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Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Possibly, one of your primary goals is to make your house sparkling clean. After all, a clean house will not only appear tidy, but it is also important for a healthy family. Carpet Cleaning Dublin offers the best carpet cleaning services. With over 12 years experience in the field, we correctly understand what works and what does not work. We use eco-friendly products and top-notch machinery. We will also provide free estimates. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Methods of carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dublin employs various methods to ensure that carpets attain the best appearance. At least, every cleaning method has its benefits and problems, but when it comes to selecting the right one, most people have problems. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

There are two categories of carpet cleaning, which are dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Wet cleaning includes using an absorbent pad to clean. The other wet cleaning method is hot water extraction method. Dry cleaning methods involve use of chemical foams or powders. The machines, our cleaners use to apply the chemical foams and powders feature rotating brushes, cylinders, or pads. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

How wet cleaning works

Also referred to as steam cleaning or hot water extraction, the process involves conditioning of carpets with chemical reagents to liquefy oil-based substances and soils, which are very common in carpet fibers. Our cleaners will heat water to a temperature near boiling, pressurize it, and then inject it into the carpets. After 10-15 minutes, the machine will extract the cleaning solution. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The method’s pros and cons


– The process is useful in getting out soils that are deeper into the carpets,

– It allows high temperatures, chemical concentrates, and pressures,

– Allows longer dwell times which are essential for cleaning solvents reaction

– It is the most used method

– An extraction wand or grooming tool agitates chemical reactivity for better results

– Carpet manufacturers, professionals, and industry cleaning experts recommend the method


– Relatively higher cost factor

– The method requires expensive equipment

– Carpets will take more time to dry. However, cleaners will use powerful equipment to reduce the drying time.

How cleaning with absorbent pads works

People use the cleaning method, also known as bonnet cleaning, mostly for routine maintenance. However, you can still use it for regular carpet cleaning. Cleaning technicians will start by vacuuming your carpets, and they will then spray a chemical solution onto them with an electric sprayer or a hand pump. They will allow the solution to remain on your carpets for a reaction time or suitable dwell. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

They will place the absorbent bonnet or pad, which looks more like a towel on a rotary floor machine’s drive block and allow it to spin over your carpets at 100-300 rpm. The action is significant in impregnating carpet fibers with a chemical solution. The pad will also pick up the chemical solution with the soils afterwards.

The methods pros and cons

– It is fast, simple and cheaper

– If your carpets are lightly soiled, the method will provide the best results


– It will only clean the top layer of your carpet fibers – it hardly reaches deeper down

– Leaves chemicals and dirt to accumulate in the deeper ends of carpet fibers

How dry cleaning with absorbent compounds works

The cleaning technicians will spread a powder, which they will have mixed with cleaning agents and solvents, over your carpets. They will then work it into your carpet fibers using a machine that features counter-rotating brushes. The powder will absorb soils in your carpet fibers. After settling on your carpets for around 10-15 minutes, they will vacuum it up.

The methods pros and cons


– It is a simple cleaning method that does not require technical training

– It is very fast drying. It takes around 20 minutes before your carpets are back in service


– Plush pile carpets can trap powder, and it can build up with time

– May cause excess dust build up in your home

– The cleaning method won’t clean the deeper parts of your carpets.

How rotary or dry foam shampoo cleaning method works

To help suspend the debris or dirt, cleaning technicians will apply a cleaning agent to your carpets. They will then whip it into the foam and force it to work into the carpet fibers using special machine’s rotating brushes. After a short time, they will extract the foam using a vacuum. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The methods pros and cons


– Fast and easier to apply

– Inexpensive

– Rotating brushes offers excellent agitation

– Smaller amount of moisture facilitate faster drying


– The cleaning method is not effective in extracting soils below the carpet surface

– It does not achieve high temperatures

– Equipment malfunction can lead excessive wetting

Dublin cleaning methods

The cleaning methods Dublin technicians use include:

Extraction cleaning method

The injection (extraction cleaning) method has proved to be an effective in cleaning upholstery and carpets in depth – it is the widely used method. To clean your carpets, our cleaners will mix water with a special solution and then spray it to clean them. They will then extract the solution. The pressure involved in the spray cleaning solution will help in removing the dirt deposited on the tissue’s internal structure. The process thoroughly cleans and refreshes carpets. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


The vacuum cleaner’s efficiency is great. The active solution will penetrate to the carpets base and ensure deeper fabric cleaning. One benefit of extraction cleaning method is that the cleaner will extract 80%-90% of the solution leaving very low moisture levels a situation that is necessary for fast carpet drying. The involved detergents will not affect the durability of your carpets and what’s more, most experts recommend them since they won’t put you or your family at a risk of allergy or toxicity. The process will strengthen your textile and preserve their elasticity. If you need to refresh the colour of your carpets, it’s the cleaning method to choose. After the first cleaning, you will wait for a longer period before the next one. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


For carpet surfaces with some areas showing increased resistance to dirt or stains washing, cleaners will use special machines such as single disc. They will spray water with special shampoo or dry foam over your carpets while working with the single disc. Lastly, they will vacuum the carpets. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Dublin method

If your fabrics are from natural fibers or typically textiles with a composition that does not allow wet cleaning, dry foam cleaning will work correctly. The application involves dry foam application with buffing machine that won’t soak your carpets. The method has several benefits. First, your carpets will dry rapidly. Secondly, the cleaning will remove dirt and eliminate odours while refreshing the carpets. It will reproduce the original colour, treat, protect, and strengthen the fibers. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Why you should avoid cleaning your carpets with rental machines

There are many problems associated with using rental carpet cleaning machines or hiring new carpet cleaners. In the earlier days, carpet-cleaning over-wetting was more common. Chemicals were at times harsh and the machinery used was less powerful and sophisticated than today. However, over-wetting is still a common problem including today. After carpet cleaning, most homeowners will hire a carpet-cleaning technician to solve the problem. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Not only rental machines will over-wet your carpets. Uninsured and untrained part-time carpet cleaners using wrong methods and substandard machinery can cause problems. But apart from excessive drying time and inconvenience, carpet over-wetting can cause other problems. The problems include:


– Shrinkage

Shrinkage results from over-wetting carpets during the cleaning process. Using a lot of water or less powerful machine or setting one up or operating it incorrectly will lead to over-wetting. A carpet cleaner should assess the risks and identify the types of rugs you have in your home before starting a cleaning process. If the shrinkage is slight, they can stretch the carpet back to place. If the shrinkage is significant, the ideal solution will be replacement. An experienced carpet cleaner will take some measures to prevent shrinkage, but ensuring that they hold the right insurance is important. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Bad odors

Carpets that have been over-wet and remained dump for several days/hours are likely to develop nasty musty smells. That is usually because of bacteria setting in. Even though experienced carpet cleaners can remedy the problem, you should avoid it. If you insist on doing the cleaning the carpets by yourself, ensure that you have sufficient ventilation and airflow in your rooms – during and after the cleaning. Open the doors and windows until the carpets are completely dry. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


If the carpets are still wet after several hours, seek the services of experienced Dublin cleaning service providers. Otherwise, you will risk the danger of mold and bacteria development. Stagnant and over-wetting musty smells are a major complaint among most homeowners, particularly those using rental machines. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Browning

This is among the problems our professional carpet cleaners will avoid when cleaning wool carpets. Browning refers to brown spots that come from nowhere, particularly after the carpet cleaning process. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


The problem is common in jute-backed carpets. Leading causes of the problem include previous spillages and soils wicking back up due to over-wetting. Even though the spots appear to be irreversible when trying to scrub them out, skilled carpet-cleaning technicians have the necessary knowledge to remove them safely without causing other problems. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Over-wetting can cause very expensive damages to your carpets. You can avoid the problem by engaging skilled Carpet Cleaning Dublin technicians. Our cleaning technicians will also solve other existing problems.


Health benefits of professional carpet cleaning

There is a perception that keeping carpets clean and sanitary is hard. That leads to significant environmental deterioration especially the air quality. The misconception has influenced many people to remove their carpets in health care facilities, public agencies, and schools. Infective carpet cleaning will deprive occupants the desirable features carpets offer. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


In addition to improving the appearance of your home, Dublin Carpet cleaners will extend the life of your carpets. You should not do house cleaning just to enjoy the visual effects. It is a great investment in the health and wellness of individuals living there. The American Lung Association recommends vacuuming at least three times in a week in homes housing snoring and asthma sufferers. You will enjoy additional benefits by hiring a professional cleaning company. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Eliminate the trapped pollutants

According to Environmental Protection Agency, dirty carpets are sources of indoor air pollutants. In addition to the daily dust and dirt, the carpets can house particle pollutants, cockroach allergens, lead, and pet dander. Some toxic airborne gasses can adhere to the particulate matter and are trapped in your carpets. When a person walks over the carpets or vacuums them, the toxic gasses will get into the air and contaminate it as a result. To kill the bacteria, professional carpet cleaners will use special shampooing formula. High power vacuuming is effective in removing deeply trapped pollutants. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Improves the air quality

Carpet cleaning will remove contaminants from your floor surfaces. Whenever contaminants penetrate deeper into carpets, breathing becomes a problem. People who suffer from allergies or asthma breathe easily when carpets are professionally cleaned. Quality indoor air quality will reduce allergen-induced attacks risk. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Clearance of dust mite infestations

Dust mites are microscopic. Therefore, most people won’t notice an infestation. Allergens are the body fragments left behind and not the dust mites themselves. People will easily inhale the microscopic particles whenever they disturb an infested area. Inhale of the particles aggravates allergens. Our professional cleaners will be able to expose dust mites to higher temperatures they cannot survive. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Prevent the growth of mould

The likelihood of mould developing in dirty carpets are high particularly in humid areas, where carpets are exposed to moisture. Rain and snow will remain trapped in your house during inclement weather. The moisture may sink into your carpets if not dried or vacuumed immediately. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company regularly will help prevent mould and mildew growth. We use high-powered drying tools that will annihilate moisture. Mold will not grow in dry locations. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


– Prevents muscle strain

By hiring us to do your carpet cleaning, you will avoid straining your back – you won’t move heavy furniture. Our professional cleaners will move the furniture. They have back braces and adequate knowledge on moving furniture correctly. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Answers to frequently asked Carpet Cleaning Dublin questions

The following are some of the questions homeowners ask about carpet cleaning and related services:

– How long should I wait to have my carpet cleaned?

Every home is unique. However, according to carpet manufacturers, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned after ever 12-18 months. To clean them, the cleaning technicians should use hot water extraction method. The length of time may vary depending on the carpets usage. High traffic areas such as stairs, family rooms, and halls may require professional cleaning more often. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Some other factors include the number of people and pets; outdoor environment; and how the homeowner maintains the car pets in between professional carpet cleanings. At times, the things will contribute to frequent carpet cleaning schedule of around 6-8 months. Also, you have to check your carpet’s warranty information. Most carpet manufacturers will require you to clean you carpets professionally after every 12-18 months if you want your warranty to remain valid.

– How will the carpet cleaners charge for the service?

Mostly, Dublin Carpet cleaners charge by square foot. We will charge only for the carpet areas we have cleaned. So, if you need some furniture to remain in place, we will measure around the pieces. If you need your rooms cleaned wall to wall, a process that will involve moving the furniture pieces to leave the rooms vacant, we will have to measure the entire room. There will be no reason of cleaning the entire room if you need us to clean the open areas.

– How will I determine the cost before the cleaning work starts?

Dublin carpet cleaners prefer visiting the home and doing an inspection. That way, we can discus with the homeowner exactly about what he/she wants them to clean. During the visit, Dublin cleaning technicians will measure the areas to clean and inspect other special issues. Being present during the inspection is important, as you will confirm the areas our technicians will clean. You will also discus the available options and address the concerns the cleaners may expect during the cleaning. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Which method will the carpet cleaners use and why?

Dublin carpet cleaners will use Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning. Our cleaners will rinse the carpets with hot water – not hot steam. Cleaning temperature is usually over 200 degrees and therefore the water appears to be steam. The largest carpet manufacturers recommend the cleaning method and therefore carpet cleaners will use the method to help you comply with your manufacturer’s warranty requirements. It is also a superior method of cleaning residential carpets. The method will not soak your carpets as you may expect with some other methods.

– How long will I wait before my carpets are completely dry?

The carpet drying times vary depending on the weather condition. During the days with higher humidity, carpets will take longer to dry, but during the dry weather they will take a shorter time to dry. They will take 6-12 hours. To speed up the process, you can use floor fans including box fans or ceiling fans to speed up the drying process. During a warm, dry d ay, open all windows and turn on your central heat. That will facilitate air circulation in the entire house. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Will turning heat up speed the drying?

Unless the weather is freezing, there will be no need of turning up the heat. The right temperature should be around 60-70 degrees.

– Will the carpets be damp after the cleaning process?

Yes, hot water extraction cleaning method will leave some moisture in your carpets. The dry time is usually between 6-12 hours even though this highly depends on the airflow in your house. It will also depend on the style of your carpets and their condition. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Will I walk on my carpets immediately after the cleaning?

When possible, try to minimize the carpet usage until they are completely dry. However, light usage during the drying process is all right. You can walk on the carpets if your shoes or feet are clean. Also, during the first few drying hours, take care of walking from a damp surface onto a hard one to avoid slipping. You can request a complimentary shoe covering pair from the cleaning technicians.

– What should I do before the cleaning technicians begin the cleaning work?

Removing every small thing from the rooms you need to be cleaned is important. Remove some items such as kids’ toys, magazines, and small rugs. Also, remember to remove breakables from the tops of furniture you need the cleaners to move.

– Do carpet cleaners move furniture?

Our carpet cleaners will ask you to move as many small items as possible to make the cleaning work easier. However, they can move some larger pieces, which the homeowner cannot afford to remove from the room. They will only move the furniture far enough to access the floor surface they need to clean. They will then replace them, placing the pieces on plastic tabs or special Styrofoam blocks as a way of protecting the carpet and furniture during the drying process. However, they may not safely move some pianos, beds, bookshelves, entertainment centers. The cleaners can clean around them without causing any issues. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Are commercial cleaning methods safe for kids and pets?

If you are a father, mother, or a pet owner, carpet cleaners will offer you a cleaning method that will be safe for everyone in the house. In the cleaning process, they will extract any products they use, leaving your carpets clean, safer, and fresh. We prefer using a product that are safe and of higher quality. In some cases (rare), they may use a solvent for some spots such as ink stains. They will rinse the products through the carpets. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Will the carpet cleaners remove every stain?

The carpet cleaners will do their best to remove every stain, but it can be impossible due to the staining materials. They mostly keep their vans stocked with spotters for all types of stains. They will try to identify the source of stains on your carpets, even though this may not be necessary at times. They will then select the best stain remover for those specific stains.

– Is level of carpet cleaning experience important?

The level of carpet cleaning experience is important. Cleaning companies that have been in the industry for a long time will always update their cleaning technologies to meet the needs of their clients. They must also take some courses related to the cleaning industry. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– What should I do to maintain my carpet warranty?

Read the manufacturer’s warranty information. Mostly, it will require professional cleaning after every 12-18 months. Ensure that you have selected one of the cleaning methods your manufacturer has recommended. What’s more, you should use a working vacuum to vacuum your carpets properly. Blot up any spill promptly. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– After cleaning a new carpet, it will get dirty faster. Is it true?

That is false. However, some years ago it was true. The cleaners only shampooed carpets and left all chemicals in the carpets. But today, carpet cleaners have adapted stronger and effective methods that rinse every residue from carpets. The residues are known to cause re-soiling. Therefore, always hire professional cleaners to maintain the quality of your carpets. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Will the carpet cleaners take rugs off the site? Will they clean them in the home?

Cleaning the rugs offsite is important. That is due to the amount of work cleaning technicians have to do to ensure they have effectively removed dry soil from the rugs. Removing the soil in your home is impossible. We will therefore carry the rugs with them to do the cleaning on our shop. We will provide expert care for the area and fine oriental rugs to ensure that the rugs are safe. Ask about moth treatment and wool carpet protector. For convenience, we will offer free delivery and pickup services. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Will carpet cleaners offer guarantee? What will it cover?

Most carpet cleaning companies will offer guarantee. Normally, spots may reappear within 3-5 days. Our cleaning technicians will easily recognize the spots that may reappear even before starting the cleaning process. They will inform you about the possibility. If you are not satisfied with the aspect of their cleaning, you should contact us a few days after the cleaning. We will work to fix any problems or concerns you have. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Will the cleaners apply a protector to my carpets?

Our cleaning technicians can apply a protector, but they will discuss with you the condition of your carpets before the cleaning starts. They will let you know whether you need a fiber protector or not.

– What is the purpose of a carpet protector?

As your carpets wear out, the fibers will be scratched or damaged. You will hardly notice that, but the effect will be efficient in your major traffic areas such as stairs, hallways, and front of the most attractive furniture. Carpet protectors will help in filling the little scratching in your carpet fibers to prevent dirt from sticking to materials or staining them. New carpets will boast the feature – manufacturers add it while the carpets are still on the mill. However, the protectors will wear off with time, and you should, therefore, do re-application after a couple of years for maintenance purposes. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Should I be at home for the cleaning to take place?

We prefer homeowners to be at home during the cleanup, but it is not necessary. Cleaners will do good work including when the owner is not present. We also prefer collecting money on site after the cleanup. Therefore, if you won’t be at home during the cleanup, notify our customer representative. You will agree on the payment. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– Where do black lines under doorways and around baseboards come from?

The problems are more common in homes with light colored carpets than in those with dark colored ones. The soiling is known as filtration soiling. It results from air passing through your carpets. When trying to go through the spaces between your carpets and the closed door or baseboard, the air will make the lines. That may take a longer period, and you will not notice the problem until there is a build up. With special effort, you should expect reasonable results. We may charge an extra amount for the service. To prevent filtration soiling, sweep with a broom and vacuum the edges of your carpets regularly. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– How should I prepare my carpets for professional cleaning?

To prepare your carpets for professional cleaning, vacuum them thoroughly. The vacuuming will help you achieve better results after the cleaning has ended. If you have no time to vacuum, Dublin carpet cleaning technicians will use strong, commercial grade vacuum cleaners to vacuum them. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

– How long will it take to clean my carpet?

We will provide you with an estimate, but the length of time will highly vary depending on the level of stains and soiling. To clean a three-bedroom house, we may take one and a half hours. To clean a hall, stairs, a lounge and a landing, we may take around one hour. To clean a 3 piece suite, the will typically take about one hour. Since carpet we employ the latest technology in their work, you should be sure that they will complete the work as fast as possible. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning hints and tips

Accidents may happen during the cleaning process. If something is spilled on the carpets, you should act quickly to prevent staining. Take a clean white tissue, or absorbent cloth and four core solutions including:

– Dry cleaning solution like surgical spirit

– Detergent solution: one teaspoonful of detergent (gentle detergent for washing woolens) to half a pint of warm water (0.75 liters).

– Vinegar and detergent solution: add a tablespoon of white vinegar to your detergent solution.

– Ammonia solution: one teaspoonful of household ammonia – available from the hardware stores – to a cup of warm water.

The stain removal procedure

Using a blunt knife scrape up the excess. Using a detergent solution, start at the outer edge. Blot dry. Next use ammonia solution to clean the part. Blot dry. For the final rinse, add 1 part of white vinegar to 4 parts of water. Pour that mixture into your spraying bottle and proceed to spray it over any stained area. Blot any dampened area to remove the excess moisture. Spread a white kitchen towel over affected areas and place a weight such as a book directly on the top. The weight will help the soaking of the moisture into the towel. Leave the towel overnight and repeat the process in the morning. Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning Dublin


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