Keeping Your Carpet Looking Good As New

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Keeping Your Carpet Looking Good As New

Keeping Your Carpet Looking Good As New

With its patterns and colours, the carpet ties the room together. The soft nature of the pile, that warm and homey feel that they bring to the room- it all contributes to enhancing the décor and providing you with a relaxing living space. Unfortunately, the structure of the carpet- with all its fibres and air spaces, makes it a prime spot for picking up dirt and grime, especially at the high traffic sections. In fact, you will notice the areas that are frequently walked on have a crushed pile, and the colour is duller compared to the sections that are under the furniture. Properly maintaining the carpet is key to protect it and ensure its longevity. It’s one of those major furnishing purchases that you want to last for long, in its optimal state all through. Here are some key things you can do to ensure that you protect it:


  • Deal with stains immediately


Has there been a wine spill on the carpet? Did the excited kids rush into the living room with their ice cream, causing it to drip all over? Have the guys been invited over to watch the game and have some beer, and in the middle of the thrills and goal celebrations, some of the contents get to the carpeting? Was the morning coffee up knocked over, sending its contents all over the carpet? Yoghurt, tea, fruit drinks, soda- they are all a threat to the carpet. The moment that you notice a spill, get moving. The longer they are let to dwell on the carpet, the more they get soaked into the material and become tougher to remove. Use a dry absorbent cloth to blot up the excess liquid. Add a little moisture to the drying spot and blot up as much more of the content as you can. Treat the area with a specialised stain remover that will be suitable for your particular type of carpet- and that will target the stain itself. For instance, coffee stain removers are different from those that come in when there are inkblots, which are in turn different from the formulations used to deal with pet urine stains. For the material, you want to work with a product that will not corrode the very structure of the carpet. Sure, it can be overwhelming, especially when you have multiple stains on the unit which had been allowed to set into the material. You don’t have to stress yourself with the job. Bring in the specialist carpet cleaning crew, who have the knowledge and equipment needed to handle the different structures and carpet material, getting rid of the unsightly spot without posing a risk to your unit. 


  • Vacuum the carpet regularly 


You can’t escape dust. It will pile up on your carpet around the clock. There are the dust particles that settle on the unit from the air above, the soiling particles that get tracked into the building and break down over time within the carpet’s fibres, pet fur and dander, food crumbs and the body waste of the insects that they attract – it all contributes to the growing amount of dust in the carpet. This is a threat to the unit. The particles are abrasive. When ground against the fibres, such as when people are walking on the carpet, they wear down the fibres. The higher the amount of dirt builds up, the greater the rate of deterioration, and if neglected, the carpet will soon be a pale shadow of its former self. Vacuuming comes into reduce the rate at which this happens. This does not mean that you stop at just vacuuming. A routine deep carpet cleaning will be required, to get to the gunk that is buried within that lush pile.

This is also important for preserving indoor air quality. The dust, pollen grains, spores, pollutants and other particles are gradually filtered out of the air and held within the carpet’s fibres. At first, this is beneficial, making the indoor airspace healthier for the occupants. However, over time, as the concentration increases, these particles are easily dislodged from the carpet. All it takes is a little disturbance for them to be released back into the air – which will occur when someone simply walks on the carpet, or your kids play on it. These will trigger allergic reactions, including anything from coughs, sneezes, getting a runny nose, to asthma attacks for the affected individuals. The vacuuming and routine carpet cleaning are key to protect the health of your household members.



When time comes to give your carpet a thorough wash, get in touch with the experts to have it done right. This is an arduous chore, with plenty of aspects to consider in order to get the desired results without damaging the carpet. Take dealing with the tough stains and stubborn dirt spots for instance. One may be tempted to use harsh cleaning agents- perhaps after seeing them break down the grime and dissolve the stains on other surfaces in the household. Even though it is the same type of stain, the underlying material is different. The products that worked on the countertops, tables, cabinets, walls and floors are not automatically suitable for removing the same type of stain that forms on the carpet. You don’t want to run the risk of corroding the material, or causing a permanent stain to form. Then there is the issue with the equipment. Thorough carpet cleaning requires high capacity machinery. The units that are usually available for rent at the local dealership stores come with less power and capacity ratings- due to the smaller size of motors, pumps and comportments parts, plus the emphasis on making them more portable for the users. However, this results in compromising on the effectiveness of the process, and you end up spending far much more time on the task. This is as opposed to the industrial-grade machinery that the professionals used, fully backed by truck-mounted systems providing the power needed for the task. This enables the professional carpet cleaners to carry out the task in moments, from the scrubbing and rinsing, to extracting the moisture from the carpet in order to cut down the drying time. 

Keeping Your Carpet Looking Good As New

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