Get More Out Of Your Area Rugs

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Get More Out Of Your Area Rugs

Get More Out Of Your Area Rugs

Homeowners go for area rugs for different reasons. The placement of the rugs depends on the material, its impact on the style and ambience of the premises, as well as the convenience it provides. For instance, kitchen rugs placed near the dishwasher enable you to enjoy that warmth underfoot as you go about your tasks. In the reading room, they add to the comfort of the space as you down your coffee or tea while catching up on your favourite publication or journal. Even out on the balcony, area rugs add a splash of splendour to the spot. Living rooms, dining areas – there are rugs that are suited to the different locations. Materials vary as well. For example, the natural cotton rugs are popular for their soft and cosy nature, and are relatively easy to maintain, which sees them being placed in kitchens, balconies and children’s rooms. Woollen rugs have a rich and luxurious feel, and are typically more expensive compared to other rugs – an aspect that they make up for in their prolonged life. Sisal rugs on the other hand are some of the stronger options and can be placed in high traffic areas. The synthetic nylon rugs can also be used on busy zones of the household, even sections where there is plenty of sunlight bathing the spot. Whichever the case, you want to ensure that your units are well cared for, and part of this involves scheduling routine rug cleaning sessions.

Retaining The Beauty And Longevity Of Your Area Rugs

Definitely, you took your time deciding the ideal area rug that suits your home style. Rugs whose colour and patterns match your taste and preferences, accentuating your interior space. Whether you went for laid back tones that provide a calming effect to the space, or bold colours that catch one’s eye the moment they walk into the room, proper rug cleaning is needed to maintain their appeal. The dirt and grime that builds up in the rug’s material causes it to appear dull and aged – especially when the rug cleaning is procrastinated for too long. Underfoot, the dirt and debris particles that are trapped within the rug get grinded against the material of the unit, causing it to wear down. There are also cases where accidental spills are made on the rugs. The effect of these spills is immediate, creating unsightly spots that clash with the rest of the colours and patterns of the rug. A deep cleaning, where powerful agents are used to break down the grime and stains, then extraction machinery that flushes the gunk out of the fibres, enables your area rugs to remain vibrant for longer.

Even commercial establishments need proper care for their area rugs. In fact, with the amount of emphasis that is put on maintaining a professional image, you want clients accessing your premises to find you in a clean and conducive environment, one that shows that you care about every detail of your operations. That way they will have more confidence in your products and services. Your employees too want to work in an environment where their health is taken care of, as opposed to one where they are exposed to allergens and contaminants that are carried by the area rugs. The higher the levels of traffic handled by the premises, the greater the build-up of pollutants in the different furnishing materials. Unless active steps are taken to minimise them, things can spiral out of control. With commercial rug cleaning services done routinely, you get to portray your business in a positive light, while simultaneously protecting your clients and employees.

Measures To Make Your Rug Last For Longer

In between the professional rug cleaning sessions, there are measures that you can take to help protect your area rugs and prolong their life. These include:

Use a high quality and well-maintained vacuum

The effectiveness of the vacuum at suctioning out the loose debris that is in the area rug will be determined by its power rating. Check its Air Watts (AW), which is the measurement for the vacuum’s suction power.

Deal with spills immediately

The area rugs will readily soak up spills that wind up on them. Whether it is beverages from mugs getting knocked over at the dinner table or that wine glass that spilled while you were deep in conversation in the living room, kids making messes with their milk and yoghurt, or even nail polish dripping on the area rug during that rush to prepare for work – the resultant spot should be dealt with as a matter of urgency. With an absorbent cloth, blot up the excess liquid. Don’t rub the area as this would simply drive the substance deeper in the fibres. Sprinkle a little water to dilute the contents then blot it up again. Then use a stain removing agent to break down the spot and clean it away. This stain remover should be compatible with the particular area rug material, and not just a random detergent picked out from the laundry. This is to avoid cases of using the wrong chemicals to work on the area rugs, as they will damage the material. Do your area rugs have multiple stains? Don’t fret. It’s a part of life, since accidents by their nature cannot be predicted. The professional rug cleaning crew are well skilled with dealing with the wide range of stain problems, and hiring their services will enable you to get rid of the spots that are ruining the elegance of your area rugs.

Schedule regular cleaning services

Just like any other furnishing item or hard surface in the household, regular cleaning is integral for the longevity of the area rugs. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time and energy searching on the different cleaning methods or waiting in line at the local dealerships to rent the equipment needed for the process. Simply hire a local rug cleaning company to handle the task. Look at the reviews left behind by clients who have previously hired the company, and ask about the insurance coverage they have to ensure that you’re protected from liabilities in case of an accident.

Get More Out Of Your Area Rugs

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