Health Value Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

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Health Value Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

Health Value Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

It’s common knowledge that a clean environment is good for your health. While this may not be fully in your control in public spaces, when it comes to interior environments, be it your home or workspace, you have the capacity to establish high health standards. The carpet- which is one of the largest items in a room, needs special attention. Even those that appear clean can still be harbouring a wide range of agents that could be putting the health of your family members at home, and that of the customers and employees in your business premises at risk. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning sessions is a necessity.

The Grime Buried Within

The carpet harbours lots of gunk. It traps particles ranging from pet fur and dander, skin flakes which in turn nourish dust mites, food crumbs and the body waste of the insects feeding on them, soiling tracked into the building from the outdoors, all through to pollen grains sifted out from the air space by the carpet’s fibres. Daily activities, be it vacuuming or simply walking, dislodges these particles from the carpet, releasing them back into the air space. These can then be inhaled, resulting in a wide range of respiratory issues. The carpet cleaning processes will remove these agents from the lush pile. From coughing and sneezing, to difficulty breathing and asthmatic attacks- they can be triggered by the particles from the carpet. For the children and pets, who spend a lot of their time on the carpet as they play around, running their hands over the plush fibres and touching their mouths- they are at a higher risk of getting affected. The carpet cleaning is key to protect their health.

Those allergic reactions, be it red eyes, a runny nose or itchy skin, can be attributed to the dirt building up in the carpet. You may be assuming that you have the sniffles, yet it’s simply because of the particulate matter in the carpet whose concentration is increasing. For the particularly sensitive persons, issues like eczema can get exacerbated. The higher the concentration of the irritants, the more likely it will be that the allergy symptoms will flare up moments after the routine vacuuming. This is why an in-depth carpet cleaning is needed, to ensure the gunk has been got rid of, including those particles buried deep within the material.

The dangers to the skin don’t end there. Rashes, athlete’s foot- they can all be worsened by an unclean carpet. The dust mites residing in the fibres release faecal pellets, which contain protein elements that cause itchy skin. Pets can have brought in pests like fleas from the outdoors, and the little buggers will find conducive living conditions in the carpet, coming out occasionally to feed on the humans and pets, before hopping back into the safety of the lush fibres. The hot water extraction processes involved in the carpet cleaning flushes out the gunk and organisms from their hiding spots. What’s more, the high temperatures themselves are enough to kill the organisms crawling around in your carpet.


  • Threat to your immune system


Your body works constantly to keep you healthy. It fights off germs and eliminates toxins around the clock, just as it is supposed to. However, when you’re living or working in an unclean environment, it sends your immune system into overdrive. The workload increases, and it isn’t always able to fend off all the particles. For the babies and young kids who are in contact with the carpet for longer, the chances of them falling ill are higher. As such, for such situations the carpet cleaning will need to be carried out more frequently.


  • Mould


Fungal growth occurs when there is dampness in the carpet. It can be as a result of spills that went unattended for too long, or mistakes like overwetting which are witnessed during DIY carpet cleaning jobs. These release spores, which increases the concentrations of allergens in the airspace. What’s more, some of the mould species produce mycotoxins, which affect anything from the liver to the central nervous system.


  • Mental health


Your living and working conditions have a direct impact on your mental health. The carpet cleaning, as such, is key in enhancing your quality of life. Walking into your home to be greeted by a carpet riddled with stains, and odours emanating from it, can be stressful. This is even more so when you have the constant nagging thought of chores that are pending, yet you already have your hands full with your busy schedule. What of when you’re inviting guests over? No one looks forward to those judgmental looks when people start questioning your state of life based on the condition that they have found your carpet in. Whether it’s your neighbours, friends or your hawk-eyed in-laws, you don’t want them forming a negative opinion of you, as they’ll be wondering for how long the carpet cleaning has been neglected, and what it means for the rest of the house. There are those who put off hosting guests altogether, due to dreading those awkward questions that crop up. It would also be frustrating knowing that your family members are being exposed to allergens and contaminants, which would keep you on edge. A thorough carpet cleaning will enable you to restore your peace of mind.

When it comes to business premises, your employee’s productivity is tied to their ability to focus on their tasks. This will be difficult when there are odours assaulting their senses, dust and allergens causing reactions, and stains distracting them as they serve your customers. Speaking of whom, your customers will form an image of your company based on the conditions of the workplace. You don’t want to lose them to your competitors due to a dirty environment. Incorporating the carpet cleaning into your building’s maintenance program will enable you to give them confidence in your products and services, while at the same time boosting your employees’ morale.

Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We do them all. We have a team of highly trained personnel, who keep abreast with the technological advancements in the carpet cleaning industry. This, coupled with their years of experience, enables them to apply the most appropriate measures when attending to your carpet. It will be given a thorough wash using state-of-the-art equipment, and the required safety measures will be put in place to protect your unit and the persons on the premises. The carpet cleaning is done in a timely manner, in order to reduce the disruption to your operations.

Health Value Of Quality Carpet Cleaning

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