Get The Pros To Work On Your Mattress

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Get The Pros To Work On Your Mattress

Get The Pros To Work On Your Mattress

Over those long nights, the mattress is bound to pick up grime. From the dust settling on it, to the dead skin shed by the persons using it, the armies of dust mites that are nourished by the skin flakes, sweat that is released when sleeping and gets absorbed by the mattress, body odours and the like – the mattress is a cocktail of grime. Handling the mattress cleaning on your own can be quite the tedious task. Turning to the professionals will enable you to get quality results, and prolong the lifespan of the mattress.

The process involves different steps including:

High-powered vacuuming

Here, industrial-grade vacuums are used to extract the grime that is in the mattress. The suction power of these units yanks out the loose particulate matter that is embedded in the structure of the mattress. The upholstery attachment used gets to the nooks and crannies of the mattress, with the goal being to get rid of the debris and prepare the mattress for the subsequent cleaning stages.

Stain removal

Over the course of its usage, the mattress gets stained by sweat, blood spots and other body fluids, which leave behind marks on the unit. For those who are fond of bringing their foods and drinks to bed, then chances are there are a couple of spills that wound up on the mattress, which were readily absorbed by the material. As such, stain removal is part and parcel of the mattress cleaning process.

One of the major benefits of professional services over DIY is seen here as well. When dealing with the stains, you want the products used to be effective in breaking down the spots formed without putting the mattress itself at risk. Harsh cleaners that tackle the stains but end up corroding the mattress will ruin your unit, and is a common oversight made during the DIY mattress cleaning process. However, the professionals have the training and skills needed to determine the appropriate solutions to use for working on the mattress, in order to deal with the stains without posing a risk to your unit.

Deep cleaning

Wet or dry-cleaning methods can be employed to work on the mattress, depending on the requirements of the particular unit. Here, the focus is on flushing out the gunk that has accumulated in the material, from the dust and decaying organic residue, to moulds and other kinds of grime that were building up in it. Powerful cleaning gear, coupled with solutions that are suitable for the mattress are used.


Dirty mattresses typically already have foul odours, especially due to the sweat, dead skin, mites and grime that accumulated in them. Additional stains, be they from spills during breakfast in bed, or it’s a case of bed wetting for those with kids, increase the scope of odours that will be emitted by the mattress. Removing the source of the odours is one aspect, and the next is incorporating deodorising agents into the mattress cleaning process. This leaves your unit smelling all fresh and clean, ready for use.

What to look for in a Mattress Cleaning Company

When looking at options for the company that you will hire to carry out the task, you will notice there are plenty of local mattress cleaning companies to choose from. How do you determine which one will be the right fit for your situation? Here are factors that you should consider:

Specialised mattress cleaning

Sure, the cleaning companies will likely be providing services for upholstery, carpets, and even entire house cleaning. However, you want to be sure that they also specifically offer mattress cleaning services, complete with the personnel and equipment needed to handle it. Speaking of which, for the companies that specialise in cleaning different areas, you can take advantage of this to have the other sections of your premises worked on and achieve an all-round clean.

How long the company has been in operation

The cleaning industry is competitive. Here, for one to run a successful business, they have to be good at what they do, delivering on the clients’ needs. The longer that a mattress clang company has been in operation, the greater the likelihood that it provides quality services. This is not to negate on the importance of start-ups that have been recently launched, as they too have their space in the industry. After all, we all started somewhere, right? However, the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an established company cannot be denied either.

The training and experience of the personnel

Firstly, does the mattress cleaning company hire its own personnel for the jobs it handles, or does it subcontract to a different firm? While there’s nothing illegal with the latter, you want to be certain of exactly who will be sent to your premises. What kind of training have the individuals carrying out the cleaning received? What’s the experience dealing with your particular type of mattress and the stain problems involved?

Past client reviews

The experience that previous clients have had when hiring the mattress cleaning company will be a pointer to the quality of services you can expect. Here, go through the reviews and testimonials left behind concerning the company. This can be found in social media platforms, business directories, and even asking around amongst your family and friends, especially when dealing with a local mattress cleaning company. The more positive reviews that a company has, the more reliable its services are. For the negative comments left behind on the social handles, pay particular attention to how the company addressed them. Usually, the mattress cleaning companies follow up on the aggrieved client, making attempts to resolve the issue. Once this has been done, the client is asked to update their feedback, which will be further testament to the emphasis that the company places on client satisfaction.

When it comes to the cost, this varies from one situation to the next. There are companies that charge by the hour, while others look at the type, size and number of the mattress involved. Issues like the level of soiling and cases where there are particularly troublesome stains also come into focus.

Get The Pros To Work On Your Mattress

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