Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos

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Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos

Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


With dirty carpets, there’s more than meets the eye. Sure, the stains are unsightly, and the odours infuriating, but there’s plenty that’s beyond what the human senses can detect. All that organic matter in the carpet, plus its warm conditions, provides a suitable environment for bacteria to thrive. They have different sources. Some are from the food and drink spills, other germs are tracked in from the outside, then there are those that are excreted in the faecal waste of dust mites in the carpet, insects and in some cases even rodents. The thousands of dead skin cells that are being shed by people around the clock are the primary food of the dust mites, meaning there is enough to sustain them and enable them flourish. With each mite producing close to 20 waste droppings a day, there could be 20,000 faecal particles on every cubic foot of carpet- all loaded with bacteria. It can even be a case of your dog stepping on faeces out in the yard or from the dog park, and tracking it into the building. The pathogens eventually wind up in the fibres of the carpet. It’s a hot hotbed of the microbes. The average indoor carpet has about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. In fact, it’s 4000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. That’s gross to think about, but it’s the reality. Those who make the mistake of eating food that has dropped on the carpet are literally gambling with their health. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


With the amount of gunk trapped by the carpet every passing day, the population of the pathogens is constantly on the rise. They pose a health risks to the persons in the premises. Your kids, who enjoy playing on the carpet with their toys, pets who sleep on the warm lush material and roll about, all through to those date nights when you and your significant other decide to skip the couch and relax on the carpet as you enjoy a movie, parties with friends and family, remote controllers and video game consoles dropped onto the carpet and picking up the germs- there’s plenty of risk all around. As such, incorporating antibacterial carpet shampoos into the carpet cleaning processes goes a long way in protecting your family members at home, plus the employees and customers in your business premises. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


Nasty Pathogens Lurking Within Your Carpet – Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


There are numerous germs, and plenty of the strains can land one in hospital. Here are a couple of the ones that one needs to worry about:


  • Escherichia Coli (E. Coli) Deposited on the carpet by your furry friend, splashed out of the toilet in aerosolised particles, or even tracked in from the outside, E. Coli can wind up on those warm fibres from different sources. If your pet has used the carpet as a toilet, then you’ll definitely find the E. Coli there. Some strains are harmless, others lead to cases of diarrhoea and urinary tract infections. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


  • Campylobacter It causes campylobacteriosis, a highly dangerous condition for persons with compromised immune systems, or sensitive groups such as children and the elderly. It’s especially rampant during the winter, with moisture levels in the soiling tracked onto the carpet increasing. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


  • Staphylococcus Aureus (Staph) Staph can be spread onto the carpet through dirty hands and fingernails, mucous in cases of sneezing, and even blood. The infection usually begins with the bacteria getting into the body system through a cut on the skin surface. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus This superbug tends to commonly be brought home from gyms or locker rooms, and finds easy entry into the body system when people walk barefoot on the carpet, play video games, watch TV or wrestle on those cosy fibres. When one has a cut, the risk of infection increases. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


  • Salmonella It can be transferred onto the carpet by pets, tracked in from the outside, or even contaminated food that spills. Salmonella causes fever, abdominal cramping and diarrhoea, and young children playing on the carpet are the most susceptible to infection. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


  • Enterococci Just because it exists in your intestines doesn’t mean that there aren’t strains that can cause serious infection. Enterococci bacteria can lead to issues such as urinary tract infections, bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis and even meningitis. Add to this cases such as flu season when there are numerous people coughing and sneezing about, where the risk of infection increases. The pathogens released into the airspace land on the carpet, and some can retain their potency for weeks. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


Value Of The Antibacterial Carpet Cleaning Shampoos


You don’t want the germs colonising your living and working space, putting the persons on the premises at risk. From the discomfort and medical bills that come with the infections, to the lost man-hours that hamper business productivity, the pathogens lower your quality of life. In case you have children or pets in your establishment, the risks are heightened. As the kids play and crawl around, they have a tendency to put their hands on their faces or in their mouths, providing a fast passage for the microorganisms into their systems. Pets too can get ill like humans, and you don’t want your bills increased with numerous visits to the vet. The antibacterial carpet cleaning shampoos used by the professional crew prevent things from taking this trajectory. It’s sanitisation plus stain and dirt removal done simultaneously. That way, you won’t keep getting on edge each time you see your little ones playing about, or keep worrying about an infection spreading through your residential or commercial establishment like wildfire. The formulations destroy the colonies of pathogens, enhancing the health and hygiene standards of the establishment. They have been taken through stringent lab tests by independent bodies to ascertain their bactericidal properties, hence you can trust them to deliver on their mandate. There is a wide array of reagents, and the crew use the product that is most suited to the specific type of carpet in your establishment. Moreover, the shampooing allows for sufficient dwell time to ensure that the pathogens are destroyed, and the agitation with the brush or wand systems gets it deeper into the carpet for a more thorough clean. The process also gets rid of stenches by controlling the odour-causing bacteria. This eliminates the odours at the source. Your carpet is left clean and with a fresh, invigorating feel. Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos


Getting A Healthier Clean With Antibacterial Carpet Shampoos

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