Why You Should Get Your Wet Carpet Dried As Soon As Possible

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Why You Should Get Your Wet Carpet Dried As Soon As Possible

 Why You Should Get Your Wet Carpet Dried As Soon As Possible

Water damage can be frustrating. It can be a leakage from the household’s plumbing that goes on quietly overnight and you don’t notice it until you find yourself walking on a sloshed carpet, issues with the roofing that cause the furnishings and carpets to get wet after a downpour, or all-out flooding incidences during extreme weather scenarios. With the absorbent nature of the carpet, it soaks up loads of the water in the material.  Dealing with the issue as soon as possible is key to prevent widespread damage. In some instances, the water damage will be so extensive such that you really have no recourse other than to replace the carpet, such as during flooding incidences where the carpet gets messed up even with water from sewer lines. Have you found yourself in such a situation? It’s recommended that you call in the carpet cleaning professionals to assess the condition of your carpet, and determine if it will be possible to restore it. 

Don’t wait it out

Letting the carpet dry by itself can take ages, and all through this while it will put you and your loved ones at risk. The drying systems used by carpet cleaning crew extract the bulk of the moisture from the carpet, which cuts down the amount of time taken for the process. This is to avoid issues like mould and mildew growing in the carpet, or an explosion of the pathogen colonies caused by the increased moisture content in the material.

Even when the carpet looks and feels dry on the surface, it may still be wet at the padding and at the bottom of the fibres, thus the need for working with high-powered drying systems. Certainly, don’t want to incur the high costs that come with the machinery, thus it is recommended that you engage with the company that already has the equipment, such as businesses providing carpet cleaning services. 

Give Your Carpet A Deep Clean

Removing the dirty water is not your only concern. With water damage, there will be an influx of residue within the carpet’s fibres, and more debris gets pushed deeper into the lush pile. Deep carpet cleaning processes are required to flush out the contents, and leave the material all freshened up. This, coupled with sanitising and deodorising procedures, will restore the vibrance and comfort of the carpet, bringing things back to normal.

Pick Out A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company For Task

Water damage is already a difficult issue, and you don’t want to worsen things by bringing in a rookie company that will take shortcuts and extend the damage to your unit. Here are tips you can use when selecting the carpet cleaning service to hire:



There are generally two methods: dry and wet carpet cleaning. This is one of the main factors that will determine the pricing and the results that are obtained. With dry carpet cleaning, little or no moisture is used. These are the likes of foam cleaning. They enable the carpet to get cleaned faster, and you can resume using it immediately. However, they tend to only remove the surface soiling, meaning that there will still be grime buried within the carpet. With the wet methods like hot water extraction, they ensure that a deep carpet cleaning has been carried out, where the contents are flushed out of the lush pile. This tends to be the more popular approach, though drying time will be longer in comparison. It can take anywhere between a single afternoon to 24 hours. However, companies providing this method of carpet cleaning are increasingly adopting drying processes as part of the package, where high-suction vacuums and air movers are used to remove the bulk of the carpet’s moisture, cutting down the drying time to as little as three hours. 



Running a successful carpet cleaning business is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of factors that come into play, from resource management, employees of the firm, all through to customer service. Many companies barely last through a season due to the involving nature of the business. You want to deal with a carpet cleaning company that has is reputable, and one with experience. The longer that it has been providing the service, the higher the chances that you will get exactly what you’re paying for. This is not to say the start-ups cannot outdo businesses that have been in the carpet cleaning industry for years. After all, each company started somewhere, right? When dealing with a relatively new company that doesn’t have much of an experience, check out their references, to see how their experience was when dealing with the firm. However, for the carpet cleaning businesses that have been providing the services for years, you will have more confidence when you’re approaching them to get their crew to work on your unit.  



These range from the reviews on their social media platforms, to those on business directories. Here, there are a few things to be keen on. Firstly, it won’t be a surprise to find a company with all reviews being positive. However, check if they sound too rosy – as they may be paid reviews. In addition, negative reviews will give you an opportunity to see how the company addresses client complaints. Usually, they conduct follow-ups, and ask the clients to update the reviews after the issue has been resolved, and this will show their commitment to ensuring the customer is satisfied with the carpet cleaning services being rendered. Of course, there may be the occasional trolls on the review sections, and scathing attacks from rival firms – but generally you will be able to sift them out and genuine reviews will stand out. 



You want to be certain that you’re dealing with legal business, not a shady firm whose offices you can’t even track down. Confirm its accreditation to ensure that you’re dealing with an authentic carpet cleaning business. 

As you hurry to get the water damage issue resolved as soon as possible and the carpet cleaned thoroughly, don’t forget to get a written quotation for the services being rendered before the task gets started. This is to ensure that the nitty-gritty has been clarified beforehand, and that you will know the exact costs you will incur, and to ensure that there won’t be hidden costs cropping up. 

 Why You Should Get Your Wet Carpet Dried As Soon As Possible

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