rooms, Athlete’s foot that gets transmitted to family members walking barefoot on the carpet – these are not the conditions you want your family living in. 

When it comes to allergens, there will be a wide range of them, from the dust to mould spores that are held in the carpet, getting kicked up whenever people walk in it. These trigger reactions. Even the airflow in the room is compromised, making it feel stuffy, taking away your comfort. Speaking of mould spores, getting professional carpet cleaning services is imperative in order to prevent the spores from taking advantage of prolonged drying times caused by rookies who leave too much moisture in the carpet. The warm and moistened material will lead to the fungi thriving, which is why it is key to engage the services of a company that has high capacity suction units to extract the bulk of the moisture, cutting down the drying time from days to a few hours. 

We’re here for you

We have a proficiently trained team of carpet cleaners, who actually love what they do. Investing in their personal and professional development enables them to raise the bar when it comes to the standards of service delivery, an aspect that has made us grow our client base. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with our services, which includes the entire spectrum – from when you call in to make an inquiry, the punctuality with which our crew arrives at your residence and carries out the cleaning, to the customer support all through the process. Any queries that you have about the task and the operations that are being used will be answered, to ensure that you will be well-versed with the whole of the process. When it comes to costs, we have developed a pricing structure that will suit your particular needs, as we are cognizant to the unique nature of every carpet cleaning situation. 

Extending The Life Of Your Carpet With Regular Cleaning

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