When The Rugs Get Gross

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When The Rugs Get Gross

When The Rugs Get Gross

When was the last time you had your rugs cleaned? Area rugs, from those at the entrance door to those set up at the feet of the popular sofas need proper care and maintenance to keep them in top shape. Here are reasons why you should have the rug cleaning done by the professionals:

Avoid the abrasive effect of soiling

The gritty dirt particles that are in the area rug act like sandpaper, grinding against the fibre. Given that these rugs are at locations like the entrance of the building where people wipe their shoes, the impact will be greater. Sure, that is their purpose. However, allowing the dirt to continue accumulating will reduce the lifespan of the rugs, since the increased abrasion will wear down the fibres faster, making them weak. Without regular rug cleaning, the fibres will have their functionality being compromised, meaning that even more dirt will be tracked into the household.

Clearing the dirt magnet

The oily sticky residue that is on the rug attracts more dirt, holding it within the fibres. For instance, cooking vapours that condense on the area rugs set up in the kitchen, to the greasy residue that winds up on the rug under the dinner table, will lock in more dust that settles on the material. Not only is the dirt a threat to the structural integrity of the rug, but there will also be a gradual change in the colour of the unit, becoming dull over time.

With deep rug cleaning processes, the gunk that has accumulated in the material is flushed out. This is as opposed to the dry-cleaning methods that simply deal with the top layers of the material and push the soiling deeper in the pile. We employ methods such as hot water extraction that get to the gunk that is buried within the rug out, giving it a thorough clean. Different methods are used depending on the material of the rug, with the natural and synthetic fabric units having their required methods of approach. By hiring our professional rug cleaning services, you can rest assured that only the ideal treatment products and systems will be used for the process.

Enhance the air quality

The particulate matter that is accumulating in the area rugs directly affects the air quality in the premises. As the soiling that is trapped in the fibres of the rug breaks down over time, the particles become smaller and finer. These can easily get airborne and inhaled. Allergens contained in the rugs range from the dirt particles, fur and dander especially for those with pets that enjoy napping on the cosy rugs, all through to the faecal residue left behind by dust mites. Initially, the rugs actually aid in improving the air quality, by filtering the dust particles floating about. However, as the weeks and months go by, the content within the material increases, and the hold that the fibres have over the allergens reduces, thus they can easily get dislodged. When the area rug is disturbed – like by a person walking on it, the particles can then be released back into the air. Respiratory issues from the coughing or sneezing that is a nuisance, to cases of asthma attacks being triggered – these are not issues that you want your family members to be exposed to. Having the rug cleaning done on a regular basis enables the allergens to be removed from the unit.

Air quality is also affected by odours. After all, it would be uncomfortable to be in an environment where there are foul smells pervading your nostrils. Dirty area rugs usually also have odours emanating from them. This can be due to organic residue in the rugs that is decaying, musky odours from mould in the material, contamination by chemicals that were being used in the household, spills that are absorbed deep into the material, all through to issues like smoke such as when there is a fire incidence in the

premises or a household member smokes cigarettes, in which case the rug material will readily pick up those smoke particles. The rug becomes a cocktail of gunk that takes away the comfort of the building’s occupants. Then there are cases like urine stains where the smell forms immediately, is pungent, and gets worse over time. It can be a case of young cats or dogs new in the household not grasping their training well, behavioural issues such as your furry friend having separation anxiety and when you leave the premises they pee around the house – including directly on the area rug, all through to health problems such as when the pet has a UTI. As the urine in the rug breaks down, the urea formed exacerbates the stench that fills the room. When the rug cleaning is being carried out here one needs to ensure that urine crystals don’t remain behind. When the crystals get remoistened more of the odour is produced, thus the need for a comprehensive and in-depth clean that gets rid of the contents that are in the area rug.

With our rug cleaning services, odour neutralisers are also included as part of the process. That way, in addition to removing the source of the smell, the odours themselves are made inert at a molecular level. As such, you won’t have to worry about them recurring, and you get to enjoy the freshly cleaned area rugs.

Free up your day

There are lots of other exciting things you could be doing other than spending hours of your day off from work scrubbing stubborn dirt spots and stains that are on your area rugs. Whether it is hanging out with your friends and family, engaging in your favourite hobby or catching up on that book or TV show that you had neglected over the course of the busy week, learning a new skill, taking part in that extra course to boost your credentials, or even getting some R&R in readiness for your return to work – follow up with your plans and leave the rug cleaning to us. We have the crew and equipment needed to deliver a quality job in moments – way faster than it would take going the DIY route, and far less risky. That way the gunk that is riddling your area rugs can be got rid of and the ambience of the interior space enhanced, improving your quality of life.

When The Rugs Get Gross

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