Giving Your Sofa Proper Care

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Giving Your Sofa Proper Care

Giving Your Sofa Proper Care

The sofa is where one spends most of their free time. It can be while watching some TV, curled up with a good book, or snuggled up with your significant other. You host guests on the sofa sets, your kids hop up and down on its cushions, and your pet probably spends every afternoon napping on that cosy set. Being the largest and most comfortable furniture piece n the living room, it handles loads of traffic. However, you wouldn’t want to use it when it is covered with stains or sticky residue. It can be embarrassing when you have guests over and you have to repeatedly assure them that that mystery spots on the cushions will not get transferred onto their clothes. Issues like pet fur and dander sticking to your suit in the morning as you sit on the sofa in the midst of the preparations to head out for work can be frustrating. Odours coming from the upholstery will prevent you from enjoying that nap. Simple aspects like kicking back after a long day on your favourite sofa will be affected by the dirt and grime that are accumulating on it. No need to get all worked up about it though. Our professional sofa cleaning services are just a dial away.  

Signs That Your Sofa Needs Professional Cleaning

The different sofas come with their cleaning requirements. The material absorbs dirt at different rates, and the various establishments, from homes to commercial establishments have varying levels of traffic handled by the furniture. As such, there isn’t a universal schedule with which the sofa should be scheduled for a cleaning. It all depends on the particular situation. However, there are signs that will tell you if your unit is due for a cleaning. These include:

  • Increased allergic reactions

Do you find yourself getting into a bout of coughs whenever you sit back to relax on your favourite sofa? Are your family members and guests affected by incessant sneezing each time they use the seat? Do your eyes feel itchy? Are these systems exacerbated whenever you’re around the furniture? Then it is a sign of the loads of allergens that are accumulating in the unit. The particles get raised into the immediate airspace whenever the cushions are disturbed- which happens each time a person uses the sofa. You don’t want your loved ones suffering from these effects. The allergic reactions, asthma attacks getting triggered, conditions like bronchitis worsening- these lower one’s quality of life. Scheduling sofa cleaning session will get rid of the source of the problem. 

  • Stubborn stians

Staining is a common problem. Food and drink spills, the occasional drops of nail polish that accidentally wind up on the couch as you do your nails, pet stains for those with cats and dogs in the household- these can be frustrating. For stains that weren’t got to in time- and allowed to soak into the upholstery- they become more difficult to remove over time.  Don’t fret. The fate of your sofa is not sealed. The professionals will use specialised stain removal agents that will get rid of the spot while being safe for the material itself.  

  • Fur on the cushions

For those with pets, the sofa can quickly morph into a furry monstrosity.  When there are bits of fur strewn all over the sofa, it becomes both unsightly, and a nuisance for your clothes- with the fur transferring onto the suits and other clothware of persons using the seat. Vacuuming isn’t always effective in removing the fur- which is why even after making routine passes with the vacuum, there will be bits that remain on the unit. Over time, the concentration increases, calling for an in-depth cleaning. 

  • Odours

These make it difficult to simply sit back and relax on the sofa. The sense of smell is powerful, and when your nostrils are being pervaded by odours from the cushions, focusing on other tasks- even normal conversation, becomes hard. How will you make merry with your kids, or engage your guests, when there are stenches coming from the furniture? The last thing you want to see is your guests cringing their noses in discomfort. Odours are caused by the decaying organic matter that is in the sofa, issues like pet urine where the characteristic ammonia will hit anyone walking into the room even before they get to the sofa itself. Odour removal processes are incorporated into the sofa cleaning. Firstly, the source of the odour is removed. This is followed through by using powerful odour neutralisers, that react with the molecules of the stench itself, making them inert. As such, you won’t have to worry about the smell recurring. What’s more, you can choose to have fragranced products being used, which go the extra step of leaving behind a pleasant scent. 

Additional protection

In order to withstand the barrage of abuse that the sofa receives on a daily basis, extra steps can be taken to protect your unit. For instance, treating the upholstery with specialised products will go a long way. These are the likes of strain-proofing treatment for the fabric sofas, that increase the ability of the material to ward of those spills that wind up on it, preventing them from getting soaked into the furniture and forming set -in stains. With leather units, measures like conditioning the upholstery will enable it to retain that soft and supple feel, and prevent it from cracking. Note that when you’re applying the protective treatments, they should be selected based on the particular type of sofa- not a one-size-fits-all product that may end up doing more harm than good, or simply waste your resources for not being effective for your set. The professional sofa cleaners can ensure that the appropriate treatments are used for your furniture, giving you full value of the amount that’s spent on them. 

Get in touch with us to work on your sofa

Our experts are ready to handle your sofa cleaning needs. Simply give us a call, and our customer service team will walk you through the process. With our affordable pricing, you get to have a quality job done without straining your budget.


Giving Your Sofa Proper Care

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