Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

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Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Wall to wall carpeting has its charm whether it is in a domestic or office setting. However, there is no denying the fact that carpet cleaning and maintenance in general with these setups can be a little more challenging compared to regular rugs. 

In the sections below, we shall take you through the most important steps to taking care of a full coverage carpet. This will make carpet cleaning a lot easier and cheaper if you work with a professional cleaning crew. 

Without further ado, here are all the tips and tricks you need to take care of your wall to wall carpet. 

How to take care of your wall to wall carpet

Carpet cleaning for a wall to wall unit will only be as convenient as you make it. Let us take a look at some of the most important and simple things that you can do that will make all the difference in the long run before you get a professional carpet cleaning crew involved. 


  • Vacuum on a daily basis


The only acceptable form of DIY carpet cleaning is vacuuming. With wall to wall carpeting, this is even more important as there is more surface area for particulate matter to settle on. To be on the safe side, stick to a once every day or two carpet vacuuming schedule. 


  • Look out for signs of water damage


Full coverage carpets tend to hide a lot underneath as they are rarely taken out or moved. The worst-case scenario is continuing water damage and fungal overgrowth that may be missed until your next deep carpet cleaning. So look out for signs like odd smells, localized stains, and wet spots on the floor. 


  • Get an air filter


In addition to vacuuming, you could also control the amount of dust, pollen, pet fur, and other particulate matter on the full carpet using air filters. These are ideal for maintaining cleanliness after professional carpet cleaning. However, it is important to ensure that you replace the filters on a regular basis. 


  • Don’t ignore hidden spots


The thing with wall to wall carpets is that they tend to have several hidden spots. These are often ignored during regular carpet cleaning whether it is vacuuming or light dusting. Ignoring them only leads do different levels of dirt accumulation and staining. So vacuum under the couch and do not ignore those conveniently hidden stains. 


  • Get furniture coasters for heavy pieces


This is not so much about carpet cleaning as it is about general maintenance of a wall to wall carpet. Again, due to their wide reach they tend to bear a lot of weight from a lot of furniture. Materials like polyester and nylon that are also often used in these carpets tend to form dents with prolonged exposure to force. Therefore, investing in furniture coasters is a fantastic idea. 


  • Clean up any spills or pet accidents ASAP


The number one rule of carpet cleaning and maintenance is clearing up any spills as soon as they happen or at the very least as soon as they are noticed. It could be anything from food and drink spills to potty accidents by your pet. By soaking up the liquids and picking up any solids, you will save yourself a lot more on carpet cleaning costs later on. 


  • Invest in regular professional carpet cleaning


Finally, the best way to keep your full coverage carpet looking fresh for a long time is investing in professional carpet cleaning services. You can schedule a deep cleaning once to three times every year depending on the level of traffic over it. Just make sure to find a good carpet cleaning crew for the job. 

Getting the right expert carpet cleaning crew

We have gone through all the important tips for carpet cleaning with wall to wall setups. Carpet cleaning professionals are invaluable in this case whether it is an emergency stain or water damage or even regular maintenance. 

Here are all the factors you should consider in order to make the right decision when choosing a crew to work with. 



Experience is everything with professional carpet cleaning especially when it comes to special jobs like handling wall carpeting. You want to make sure that you are working with a crew that knows what they are doing no matter the type of cleaning that you need to get done. 



A lot of carpet cleaning businesses operate within a specific location. With full coverage carpets in particular, most clean the units on site. With these factors to consider, it goes without saying that proximity is a big factor to consider so try your best to find a good cleaning business as close to you as possible. 



There are many different carpet cleaning services based on your particular needs and of course the type of carpet that you are dealing with in terms of material and the appropriate cleaning methods. It is therefore crucial to find a carpet cleaning business with all the services that you require for your unit. 



Carpet cleaning is not cheap but it is definitely worth the investment considering it can be done once or twice a year. It also definitely beats the inevitable costs of DIY carpet cleaning especially with wall to wall units. However, there is nothing wrong with getting a good bargain on your services. 

The best way to secure this is by taking your time to do some market research so you know what different crews are charging and who is offering the best value within your budget. 

Bottom line

The most important maintenance tip for wall to wall setups is investing in regular professional carpet cleaning. These crews are trained and adequately equipped to deal with all the logistics of cleaning these large carpets. That way, you not only get it properly cleaned but also adequately dried and reinstalled in case it had to be removed for cleaning. 

Therefore, take some time to do your research and find the best carpet cleaning business near you to get the job done right. 

Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning Tips And Tricks

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