Going Green With Sofa Cleaning

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Going Green With Sofa Cleaning

Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


Being the most popular furniture set in the house, the sofa is bound to pick up dirt. From people lounging back on those lazy afternoons, those curling up on it with a book in one hand and a quick snack in the other, all through to those date nights where you spend some quality time with your significant other, sipping some fine wine, the sofa is the go-to seat for those in the household. It’s where you host your guests, hang out with your kids as you play some brain teasers, and it’s common for food crumbs and stains to end up on the cushions. As a person relaxes on the cosy sofa, the skin rubs against its material. Sweat, body oils and lotions that had been applied wind up on it. Add to this the mounds of skin flakes that are shed, building onto the pile of organic matter. Do you have a pet? Then there’s the dander to factor in. Cats and dogs leave fur and skin cells on the sofa, and the gunk keeps accumulating. There also those unfortunate incidences when your furry friend decides to have a go on a portion of the sofa, creating a urine stain that reeks and is also unsightly. Ink blots, the remote that is handled by everyone in the house and picks up loads of bacteria, which get transferred to the sofa when it gets lost in the cushions, all through to insect waste from the little creatures coming to feed on the food particles- the sofa is a haven for grime. There are also allergens like dust and pollen that get blown into the interior space by wind, and pollutants such as cigarette smoke particles that get absorbed by the sofa’s material if there is a smoker in the room. When you think about it, it becomes difficult to enjoy laying your head on the cushions and pillows for some rest. Hence, proper sofa cleaning is vital to enable you enjoy your furniture sets. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


Commercial establishments are not off the hook. From the sofa out in the reception area and waiting rooms where clients get to rest, to those in the employee lounge where your staff take their coffee and tea breaks, plenty of soiling ends up on the sofa sets. People from all walks of life, coming from the outdoors into the interior space of your business, carry particles onto the sofa. Dirt picked up from the bus, handbags that were in public restrooms, all through to substances like pesticides that were being sprayed in sections that they walked by and ended up clinging onto their clothes. These inadvertently get deposited onto the sofa. Add to this those snacks that they munch away as they wait to be served, plus the sprays and other chemicals used on their clothes. Thorough cleaning is needed to keep the sofa sets looking their best. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


The Environmental Factor


When it comes to cleaning furniture, conventional methods relied on using a cocktail of potent chemical based solutions to tackle the stains and stubborn dirt that is in the sofa. However, the chemicals used are noxious, releasing fumes into the interior space of the establishment, putting the persons on the premises at risk. Residue left behind on the furniture further increases the risk, as they can easily be absorbed through the skin or inhaled, and lead to adverse reactions on the affected person. You don’t want your family members at home being exposed to such, or the clients and employees in your commercial establishment being affected by the cleaning agents used. Moreover, without proper treatment, when the water used with the chemicals gets poured down the drain, they end up polluting the ground water. This puts the biodiversity around the premises at risk. You want to get rid of the stains and grime from the sofa, not end up damaging the environment. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


Value Of Eco Sofa Cleaning


  1. Restore your furniture’s beauty

Your main goal is remove the stains, dirt and pathogens riddling your sofa. The professional sofa cleaning crew uses high efficacy products and systems that make this a reality. They get to the deeply ingrained soiling and break down those stubborn stains, extracting them from the fabric of the sofa, bringing back its charm and appeal. For cases like leather sofas, additional conditioning is also carried out, in order to strengthen the material and enable it to last longer. The solutions used for the cleaning are determined by the particular kind of sofa, from the natural fabrics to the synthetic ones. Hiring professional services enables you to rest assured that the grime will be eliminated without causing issues such as colour bleeding. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

The core aspect of using eco friendly products is to protect the environment. Future generations are counting on us to pass down a planet that can sustain them and allow them to thrive. The products used have been certified to be eco-friendly, undergoing tests on environmental sustainability and biodegradability. They also pass the stringent EU regulations concerning the same, enabling you to achieve that high quality clean while playing your role in preserving Mother Nature. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


  1. Safe to use

Preserving the indoor air quality is an integral component of the cleaning process. You also want to ensure that persons who will use the sofa don’t end up having skin reactions to it. The eco sofa cleaning solutions are formulated with the safety of the furniture users in mind, and the rest of the persons in the premises. You get to breathe easier knowing that your indoor environment doesn’t have toxins and carcinogens floating about. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


  1. Odour removal

Not only does the eco sofa cleaning enable it to look better, but it smells better too. For starters, the gunk that is causing stenches to permeate from the sofa is removed, and the odour molecules neutralised. This is far more efficient compared to simply using masking products that cover the stench, only for them to dissipate and things return back to their previous condition. In addition, unlike conventional cleaning chemicals that also leave behind a lingering stinging smell, the eco friendly sofa cleaning solutions all about the natural fragrance. This accentuates the sofa, enabling you to feel and smell the difference in your newly cleaned set. Going Green With Sofa Cleaning


Going Green With Sofa Cleaning

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