Sofa Cleaning Dublin - Steam Sofa Cleaning

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Sofa Cleaning Dublin - Steam Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Steam Sofa Cleaning


1 seat sofa cleaning 20 euro

2 seat sofa cleaning 40 euro

3 seat sofa cleaning 60 euro

4 seat sofa cleaning 75 euro

5 seat sofa cleaning 90 euro


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The cleaning process usually focuses on the kitchen surfaces, carpets, hallway walls, the living room floors, plus disinfecting the bathroom. Attention tends to be concentrated on these obvious sections of the home- what of those that rarely get a second thought? These are the likes of the sofa. It is used every day, with the family spending lots of time on it. From relaxing as you tell stories with your loved ones, curling up with a novel, watching some TV, and even taking a nap- the sofa is the go-to set for the household members. This constant usage results in it building up loads of grime. These include:


  • Dust mites


These microscopic creatures are not confined to the carpets and rugs. They thrive in the soft furnishings, including the sofa cushions, pillows, and even beanbags. They are nourished by the dead skin cells shed by the persons using these units- and it’s a lot. Trouble comes due to the faecal pellets that they produce. They are allergens, triggering reactions when inhaled, and irritating the skin of sensitive persons. Do you find yourself suddenly coughing and sneezing whenever you take a seat? It could be due to the increasing dust mite population in your favourite sofa.


  • Mould


The soft absorbent fabric of the sofa can soak in moisture, providing suitable conditions for mould to grow. This especially affects the homes located in warm and humid climates. However, they not the only ones at risk. Those spills that wind up in the cushions can also increase the chances of mould developing. Speaking of which, one of the mistakes of the DIY sofa cleaning process is overwetting the furniture. This prolongs the drying time, in effect allowing fungi to grow. Firstly, the stains that result are unsightly, taking away the appeal of your set. Secondly, the mould produces spores, which add to the concentration of allergens in your immediate environment. When inhaled, the spores can trigger asthma attacks, and cause immunologic responses by the body. There are also those species of the mould that release mycotoxins. Once these get into the body system, they can affect organs like the liver. The extraction processes that are used by the professional sofa cleaning team involve high-powered suction systems. These ensure that the bulk of the moisture content has been removed from the sofa, and the minute amount that remains dries of within the same afternoon that the sofa has been washed. This enables normalcy to be restored in the premises fast, and takes away the risk of mould growth.


  • Pathogens


There could be colonies of them on that sofa arm that you rest on. All that decaying organic matter- from the skin flakes, dust mite waste, food crumbs and the faecal residue of the insects coming to feed on them- they sustain a horde of bacteria. Are there persons who are ill in the household? Chances are high that the pathogens coughed and sneezed into the airspace gradually accumulate onto surfaces like the sofa. Then there are those that are deposited onto the couch by pets. The soft and warm furnishings enable the microbes to thrive. E. coli, salmonella, campylobacter- they can all be calling your sofa their home. Some like the Norovirus can live for weeks on the material, while still retaining their ability to cause infection. During flu season, the sofa is one of the places through which infection is transmitted to the other members of the household. This is not the environment you want your family members to be exposed to on a daily basis. Ensuring that a thorough sofa cleaning has been carried out will go a long way in protecting your loved ones.


We handle the different types of sofas

What kind of sofa do you have in your home or business premises? They come in diverse types and sizes. For instance, the ottoman is usually used as a complementary piece of furniture, serving as a coffee table in some areas, and as a footstool in others. The common armchair has numerous designs, and it basically comes down to making a luxury sofa for a single individual. The loveseat, on the other hand, can sit 2 people- hence the name. Sectional sofas allow different combinations of furniture pieces to be put together depending on the particular arrangement of the living room. These are more common in the family rooms, and you get to have a set up that suits the structure of the space. For homes where there is limited sleeping space for guests, persons may have futons or sofa beds, which serve the dual-function described in the name. Sofa designs also vary when it comes to the arm shape. These range from the classic round arm sofa- which is fondly called Grandma’s couch, the retro square arm sofa that brings a timeless feel to the interior space, hard wedge arm sofas, to those with a rounded wedge arm. Hybrid designs like the Belgian roll arm sofa put together styles from different sofas, like in this case this particular type has a sloped and round arm sofa, and one can easily have slipcovers made locally. Certainly, there are also sofas that have no arms, which set a minimalist look, and come in handy when you want to easily access the seat from the sides.

Looking at the sofa backs, there are options ranging from the straight back and tuxedo sofas, where the backrest is level with the armrest height, and has a formal look and feel, the high back sofas where the backrest is not level but high- hence the name, to camelback sofas where the design has been around for over 3 centuries. Perhaps you have a wingback sofa, with its resemblance of a king’s throne, or even a barrelback sofa where the curvature blends seamlessly with the arms. Whichever the case, our sofa cleaning crew will be sure to give your set the proper care and attention it deserves, ensuring that the job is done thoroughly, and to quality standards.

Sofa Cleaning Dublin – Steam Sofa Cleaning Dublin

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