Your Mattress Takes Care Of You | Do You Return the Favour?

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Your Mattress Takes Care Of You | Do You Return the Favour?

Your Mattress Takes Care Of You – Do You Return the Favour?

A good night’s rest has lots of benefits for your day-to-day life. From relaxing the body and mind, easing the emotional sentiments that you go through on a daily basis, to energising you for another day – the importance of a bed with a comfortable mattress cannot be overstated. It’s no surprise that you spent a hefty sum to get the mattress that suits your particular needs. Memory foam mattresses whose padding conforms to your body, innerspring models whose bouncy feel comes from their steel coil support system, hybrid models that contain the memory foam technology and innerspring core, the environmentally friendly latex mattresses, all through to the adjustable air mattresses and futon units that can double up as a sofa cushion – they come in diverse shapes and sizes. Whichever the case, you want to ensure that your mattress is well cared for, for you to continue enjoying the cosy nights, and this includes scheduling it for regular mattress cleaning.

When The Mattress Becomes a Grime Haven

Just how much gunk is in the mattress? For starters, each night spent on it sees lots of sweat and body oils seeping through the sheets and getting to the mattress. The greasy residue that results is, in turn, a dirt magnet, trapping dust particles from the surrounding and increasing the concentration of grime in the mattress. Then there are the mounds of dead skin that an individual sheds while in bed. The skin flakes are also food for dust mites, which are particularly notorious for infesting beds. They deposit faecal residue, which piles onto the decaying organic matter and fuels the bacteria feeding on it – in addition to the hordes of dust mites that live out their entire life cycles in the mattress and die right there.

Are you fond of taking meals in bed? Then you have probably spilled some of it onto the sheets and mattress. From that midnight snack that you bring back with you from the kitchen, breakfast in bed when your significant other has arranged a special treat for you, all through to those random days where you choose to have a meal curled up in the sheets watching a movie – there is the risk of spills. Food crumbs, drinks, be it hot beverages or some relaxing wine, the kids taking their yoghurt or milk in bed, all through to pets hopping onto the cosy mattresses with their treats still dripping from their mouths – it adds to the gunk that is accumulating in the bed. The food crumbs attract insects, while the drink spills seep deeper into the mattress. With liquids remaining in the mattress, there is the added risk of mould and mildew growth – which come with their set of health risks. A deep mattress cleaning that’s done in the appropriate way will go a long way in protecting your unit, and giving your family members comfortable nights.

Urine problems are also a concern, especially for the household with young kids. Urine gets readily soaked up by the mattress, and produces pungent odours that make the bed difficult to use. Airing it out doesn’t solve the problem. An in-depth mattress cleaning where the urine crystals are flushed out of the material is needed. Emphasis is on the thorough nature of the job, given that any urine crystals that are left behind will still emit odours especially when they get moistened. When dealing with the urine in the mattress, you want products and systems that will get the task done without posing a risk to the unit. Unfortunate incidences of harsh chemicals corroding the mattress padding or springs in the structure can set you back greatly due to the costs that go into replacing the unit.

Breathe Easier With Quality Mattress Cleaning

The soiled mattress is a prime contributor to the allergies experienced while in bed. From the faecal residue of the dust mites living inside the foams, dust particles that trigger respiratory issues – these can make any night really long. For instance, the dust mite waste is a leading cause of allergic rhinitis, causes

nasal congestion, runny noses, and even dry skin and pimples depending on the sensitivity of the individual.

Odours too are an issue, especially for the cases where the mattress cleaning has been kept on the back burner for years. You can barely enjoy your night’s rest when there are foul odours hitting your nostrils the moment you get into the bedroom or tuck into your sheets. The odours are attributed to issues like the decaying organic residue that is in the mattress, all through to the body fluids that accumulated in the unit over time.

Better Nights For Wholesome Days

The freshly cleaned mattress will enhance your sleep quality, setting you up for more positive energy the following day. This is as opposed to lengthy nights spent trying to catch a wink of sleep due to the discomfort that comes when the mattress is all soiled. Inadequate sleep can lead to higher levels of tension or anxiety, while long term sleep disturbances can easily lead to psychological problems like depression. On the other hand, a well-maintained mattress ensures that you get a good night’s rest, which translates to more peace of mind.

Turn To Us For Your Mattress Cleaning Needs

Are you looking to have your soiled mattress worked on by the professionals? We’re here for you. Our team of specialised cleaners with years of experience in the industry will get rid of the dirt and stains that are in the mattresses, restoring their vibrance. We invest in their professional development, to keep them up to speed with the latest advances in mattress cleaning technology, that way they can provide optimal services each time. Our high capacity machinery gets to the gunk that is buried within the mattress, flushing it out and also extracting the bulk of the moisture to cut down the drying time. Get in touch with us today to discuss your situation.

Your Mattress Takes Care Of You – Do You Return the Favour?

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