Got A Carpet Cleaning Job? We're Here For You

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Got A Carpet Cleaning Job? We're Here For You

Got A Carpet Cleaning Job? We’re Here For You

Carpets come in different styles and designs. Take the type of fibres for instance. There’s nylon, which is popular for its durability and stain resistance, and is a common option for the homes with kids and pets; polyester that is luxurious and it has a vast assortment of colours and patterns to choose from; the moisture-resistant olefin; all through to the famous wool carpets, known for their natural beauty and soft feeling underfoot- but are more sensitive to the carpet cleaning agents used. The construction itself varies, from how tightly the carpet yarn has been twisted, which determines its ability to withstand crushing and mattering- such as Frieze carpets which have one of the highest twist levels. Densities are also different, which focuses on how much the fibres of the material have been packed together. All these factor into the carpet cleaning measures that are required. Looking at the textures, you can have cut-pile carpets such as Saxony, shag, velvet and cable carpets. These are usually associated with comfort areas such as family rooms and bedrooms. The loop carpets, on the other hand, can handle heavy traffic, and one of the most common styles is the Berber carpet. Cut-loop carpets combine lower loops and high cut tufts, bringing forth different patterns. While they have enhanced performance, compared to the cut pile, they are less durable than the loop. It’s sort of a middle ground. Even how the carpets have been dyed is different. There are solution dyed carpets which are more resistant to fading. Here, the material is dyed before the fibre-weaving. With continuous-dyed carpets, the process is done after the tufting on woven carpets in order to set a solid colour. When it comes to taking care of your carpet, you want the process to be done by someone who is well-versed with the different types of units, to carry out the carpet cleaning safely and effectively. You get this when you turn to our professional crew.

Skip the strain

So you watch a couple of YouTube videos and pick out tips on a carpet cleaning machine that you can rent from the store, and figure- why not? No harm in doing the job on my own, is there? Got the tools and the time for it- I can probably do what the carpet cleaning professionals could, and save some money while at it, right? Wrong. As much as DIY jobs are getting more and more pore with each passing day, when it comes to carpets, there is a reason why their manufacturers advise against it. In fact, most of the DIY carpet cleaning jobs usually stall midway, with the individual involved picking up the phone to call the experts to come in and complete the task, and rectify damages already made. The fact is that it’s a labour intensive process, and the quality of the carpet cleaning machinery used, plus the skill level of the user, are important factors in determining the success, or lack thereof, of the operations. First off, the rented carpet cleaning equipment does not have the same power and capacity as the industrial grade machinery used by the professionals. In order to make it more portable, less expensive, and lighter to move around, compromises have been made in its effectiveness. This results in a failure to deliver a thorough clean, and the carpet can also be left damp for days. This in turn encourages mould growth, putting the health of the persons on the premises at risk. Mistakes by the DIYer, such as overwetting, can cause the carpet to shrink or get delaminated. The issues like the machinery used just removing the surface dirt and pushing the rest deeper into the pile simply increase your future workload. What’s more, the DIY carpet cleaning route will take far much longer than anticipated- all while still risking ending up with poor results. Different carpets require different cleaning methods, and without the requisite skills to handle the situation, things can easily get out of hand. You don’t want to ruin your carpet. Get it cleaned properly by bringing in the carpet cleaning experts for the job.

Removing lingering odours

The smells coming from the carpet are usually caused by decomposing organic matter, be they bodily fluids, the faecal residue from insects, dairy products like milk that accidentally spilled onto the carpet, bits of meat and poultry, beverages, pet dander, and even tobacco. As bacteria break down the substances, odours develop. These are targeted during the carpet cleaning. In homes with multiple dogs and cats, areas like nursing homes and healthcare facilities, places with kids- be it at home or in daycares, and even veterinary clinics- the odour concentration is higher. During the carpet cleaning, the source of the odours- that gunk that is embedded in the material, is got rid of. The next step is using odour neutralisers, which deal with the foul smell itself, restoring the fresh state of your unit.

Restore the health standards in your home and workplace

You also want a healthy space to carry out your activities in, hence the need for regular carpet cleaning sessions. Being exposed to allergens, pollutants and pathogens on a daily basis will overwork your immune system, trigger reactions, and lower your quality of life. The carpet acts like a huge sponge soaking up these agents from the environment. The dust, pollen grains, pet fur and dander, mould spores, and dust mite faecal residue cause respiratory issues when inhaled. No one likes coughing and sneezing every couple of minutes when they enter a room, just because of the allergens being released from the carpet back into the air space when they walk on it. The routine carpet cleaning gets rid of them. Cigarette smoke particles and volatile organic compounds that are in the carpet can easily affect the kids and pets who no doubt like playing and sleeping around on the soft, cosy material. With pathogens, they can range anywhere from E. coli and salmonella, to the resistant strains such as MRSA. These microbes can live in the carpet for long, while still retaining their potency. For instance, the Norovirus can survive for between 4 and 6 weeks with the fibres of the carpet. Processes like hot water extraction that are used during the carpet cleaning destroy the microbes and their hiding spots. The organic matter that they are feeding on is flushed out together with the rest of the gunk, enabling you to go about your duties without the constant worry about your safety.


Got A Carpet Cleaning Job? We’re Here For You

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