Get Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

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Get Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

Get Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

Which type of carpet do you have in your establishment? Is it a nylon carpet, soft and highly durable- common for the heavily trafficked areas? Perhaps you have a polyester fibre carpet, that comes in a wide range of vibrant colours. The polypropylene carpet, also known as olefin, has a texture that feels like natural wool and can also withstand moisture- but it’s more prone to soiling and it holds onto the oil residue- resulting  in dirt piling up faster in the material. The luxurious wool has been in use for ages, and is very soft. The different materials have their unique carpet cleaning methods. Factors such as the pH sensitivity of the formulations being used come into focus. The type of stains being attended to, plus the level of soiling involved, also factors in. You want systems and processes that can ensure a deep carpet cleaning has been carried out without ruining the beauty or structural integrity of your unit. Our personnel have dealt with the different types of carpets over the years, and have the skills needed to handle the job to quality standards.

Pondering on whether or not you should take the DIY carpet cleaning route? It can end up costing you more than you had bargained for. For starters, you’ll need to rent or purchase the equipment. You also need to get the cleaning solutions needed for the task, Here, factors to consider include the type of the carpet itself, and the kinds of stains and dirt spots that you’re faced with. With all the trial and error, there will be wastage of products, and you will need to source for more. For those particularly stubborn spots, specialised systems will be required, cranking up the costs. All this in addition to the amount of labour that is needed. From removing the furniture, the vacuuming, pre-spraying the carpet, mixing the solutions, manoeuvring the carpet cleaning machinery through the room, all through to the extraction- there is plenty that needs to be done. Add to this the processes of filling, emptying and cleaning the equipment, plus the logistics of returning it back to the department store and taking care of any repairs and maintenance issues that may be required for the equipment, in case there were unfortunate issues that cropped up. What of the quality of the results? A simple issue such as not ensuring that the carpet has been properly rinsed will leave detergent within h the fibres. This is sticky, and will collect dirt from the environment. The carpet thus ends getting resoiled quickly, taking you back to the drawing board. Incorrect carpet cleaning techniques can also cause permanent damage. For instance, making the carpet too wet can ruin the subfloor. Improper agitation as you scrub the material can cause fibre damage. Discolouration, delamination, shrinkage- these are all issues that are commonly reported during the DIY carpet cleaning jobs. You can prevent them from happening by getting a professional to handle the job in the first place.

With our carpet cleaning services, you get quality results in moments. Our personnel have state-of-the-art machinery for the task, that is properly tuned to function optimally. Moreover, they have been trained in the various aspects of the operations, and come with a wealth of experience garnered over the years of service delivery in both residential and commercial setups.

Get rid of odours

With all the grime accumulating in the carpets, it’s no surprise that they soon start smelling. As the crumbs, spills, dust, smoke particles, and greasy grime settle into the fibres, a stale odour is generated, that slowly permeates through the interior space. The decomposing organic matter, issues like mould- all these cause odours to form. In some cases- such as those times when there are urine stains on the carpet, the pungent smell is so strong that you cannot focus on anything else in the room. It needs to be attended to as soon as possible. With professional carpet cleaning, the source of these smells is got rid of. The systems and processes that are used ensure that the gunk is flushed out of the carpet, and odour neutralisers are also incorporated into the process to tackle those foul smells, reacting with them at a molecular level and rendering them inert. Fragranced agents can also be used, which will leave behind a pleasant scent.

Set a healthier environment

With a dirty carpet, the health of your household members it at risk. It contains allergens ranging from everyday dust that has been building up on it, dust mites which produce faecal pellets that trigger reactions in sensitive people, and even substances like pollen grains. These need to be got rid of through a thorough carpet cleaning. When the material’s fibres are disturbed, such as when people walk on it, and even during vacuuming, these particles can be released back into the airspace, which when inhaled result in issues like incessant coughing and sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes and can even trigger asthma attacks. A quality carpet cleaning is needed to get rid of them. Then there are the pathogens. These can be on the decaying food crumbs, deposited together with the facial residue of the insects feeding on the crumbs, there are those tracked in from other establishments such as the germs picked up in the gym locker rooms, plus those coughed into the environment- like during flu season. That 5-second rule where people pick up pieces of food from the carpet quickly believing that they have not been contaminated is actually a myth, and you could end up exposing yourself to a wide range of pathogens. Some, like the Norovirus, can live in the warm fibres of the carpet for 4 to 6 weeks, and still cause an illness once they get into the body system. This particular one causes symptoms that are similar to food poisoning. Routine carpet cleaning is vital to protect your loved ones. While this is the case, you don’t want just any products to be used. Chemicals that will release toxic fumes into the interior space will ruin the air quality. The professional crew use eco-friendly carpet cleaning formulations, that will get rid of the dirt and grime without exposing the persons on the premises to more risk.


Get Your Carpet A Thorough Wash

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