Guide To Carpet Cleaning Costs

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Guide To Carpet Cleaning Costs

Guide To Carpet Cleaning Costs

While regularly vacuuming carpets is key to extend the life of the units and protect the fibres, a routine deep carpet cleaning is needed. This is to get to the soiling that is ingrained in the material, and flush it out of the unit, and restore the elegance to your home. Here, it is recommended that you hire professional services for the task, given that it is a taxing chore, and lots of time and effort is needed to ensure that it gets it done right. There are different benefits that come with the professional carpet cleaning services, including:

  • Protecting your carpet

The grime within the carpet accelerates its wear and tear, dilapidating the unit and forcing you to make repairs and premature replacements. The chances of damage are also high during the DIY carpet cleaning, especially when the wrong cleaning products as used – such as chemicals that are too harsh for the carpet, or blunders during the process like overwetting the carpet. These are avoided when the professionals handle the task. 

  • Restoring the elegance to your carpet

Those stains and dirt build-ups take away the beauty of your unit, but an in-depth carpet cleaning will restore its charm and elegance. Powerful cleaning agents that dissolve the stains without affecting the material, to carpet cleaning systems like hot water extraction that flush out the content buried deep within the fibres as opposed to simply pushing them down the pile – this all contributes to enhancing the ambience of the space. 

  • Odour removal

Those foul smells that are emanating from your carpet are summarily dealt with. This involves removing the source of the smell, and using odour neutralisers – that way you see, feel and smell the difference in the freshly cleaned carpet. 

Relying on the professional carpet cleaning crew means that you won’t have to get to the scrubbing yourself, or deal with the heavy machinery involved with the process. Avoid the hassle and free yourself, and still wind up with quality results. You can spend this time on other tasks that you actually enjoy. 

As you can see, outsourcing the task to a qualified expert is key – but how much will it cost you? Here is a look at factors that affect the different carpet cleaning prices:



Some of the cleaners set the pricing based on the square footage of the home. With the large homes, there may be fixed material and set up costs, leading them having a lower price-tag per unit surface area, while with the smaller homes the costs may be higher, in order to make up for the material and travel costs that are included by the company. 

There are also carpet cleaning companies that come with a fixed price per room, where the fee remains the same regardless of the size. In some instances, there will be a size cap. Here, when a large room exceeds a set range – say per square feet, then it is treated as two rooms. This will vary from one provider to the next. 



There are different modes that are adopted by the carpet cleaning company, and this will be bound to have a bearing on the price, since they require different resources. For instance, dry carpet cleaning methods will be priced differently to procedures like hot water extraction.

They dry cleaning uses specialised chemicals that are sprinkled onto the carpet and brushed into the fibres, given a few minutes, then the contents are vacuumed out of the carpet. You can proceed to use the carpet immediately. However, this method does not provide the desired deep clean. On the other hand, with the hot water extraction, the gunk will be flushed out of the carpet, with the high temperature and pressure of the water dislodging the grime from the fibres, and killing microbes in the process. Extraction then follows to remove the mixture of cleaning chemicals and dirt. Professional carpet cleaning companies follow through with drying processes, in order to cut down the drying time from days to as little as three hours after the process. 



Some are easier to clean, others are more delicate. For instance, Berber carpets are generally less expensive to clean compared to cotton or wool. The fibre structure, especially with the twisting – be it loose, medium or tight, also affects the most of dirt that is trapped in the carpet, hence the workload that will be needed to get rid of it. The tighter the twists, the more the dirt that is locked in, hence the higher prices for the process. 



This will focus on particulars of the specific area being attended to. For instance, when working on carpeted stairs, there may be additional costs for each stair. There are cases where there are troublesome stains that need to be dealt with, such as pet stain removal, which is certainly a different scenario compared to the routine cleaning where only the dirt build-up is being removed. 

Odour neutralisation also comes into play, especially when there are foul stenches emanating from the carpet, or you want fragranced products to be used. Treatment measures can also be undertaken, such as applying stain protectors to the carpet. For such instances, it is recommended that you have a discussion with the carpet cleaning company that you’re engaging, to ensure that you don’t end up being surprised by additional costs. In fact, you should get a detailed quotation beforehand, with the specific services that you will receive being written down. 

Schedule Routine Carpet Cleaning Services

Wondering how often your carpet should be cleaned? Well, this depends on the amount of traffic that it handles. However, it is usually recommended that you have it worked on at least once or twice a year. Certainly, if you have kids in the household, or pets running around, the frequency will need to be higher, in order to protect your unit and reduce the rate of dirt and allergen build up.

Guide To Carpet Cleaning Costs

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