Finding Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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Finding Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Finding Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Caring for your carpet involves scheduling routine cleaning sessions to get rid of the dirt and grime that build up in it. The soiling is a threat to your carpet. Those abrasive particles wear down their fibres of the material, especially when crushed against it under people’s feet as they walk about. Then there are those cases of stains. These can be caused by anything from food and drink spills, to issues like nail polish accidents and pet urine stains. The liquids are readily absorbed by the carpet, causing the stain to set into the material. They form unsightly patches that clash with the rest of the colourations and patterns of the carpet. In addition, there’s the issue of odours emanating from it, especially when there is decaying organic residue within the carpet fibres. The musky smells ruin the décor, taking away the comfort of those on the premises. For cases such as pet rune stains, the resultant odour is so foul that it simply cannot be ignored. The carpet cleaning process involves different aspects, from the kind of soiling that is being dealt with, to the capacity of the machinery that is required for the task. Calling in the experts to take care of it will remove the burden and risks that come with a DIY process. However, just who is up to the task?

There are lots of companies out there calling themselves carpet cleaners- but how good are they really? It’s not just about getting a machine, putting into a truck and driving around town looking for business. Your carpet’s structural integrity, the safety of your property, and your own peace of mind are on the line. How do you separate the professional services from rookies who will frustrate you? Here are pointers to note for when searching for a domestic or commercial carpet cleaning company.


  • A detailed quotation


What exactly is involved in the service? A professional company will take you a step-by-step analysis of the tasks that will be carried out, equipment that will be used, and give you a detailed overview of what to expect while they are on your property. Usually, in order to assess the condition of the carpet and come up with the most appropriate approach, a site visit will be carried out. After all, no two jobs are ever exactly the same. Factors like the degree of soiling, the actual square footage of the carpet, level of staining and other factors are determined with a first-hand inspection. This way the quotation that will be provided will be more accurate as opposed to simply having it all done by phone. 


  • Questions to ask the carpet cleaner


You don’t want any surprises down the road, and as such there are things that should be cleared up right at the onset. Questions that you should ask include:

-What carpet cleaning method will be used?

Will it be dry cleaning? Hot water extraction? Will the task involve pre-treating agents? Here, the approach that will be taken will largely depend on the state that the carpet is in, stains that require specialised attention, and the systems that are relied on by the company. 

– Do they move furniture?

If they do, will there be extra costs for it? Get this clarified before committing, so that you know what to expect. 

What training has the personnel sent to your home/business premises had?

You want to be sure that you’re dealing with qualified personnel who will take care of your carpet. With the wide range of materials of carpets that are in residential and commercial establishments, the different kinds of stains which require their unique modes of treatment to get rid of them, plus the ever-evolving industry where new technologies are being developed to be used for the task- proper training is required to ensure that the carpet cleaning crew deliver on their mandate.

How long is the carpet expected to take to dry? 

With professional services measures are taken to cut down the drying time of the carpet. These are the likes of using high-powered wet vacuums that extract the bulk of the moisture from the carpet. Factors that affect the drying time include the humidity of the room, and the type of fibre. Aspects like opening up the windows, and using fans to ensure there is sufficient ventilation will help in shortening the duration taken. Knowing how long that the carpet will require to dry will enable you to be in a position to schedule your plans accordingly.

Is the work guaranteed?

Guarantees are common in the carpet cleaning industry. However, they have different conditions based on the company that you will be dealing with, hence it will be necessary to have it cleared up before-hand. 


  • Track record


Here, the focus is on how long the company has been in business. Sure, it doesn’t mean that start-ups are thrown under the rug. However, the length of time in which a company has been operation is a key indicator of the level of experience that it has. You also want to avoid those fly-by-night businesses whose addresses can’t even be verified. 


  • Check out reviews from previous clients


This will be some background work that you will need to undertake as the client. You want to know how the experience has been for other clients who had hired the company. This involves going through the testimonials provided, all through to scouring the social media platforms to assess what people have to say about the brand. Keep in mind that there are some nasty trolls out there who derive satisfaction from simply bombarding businesses with negative comments. Be keen on how the company addresses the complaints made by the genuine clients. What did the customer support have to say? Were there follow-ups? This actually is one of the ways that one can be sure of whether or not the company is actually invested in ensuring that the customer gets satisfied with the quality of services that are provided. 

Finding Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


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