Get Your Rugs The Quality Care They Deserve

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Get Your Rugs The Quality Care They Deserve

Get Your Rugs The Quality Care They Deserve

Rugs are popular for their ability to easily and quickly transform a room. You get to change the look and ambience of the space, and they even come with practical benefits like their cushioning effect underfoot and reducing heat loss from the space. For instance, setting up runner rugs in a room with dark hardwood floors allows you to benefit from the rich character of the flooring while adding some airiness to the room, especially for sections like corridors where there aren’t windows. For rooms with dark furniture and walls, having a light-coloured area rug will brighten up the look and feel. Switching between different colour themes is a breeze when using area rugs, as opposed to the work involved when dealing with wall-to-wall carpeting. Whether you want to divide up the room into different designated sections, create a theme for the season, reposition the rugs or change them with others on a whim – it can be done. To change the ambience of a room, simply switch to a different rug, which is why property owners usually have units with different colours and patterns to go with the seasons and trends. This is also why there is a multitude of designs, colours, material and shapes to choose from, whether you’re after a traditional or neutral look, or want an area rug that makes a bold statement. However, for you to continue getting the most out of the area rugs, proper care is needed, and this involves both the vacuuming and the deep rug cleaning.

Get Rid Of Dirt Build-ups

Over time, soiling accumulates in the rugs, necessitating a thorough wash. The dirt particles come from different sources, from the dust that settles on the fibres of the unit from the air, pollen blown into the building through the open windows and doors, the grime that is under the paws of pets getting transferred onto the rugs, food crumbs especially for the area rugs at the dinner table, stains from the occasional drink spills – it all needs to be got rid of. The rug cleaning products used here need to be effective enough to break down the grime and flush it out of the units without posing a risk to the material itself.

The rugs at the entrance into the building in particular need more attention. Their role is two-fold: be inviting to visitors accessing the premises, and reducing the amount of dirt tracked into the room. As people come into the house, they rub their shoes on the rugs, and the fibres of the material lock in the grime. This is key to prevent the gritty soiling from being tracked onto the rest of the open floor space, whether it is the hard surface wood, tile or laminate floors, or there is carpeting that has been installed. By taking the bulk of the dirt, the rugs will protect the other installations in the house. However, the rugs don’t absorb the grime in perpetuity. As more content is locked in the fibres, it reduces the functionality of the rug in question. Dirt particles also easily get dislodged from the fibres, and end up being transferred into the room – accelerating the very problem the rugs were meant to solve. As such, it is insisted on having the rug cleaning done regularly.

What To Look For In A Rug Cleaning Company

With the numerous cleaning companies that are around, how do you determine the right fit for you? The choice you make will directly determine the quality of the results, and whether you have a smooth time or a frustrating experience. Let’s delve into what you should consider:


Have the personnel carrying out the rug cleaning been trained? Those who are professionally trained will be more than happy to share with you details about it. How long have they been providing the services? Sure, everyone has to start from somewhere – but you can’t deny that you will have more peace of mind when the cleaning is carried out by a company whose crew have been working on area rugs in both residential and commercial establishments for years, as opposed to just a month or two.

What do past testimonials say about the firm?

Going through the reviews and testimonials left behind by past clients will enable you to have a clearer picture of the kinds of services you can expect from the rug cleaning company. These reviews can be found in different places, from socials like their Facebook pages, all through to the review sections of business directory listings. Granted, it’s almost impossible for a company that has been in the industry for long to have 100% positive reviews. There will be a couple of disgruntled clients. The focus is on having more positive feedback than negative. In addition, pay attention to how the complaints were addressed. Usually, when a professional rug cleaning company receives negative reviews, they follow up with the client in order to address the issue raised. The client is then asked to update their review. Seeing this will be a pointer to the level of commitment that the company has in ensuring that the clients are satisfied with the services being provided.

Which rug cleaning methods are used?

Here, look into the specific approaches that are taken when working on the area rugs. This ranges from the wet and dry-cleaning methods, aspects like the eco-friendliness of the formulations that are being used, all through to the assurance of safety for the kids and pets on the premises. Also ask if any special arrangements will need to be made in preparation for dealing with the equipment. For instance, in cases where truck mounted machinery is being used, it is recommended to have the driveway or parking lots close to the building entrance clear for the rug cleaning crew to have easier access into the premises.

Is there a guarantee?

For the companies that are confident in their quality of services, then there will be some form of guarantee. What steps are to be taken should you not be satisfied with the job that will be done? Getting things clarified at the onset will avoid disagreements later on.

Get Your Rugs The Quality Care They Deserve

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