Your Sofas And Health Are Intertwined

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Your Sofas And Health Are Intertwined

Your Sofas And Health Are Intertwined

That luxurious sofa that you enjoy sitting on has a direct impact on your health. How is this?

  • Allergens

Getting the sniffles whenever you use the furniture in your household is a pointer to allergens in the upholstery. Coughs, sneezing, watery eyes, and nasal congestion are reactions to particulate matter like dust and dander that is inhaled. Itchy skin can also occur, especially for those who are sensitive to dust mite waste that is accumulating within the cushions and fabric of the sofa. For those with pets – especially cats or dogs, the fur and dander that is deposited on the sections of the sofa that the pets like sleeping on makes them allergen hotspots, triggering reactions once inhaled. 

  • Germs

Microbes crawling around the furniture are not a pleasant thought. There are those that are feeding on the organic matter as part of the natural decomposition process, pathogens that are brought over by insects and rodents looking to snack on the food crumbs strewn all over sofa, pathogens that are coughed and sneezed into the environment such as during flu season, microbes brought in the premises by pets, all through to those transferred onto the upholstery from soiled clothing. E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, to strains that can live on the warm furniture for weeks like the Norwalk virus – you don’t want your loved ones being surrounded by these pathogens. A deep sofa cleaning where bactericidal and virucidal products are used is key to protect the occupants of the household.

Different kinds of pests could be calling your furniture their home. Take bed bugs for instance. They are not restricted to the bedroom. The cosy sofas are also ideal spots for this pest, whose populations can explode to the point of having an all-out infestation in your unit. Dried bloodstains on the furniture, milky white eggs around half the size of a grain of rice tucked within the folds of the sofa, as well as black spots on the upholstered set are pointers to the presence of the bedbugs. Fleas too can be residing in the sofa, especially for households with pets. All it takes is your furry friend coming home from the dog park with some fleas on their body, then transferring these onto the upholstery for the tiny little creatures to take up residence within the cushions and upholstery fabric. From here, they can launch their attacks on the people using the sofa. Do you keep finding small holes in the upholstery? Then you may have carpet beetles feeding their way through the material. This is especially in sections beneath the furniture, as well as under the cushions. Without regular sofa cleaning, the populations of pests in the units can grow exponentially. Nip things in the bud by having a deep clean carried out. For infestations, pest removal teams will need to be called in. 

Then there’s the stress that comes with living in a messy environment. For instance, after a busy day at work, you want to come to a clean and relaxing home. Being hit by a whiff of odours the moment you want into the living room and seeing the sofas covered in stains and dirt spots will ruin your mood. Soiled furnishings are also a common feature in couple arguments – either being the trigger or fuel for the disagreement. It usually revolves around one of the two “not doing enough around the house”. Add this to the worries that come about the allergen and pathogens that your family members are being exposed to, as well as the nagging thoughts about pending chores that need your attention. Even hosting guests becomes problematic. After all, no one looks forward to those embarrassing questions about whether or not the stains that are on the sofa will transfer onto their clothes, or queries about where that pungent odour is coming from. It all takes away your peace of mind – which is definitely not what you want happening in your own home. Scheduling regular sofa cleaning sessions will keep your furnishings in good condition, enabling you to enjoy them and improve your quality of life. 

What You Should Know When Caring For Your Sofa

Direct sunlight, especially for long periods, is a direct threat to your sofa, be it leather or fabric. For instance, with the leather sofas the excessive sunlight can cause it to get dried out, resulting in cracking and making the unit age faster. For the fabric sofas, the prolonged textures can lead to fading and the fibres of the material weakening. In this regard, also avoid placing the furniture close to heat sources such as the heater vents and furnaces.

When moving furniture – whether it is relocating or simply rearranging the house, avoid dragging it around. Lift and carry. Note that the lifting should be done from the base, not holding it by the cushions that have been sewn to the sofa’s frame. 

Discourage family members from sitting on the armrests and backrests. They are designed to handle the weight of your arm, not the whole body. Sitting on these sections contributes to weakening the structural integrity of the furniture.

Jumping on the sofas should be prohibited. Whether it’s the kids having their fun, or adults being exasperated by the game or events in their favourite drama show, throwing themselves onto the sofa is a sure way of weakening the frame. This affects its structural integrity, squeaks start developing and the life of the furniture is shortened. In addition, for the recliners, be gentle and smooth when reclining them. 

Lastly, investing in regular sofa cleaning will keep your sets in top shape. Dirt and grime rank up there when it comes to factors that cause wear and tear of the upholstery, while stains are blemishes that ruin the décor. You want to be comfortable on your luxurious sofa, and not watch it deteriorate because of years of neglect. Watching the money and effort you spent getting the ideal sofa sets for your interior space get wasted is also frustrating. Prevent things from going down this route by having the professionals come in and take care of your furniture, that way you get to enjoy it for longer.

Your Sofas And Health Are Intertwined

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