Furniture Care Done Right

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Furniture Care Done Right

Furniture Care Done Right

Furnishings are key parts of the living and working space. Coming in different shapes, sizes, and upholstery materials, home and business owners invest heavily in getting the right set that meet their décor needs. Over time, the beauty and structural integrity of the sofas is put on the line, due to the amount of gunk that accumulates in the upholstered sets. Routine vacuuming and deep cleaning are needed to keep the units in good condition. 

Residential Sofa Cleaning Services

When did you last have your furniture given a thorough wash? Are those dirt spots and stains ruining the ambience of your home? Do you dread having guests over because of those embarrassing questions that pop up, with them asking about the dirt spots or the random stains on the cushions and sofa arms, or worrying about the odours that are reeking up the living space? Are those dirt spots making your furniture appear older than it really is? What of the health of your family members? The allergens, pollutants and pathogens that are within the upholstery can lead to a wide range of health effects – and these are not risks you want to expose your family members to. Hiring residential sofa cleaning services enables you to restore the vibrance to your furnishings, and protect your loved ones. 

Different factors affect how the sofa cleaning is carried out. Take the type of upholstery for instance. Natural fabric materials like wool and cotton have different treatment methods compared to the synthetic nylon and olefin units. Materials like silk and linen are highly delicate, where one needs to be particularly careful with the amount of solutions that are used on them. Leather on the other hand even needs additional conditioning after the sofa cleaning has been carried out, in order to replenish the lost oils. The professionals already have the skillset needed to handle the wide range of materials, working with products and systems that get rid of the grime and stains without putting the upholstery at risk. 

Commercial Sofa Cleaning Services

With commercial establishments, the value of maintaining a clean and organised workspace cannot be overstated. It has a direct impact on the productivity of the employees and the effectiveness of the company’s operations. Sofa cleaning is part and parcel of this. From the upholstered sets in the lounge area and reception, the furniture in the offices and employee breakrooms, all through to hospitality facilities like guest rooms in hotels – the sofas need to be maintained in quality condition. Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Enhancing the work environment 

Your employees spend a significant portion of their daily lives in the workspace, and they need one that is well maintained for them to have peace of mind. Employers actively encouraging their staff to keep their work environment clean and organised improves the atmosphere of the space. This is as opposed to a setting where the furnishings being used are covered in dirt and grime, which paint a picture of neglect. In fact, poorly maintained upholstery dampens morale, while on the other hand having a routine sofa cleaning program in place shows the employees that you care about their wellbeing, thus contributing to making them more energetic in their tasks. 

You hired them to grow your business, delivering the products and providing the services that the clients need – not spending time dealing with the dirt spots and stains that are on the furniture. Leave this task to the professional sofa cleaning crew, who are already well versed with the different aspects of the job, and have the equipment as well as manpower needed to complete it in moments, reducing disruption to your operations. Moreover, tasking your employees with the sofa cleaning without them having the requisite skills puts your furnishings at risk of damage, since oversights like using too much solution or working with the wrong cleaning chemicals will easily ruin the upholstery. 

The state of the workspace reflects on the business. Dirty and soiled furnishings send negative signals to the clients accessing the facility. They will take it as a sign that the company does not pay attention to detail. If the operations are being carried out in a soiled environment, then what assurance will they have about the quality of products or services? You don’t want to lose clients to your competition due to neglecting the care and maintenance of the premises, including the sofa cleaning. On the other hand, ensuring that your furniture and the surrounding surfaces are in good condition will paint you in a positive light, giving clients the confidence to proceed and engage you. 


The Local Sofa Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Is it time to have your sofas cleaned? Talk to us. 

We have been in the industry for years, working on sofas in both residential and commercial establishments. Our personnel have been taken through intensive training, and we also invest in keeping them up to speed with the latest technological advancements in the industry, to enable them to apply the most optimal approach for your particular furniture sets on each visit. An experienced team working with industrial-grade machinery results in a fast turnaround time, and we also put in place safety measures to protect the furniture itself as well as the occupants of the building while the sofa cleaning is being carried out. Drying systems are also included as part of the process, extracting the moisture from the cleaned sofas to speed up the drying process, where the furniture can be used in the same day that it has been worked on. 

When it comes to pricing, our rates are affordable, and we tailor them to your specific situation. Aspects like the type of sofas being worked on, the upholstery material and the level of soiling, all through to the frequency of sofa cleaning sessions that are being scheduled, emergency cleaning and dealing with particularly troublesome stains – these all factor into the pricing. We treat your property with care and respect, and our friendly personnel will be sure to answer any queries you raise about the processes that are to be used.

Furniture Care Done Right

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