Guide To Hiring A Rug Cleaning Company

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Guide To Hiring A Rug Cleaning Company

Guide To Hiring A Rug Cleaning Company

So it’s time to have your rug cleaned, and you are in the process of choosing which company to hire? We’ve got you covered. Here are what you should look into:

Factors To Consider When Hiring Rug Cleaning Services


What do previous clients have to say about the brand? It’s always better to learn from another’s experience rather than your own. Here, look into feedback left behind by individuals and businesses that have hired the rug cleaning company – even asking amongst your friends and family for their recommendations. Go through online platforms like social sites and business directories, checking the review section to see the ratings and comments left behind. Sure, no company engaged in genuine business for a while has 100% positive ratings. However, the more the positive reviews, the better. For the complainants that have been made on the comment sections of these platforms, how did the company respond? Professional rug cleaning companies usually follow up on the aggrieved client to rectify the issue, and afterwards the client updates their comment – which will be further testament of the level of professionalism with which the company carries out its activities.

How long has it been in business? Yes, start-ups too have their significance in the rug cleaning industry. However, you can’t deny the peace of mind that comes with engaging a firm that has been providing the rug cleaning services for years. To survive for long in this competitive industry, it needs to have hired a skilled crew, and invested the machinery and resources needed to deliver quality results fast.

Experience level

What kind of training does the cleaning crew have? Does the rug cleaning company use its own in-house crew or does it outsource the services to a third-party? While there’s nothing wrong with the latter, you want to be certain of who is being sent to your premises, and what their credentials are. When engaging the representative of the rug cleaning company, ask about the assurances and warranty they have on their services. What happens when you’re not satisfied with the results, and what channels are followed to have the issue rectified?

Licensing and insurance

At the bare minimum, you want to be sure that you’re dealing with licensed business, not just a random firm with a Facebook page and no presence on the ground. The insurance also comes into focus since even the most established companies can have accidents, and you should be protected from liabilities in case of any unfortunate incident occurring while the rug cleaning is being carried out.


Definitely, how much the rug cleaning services will cost you is a key factor that you’ll want to consider. Here, the goal is not to go too high, or too low. Working with very pricey companies does not automatically mean that they offer the best services, and it may just as easily be a case of overcharging to prop up their numbers. On the other hand, working with a rug cleaning company offering below average rates is a red flag, since this usually points to something being amiss with how the operations are conducted. The company may be skipping out on getting insurance coverage, or it has hired low-skilled personnel who will put your investment at risk. How will you determine the right price? Costs vary based on aspects like the type and number of rugs that are to be cleaned, as well as the time at which you want to schedule the rug cleaning session. Some companies will charge by the hour, while others will  focus on the size and number of units. Get quotations from different local rug cleaning companies to see the range that your particular situation falls under. Combine this with the other three factors mentioned to be able to settle on the right firm for your needs.

Preserving Your Area Rugs

Between the routine rug cleaning sessions, here are some simple steps that will enable you to keep your units in shape:

Vacuum often

With the amount of dust and debris that the rugs pick up during their day-to-day use, vacuuming will be needed to keep the concentrations low. When vacuuming, it is recommended that you work with high efficiency units such as the HEPA systems that cut down on the amount of particles that would have got recirculated back into the airspace. Note that fine area rugs tend to be more delicate, so the vacuuming here will be reduced, mainly being done when there are specks of dirt that are visible on them.

Have a “Shoes Off!” policy when indoors

While the rug at the entrance is needed to wipe the grime off the shoes of people walking into the house, the area rugs in the living rooms, dining area and bedrooms don’t need to be put under the load of grime that is carried by shoes. To reduce the amount of gunk that is tracked into the indoor space, adopting this “Shoes Off!” policy will be key.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Strong cleaning agents that work wonders when dealing with stains on the countertops, floors and other hard surfaces around the building do not automatically become suitable for removing the same kind of stains on the area rugs. This can wreak havoc on your unit, causing issues like the stains getting set deeper into the material, or the fibres getting corroded, which reduces the lifespan of the area rugs. Strong chemicals can also easily lead to the dyes of the unit getting bleached out. The rug cleaning agents used should be suited to the particular material being worked on.

– Book regular rug cleaning sessions

When you have professionals working on your area rugs, you get to ensure that the job is done right, and it keeps your rugs in good condition. This is not a once-off activity though, as the dirt build-up happens on a daily basis. As such, the rug cleaning will need to be carried out routinely, with higher frequency for establishments that handle high levels of traffic.

Guide To Hiring A Rug Cleaning Company

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