Frequency Of The Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Frequency Of The Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Frequency Of The Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Just how often should you get the carpets in our business premises worked on? This varies from one facility to another. There are different factors that are taken into account, including:

Issues to Consider


  • The size of your business


A local consultancy office is less busy compared to the restaurants, which in turn handle less traffic when compared to retail stores and malls. This has an impact on the amount of soiling that gets tracked onto the carpet – thus impacting on how frequency that carpet cleaning services will be required. Generally, the higher the traffic levels, the more carpet cleaning sessions that will be needed. 


  • The type of carpet you have


The fibre material, to the loop construction of the carpet, determine how much dirt gets locked in the material. For instance, the synthetic nylon comes with enhanced stain resistance – and is also usually treated to boost the attribute, meaning that the level of staining will be less. However, for the cosy natural wool, it has reduced stain resistance, making it prone to more spots especially when spills are allowed to dwell on it. 


  • The type of services you offer


There are particular facilities where the need for frequent carpet cleaning services is key – such as those in the retail industry, or the clinic offices and nursing homes. In these environments, the level of pathogens concentration on the carpets has the potential of being really high, and easily spreading amongst the persons in the facility. Thus, it is important to have a deep carpet cleaning schedule in place – and preferably one that incorporates disinfecting systems as part of the process. 


  • Type of weather 


If your business premises is in an area that experiences lots of rain and snow, then the chances of more debris being tacked into the business premises are higher. Even with walk-off mats at the entry points of your facility, there will still be a higher rate of grime getting into the into premises compared to areas that have fewer occurrences of this kind of weather, meaning that the carpet cleaning will need to be more frequent in comparison. 

Why You Should Hire A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professional



For a fast and deep carpet cleaning, powerful equipment is needed. Approaches like hot water extraction systems are used. Here, there are portable units and truck-mounted systems, based on the complexity of the task and the amount of capacity needed for the process. Purchasing the equipment yourself will make a huge dent in your business’s budget – and let’s not forget the expenses that will go into maintaining the machinery. You don’t want things extra burden on your balance sheet. Simply call in the expert carpet cleaning crew, which already has the equipment that is needed to work on your carpet. 



Without the required skills, it will be easy to ruin the carpet – especially when the wrong chemicals are used for the process. Tasking your employees to carry out the carpet cleaning, and taking them away from their official workstations, does a double-whammy to your business. First, it slows down operations, since they will be distracted from their jobs. Secondly, it puts the carpet at risk due to the higher chances of inappropriate solutions being used, or wrong processes such as infusing the carpet with too much shampoo or water. Overshampooing causes there to be increased residue, that accelerates the resoiling, while the overwetting can lead to issues like the fabric of the material shrinking, or the carpet separating from its backing – neither of which are outcomes that you want for your carpet. 



Given that plenty of time is spent in the business premises, you want your employees to have a healthy working environment, and not be assaulted by allergens, odours and pollutants throughout the day. This calls for routine carpet cleaning services, where substances are removed from the material, and odour neutralisers are used to accentuate the space. That way, your staff with have a fresh and invigorating ambience to carry out their tasks in. 



How much did carpeting your business premises cost you? It may have been a lot, but it was worth the price – especially with the warm ambience that it resulted in. However, over time, that charming look and feel gets deteriorated, and the fibres weaken due to all the abrasion that is experienced – thus the need for routine carpet cleaning. Stains that are neglected end up setting deeper into the material, becoming permanent patches on your unit. Soiling from foot traffic accelerates the fraying of the carpet’s fibres. You don’t want to be forced to spend much more money to have the unit repaired, or even replace it prematurely. Routine carpet cleaning will prevent this. Powerful stain removers that get rid of those unsightly spots, enzyme action on the urine stains to product the material, all through to measures like hot water extraction  that remove the grime that is buried deep within that lush pile – they all contribute to protecting the carpets in your business premises, and enabling them to last for longer – bringing you more savings down the road. 



What does that state of your carpet say about the quality of your products and services? Certainly, you want your customers to be confident about your company and its offing. When the carpet is all soiled, it takes away the charm of the unit, and dragging down the décor of the interior space together with it. Customers walking into the business premises will end up forming a negative opinion about the premises, and for cases of establishments like hotels, restaurants and even AirBnBs, they will be more likely to leave negative reviews about the carpet cleaning being neglected, that will damage your brand, putting future revenues at risk. These are not the kinds of issues that you want to expose your business too. In-depth carpet cleaning, that gets rid of the grime, stains and odours, is key to present your establishment is positive light. With customers going the extra step and highlighting the cleanliness of the space in their reviews, it attracts more people to use establishment, further bolstering your marketing efforts. 

Frequency Of The Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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