Troubles With Soiled Area Rugs

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Troubles With Soiled Area Rugs

Troubles With Soiled Area Rugs

Unlike the wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs are easier to maintain and move around the house. They play an important role as well, trapping soiling and preventing it from being spread around the premises. However, due to this, the very dirt that the rugs protect the floor from will cause it to get ruined over time, if left to accumulate. The old-fashioned way of dealing with the gunk that accumulates in the rugs is taking the rug outside and beating it out – which has a whole set of problems. For instance, that whiff of dust that is released into the air is an immediate health risk, as the person “beating the rug” inhales plenty of the particles. This also affects those in the vicinity, whether it is passers-by as you do this at the door, or the tenants in the floor below yours for those in apartment buildings where you will get complaints about the torrent of dust and debris that gets released down to them. Safer rug cleaning methods are used when you hire professionals for the task, such as hot water extraction that flushes out the gunk that’s in the unit and safely disposes of it.

When did you last get your area rugs cleaned? Many go for months, to their detriment and that of the rugs themselves. The fact is that the condition of the rugs in the building has an effect on the family members and guests coming over, thus bringing about the need for regular rug cleaning. Here are the different ways that the dirty rugs affect your quality of life:

Deteriorating décor

One of the main reasons why homeowners get area rugs is to spruce up the interior space. After all, they come in different colours and patterns, and add to the style of the room they are placed in. From solid colours to artwork on the rugs – there are plenty of options to choose from. Everything goes well at the start, with the rugs playing their role in enhancing the décor. However, as the dirt and grime build up, this appeal is gradually eroded. The soiled area rug appears dull and old, affecting the surrounding furnishings. How will that elegant sofa look contrasted with the dirty area rug at its feet? With spills on the rugs, the resultant patches that are formed show a stark difference with the surrounding space, which is not how you want the state of affairs in your home to be. The deteriorated look affects your peace of mind as well. No one wants to stay surrounded by soiled rugs, or have stains glaring at them whenever they look at the area rugs that they spent so much effort, time and money to buy in the first place. A thorough rug cleaning comes in to get rid of the grime that is the source of the problem. Here, the professionals work with powerful extraction machinery that flushes out the gunk that is buried within the area rugs, and use chemical agents to break down the stains – products that are tough on the dirt spots but safe on the material being worked on.

Respiratory problems

Without a regular rug cleaning, the amount of dust and dirt that accumulates in the fibre of the material will be high. The per hair and dander, dead skin cells, soiling tracked in from the outdoors, and even food crumbs will pack into the rugs. These in turn are sources of food for armies of microorganisms, a particularly problematic one being the infamous dust mite. While the dust mites won’t go biting humans, their faecal residue is a prime contributor to indoor allergens.

As particulate matter in the area rugs builds up, they are easily dislodged into the air space – all it takes is the action of a person walking on the rug or shuffling their feet against the material. The fine and light particles get into the air, and are inhaled by persons in the building. Once inside the body, they can lead to a wide range of problems depending on the sensitivity of the individual involved. From coughing and sneezing, getting a runny nose and wheezing, to a full-blown asthma attack – these are not risks that you want your family members getting exposed to. Do you find yourself constantly getting the sniffles when

you’re inside the house, yet when you leave the premises everything is normal with your body? The area rugs in the building can be a contributor to the respiratory issues, especially if it has been ages since the last rug cleaning was done. Restore the health and hygiene standards of the premises by getting the professionals to give your units a thorough wash.

Germ farms

Due to their functionality, area rugs are bound to get loads of germs. Shoes from the outdoors being rubbed on them, pets tracking in mud and poop from their outdoor activities under their paws which gets transferred onto the rugs – it all factors in. As the pathogen concentrations increase in the rugs, they can easily get transferred onto the rest of the open floor and carpets of the premises, putting the household members at risk. This is especially for the kids who will be playing on the surrounding carpets, where they touch the material then put their hands on their faces and in their mouths.

Premature wear

The abrasive effect of the gritty soiling that has accumulated within the area rugs makes the fibres of the material weak. This affects its functionality, from the insulation to proving that soft and cosy effect when one is barefoot on the rugs. Spills left for long on the rugs also come into focus, with the effect on the material depending on the type of chemical that is involved. Failing to properly maintain the rug causes its structural integrity to deteriorate at an accelerated rate, putting you in a position where you’re forced to arrange to have the rug replaced much sooner than had been anticipated. This is not a fate that you want for your units, since they are core furnishing items in the household, and repairs or replacements are costly. Give your units a longer life by scheduling routine professional rug cleaning services, to preserve their elegance and structural integrity.

Troubles With Soiled Area Rugs

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