Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning

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Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning

Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning


With carpet cleaning, the goal is to get rid of the dirt, stains, and odours that are in it. Even disinfecting is incorporated into the process, with bactericidal products being used. What you don’t want happening is the carpet being left wet for too long, rendering the area inaccessible for days. With the carpet being out of commission, issues such as normal traffic flow in the building are interrupted, and the furniture that has been moved can’t be returned, further increasing the storage problems. After all, putting back the furniture while the carpet is still wet will lead to issues like staining from the dyes that have been applied on the wooden furniture legs leaching off, or rust stains from those with metal legs. Keeping on redirecting customers coming to your business premises and limiting your service delivery to specific rooms will affect the flow of operations, which cripples your productivity. You want normalcy to resume in your establishment. Carpet cleaning is a necessity, but you don’t want it turning into a nuisance. That’s why it’s vital to hire professional services that will ensure that it is carried out quickly without compromising on the quality of the results, and that the carpet gets to dry fast. Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning


Fungi That Thrive On Damp Carpets


The inconveniences brought about by a wet carpet on daily living and working conditions are just a tip of the iceberg. Fungi can develop within the material. Mould spores float naturally in the air, and they only need to land on a damp surface that contains dust on which they can feed on, for them to get a foothold and thrive. There are even species of the fungi that feed on the yarn itself, especially for natural fibre carpets. With the right conditions of warm temperatures, food, and moisture, anything from area rugs to wall-to-wall carpeting can provide an ample breeding ground for mould and mildew. The longer the carpet remains wet, the higher the chances of this happening. Just because the fungi is not visible on the surface doesn’t mean that the growth is not yet in progress. In fact, by the time the mould and mildew become visible, the growth is already intense and severe. They form stains of all sorts of colours, from black and brown, to white or even green stains that ruin the appeal of the carpet. There are also health risks. This high population of fungi increases the amount of spores in the indoor airspace. These are allergens, and when inhaled cause hay-fever symptoms like a runny nose, reddened eyes, sneezing and skin rashes. The effect can be immediate or delayed. Asthma attacks can also result. Those with compromised immune systems or pre-existing lung conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder are more susceptible to the effects. There are species of the fungi that release mycotoxins, which come with more dire effects once they get into the body. They affect organs such as the liver, and entire systems like the central nervous system. Symptoms of mycotoxigenic exposure range from immune and blood disorders, pulmonary fibrosis (scarring in the lungs), digestive and heart conditions, all through to cancer and neurotoxicity. Quick drying is vital to protect your family members at home, plus the clients and employees in your business premises from such effects. Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning


There are numerous types of fungi that can develop. These include Acremonium mould which is often pink, grey, orange or white, and leads to diseases in the bone marrow and immune system (it’s also a carcinogen and can impair brain function); Alternaria that’s velvet-textured with dark green or brown hairs and causes asthma-like symptoms; Aspergillus that’s is a common mould with over 185 species, which can result in symptoms such as lung infections, asthma attacks and respiratory inflammation. In fact, there are Aspergillus species that produce aflatoxins, which are deadly carcinogens; Aureobasidium that forms a dark brown as it ages causes infections of the skin, eyes and nails as does Chaetomium mould, which also produces mycotoxins; Cladosporium that is an allergen, causing reactions to the nose, eyes, sink and throat. The common Penicillin that’s easily distinguishable with its velvety texture and blue or green coloured surface, causes pulmonary inflammation and asthma, with prolonged exposure leading to chronic sinusitis, and it can quickly spread from one area of the building to the next. Trichoderma, Ulocladium to Stachybotrysm, the list is long, each fungi coming with its cocktail of health problems. Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning


There is also the issue of musky odours developing. They pervade the senses, ruining the ambience and making the interior space uncomfortable. These are not the conditions you want to live or work in. It’s a constant distraction that prevents you from focussing on other tasks you may be involved in. and not to mention paints a negative image to persons visiting your home, or customers who have come to your business premises seeking your products or services. Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning

The carpet itself is at risk. This is especially due to the fungi that break down the fibres for nourishment. In this case, it is literally feeding on your carpet, reducing its structural integrity, and consequently its life. You may be okay with mushrooms growing outside in the grass, but you don’t want them sprouting in your carpet. You end up facing high repair and replacement costs. Mistakes such as overwetting during DIY carpet cleaning increase the risk of damage to the carpet. Issues such as colour bleeding all through to shrinkage of the material can result. Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning


Quick Drying After Professional Carpet Cleaning


When you hire the carpet cleaning experts, you won’t have to worry about issues like prolonged drying times. After thorough cleaning and rinsing, vacuuming systems delivering high-powered suction extract the contents from the carpet. This includes the bulk of the moisture, and the carpet is left only slightly damp to the touch. The little moisture that remains dries fast and naturally, in 1 – 3 hours. This allows you to resume using the carpet in moments, and additionally prevents fungi from getting a foothold, thus protecting your carpet and the persons in the establishment from the spores and mycotoxins that would have otherwise been produced. Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning


Value Of Quick Drying After Wet Carpet Cleaning

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