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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices:


1 bed carpet cleaning – 35€

1 living room carpet cleaning -60€

1 set of stairs carpet cleaning – 60€


Commercial carpet cleaning will be priced per square meter. Our minimum order is 60€


Get Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally – Carpet Cleaning Prices

Do you recall how elegant your carpet used to look when you first brought it home from the store? How does it look like now? With time, the build-up of dirt and grime causes the once-elegant carpet to lose its beauty and glam. It’s not something you want to come home to every day after work. The dirt spots and stains ruin the entire ambience of the home. You may have an elegant set up, from your furnishings to the ceiling, but a dirty carpet brings everything down. Your home becomes unbearable. You can barely stand it yourself, and feel awkward each time guests come over. No one likes having those embarrassing conversations about the state of cleanliness of their carpet. Kids coming over to play with your children will keep throwing jibes that can demoralise you. Hosting your in-laws on a stained carpet is mortifying. What of your friends and neighbours? What will they have to say about you? The look and feel of the carpet will have a direct impact on your reputation. The last thing you want is people having a negative perception about you and your family, simply because of the state of your carpet. Businesses are not off the hook. In fact, for business owners the damage to reputation has a direct impact on the profits you make. Customers have no qualms about walking out of a commercial establishment with poor hygiene standards. They take the soiled state of the carpet as a representation of the level of service that they can expect from you. This costs you the much needed revenue to increase your profit margins and grow your business. Prevent all this from happening by hiring carpet cleaning Dublin specialists. Carpet Cleaning Prices


The looks are not the only thing on the line. The dirty carpet makes the living and working space uncomfortable. You can barely concentrate on anything at the office when there are stains glaring at you from the carpet, or odours wafting up into the air space. It overloads your visual and olfactory senses, preventing you from focussing on the tasks at hand. This also affects your employees, which reduces the productivity of the enterprise. Sometimes your employees are forced to take precious time of their work hours to try and fix the soiled carpet, which hampers service delivery. They also run the risk of applying the wrong treatment on the carpet, which can damage it. Bring back the order to your office building by calling in the commercial carpet cleaning Dublin experts. At home, the situation is similar. Your home is your place of rest, and getaway from the outside world. You want to the able to sit back on the sofa and watch some TV, hang out with your friends, spend quality time with your family, or even curl up with a novel. Dirt spots and stains on the carpet distract you from all of that. Your brain registers the soiling as pending work, preventing you from relaxing with ease. It can get so intense that it affects your sleeping patterns, which lowers your quality of life. The dirty carpets increase the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Some even result to stress eating- munching away at high-fat, sugary “comfort foods”, which increases the risk of lifestyle diseases. The entire chain of events is simply because of pesky stains and pungent odours from the carpet. Call in residential carpet cleaning Dublin specialists to get rid of the problem at the source. Carpet Cleaning Prices


Common Dirt Problems On Carpets – Carpet Cleaning Prices

The carpets build up dirt from different areas. Over 80% is brought over on peoples feet as they walk through the front door. Moreover, the carpet is basically the largest air filter in your home or office building. It picks up all kinds of particles from the atmosphere and traps them in its fibres, from dirt, pollen, VOCs and other kinds of substances. Dirty carpets are not just in homes and office buildings. Commercial places like hotels harbour more grime than meets the eye. In fact, when illuminated with black light, establishments have been on record showing traces of urine or semen on the carpeting in every room. There are carpets that have been recorded to be up to 7 times dirtier than a city street. The soiling you see on the surface is just a tiny sample of what lies within the fibres. In fact, a carpet and hold as much as 4 times its own weight in dirt. Here are the types of soiling in your carpet:


1. Everyday dust and dirt problems – Carpet Cleaning Prices

Dust is a general term. Those particles can be from particles blown into the building by wind, or tracked inside the house or office under people’s shoes, cigarette ash that ended up in the carpet, fibres from cotton, paper and silk, finger nail filings, body fragments from insects like cockroaches, food crumbs plus the organic waste from the rodents and other pests coming into the building to feed on the crumbs, skin flakes, salt and sugar crystals, pollen, paint chips etc. – the list is long. Your own shoes can bring in sand, oil, grit, asphalt, and driveway sealer, all of which end up getting rubbed onto the carpet. The particles get broken down by the elements, the chemical compounds break down, while the organic matter is naturally degraded by the bacteria in the carpet. The build of dust causes the carpet to change its colour, which ruins the rest of the decor. Set things right by hiring professional carpet cleaning Dublin services. Carpet Cleaning Prices


2. Stains – Carpet Cleaning Prices

They are bound to happen at one time or another. Usually they are smudges of food, or beverage spills caused by persons in the premises. Wine, coffee, juice or tea- they all leave unsightly patches. In case you have a pet, urine stains are probably an issue you’ll need to contend with sooner or later. Vomit accidents also occur, such as from an ill household member, your pet ingesting something that doesn’t go down well, or too many Jell-O shots during that party in your house or end-of-year office party. Ink blots from spoilt pens or faulty printers at the office, or if your kids decides to showcase their art skills by painting the carpet at home, all cause it to lose its beauty and lustre, and result in spots glaring at you from the carpet. Calling in the carpet cleaning Dublin professionals will enable you to get rid of all these issues. Carpet Cleaning Prices


3. Dust mite colonies – Carpet Cleaning Prices

There are millions of mites in your carpet. They primarily feed on dead skin shed by humans and animals like your pets. The average human sheds about 10g of dead skin in a week, which gives the mites enough to live on and multiply. Pets like cats and dogs also add to the dander. Around 80% of the material you see floating in a sun beam is actually skin flakes. There can be close to 100,000 mites living in one square yard of carpet. They don’t even need a wet environment to survive, since they can absorb moisture from the air through glands on their front legs. Carpet Cleaning Prices


4. Fungi – Carpet Cleaning Prices

When your carpet is damp for extended periods, whether it’s the whole of it or just sections, then fungi will develop. The mould and mildew spores are blown into the building by wind, and settle in the fibres, and are just waiting for the favourable humidity and moisture conditions for them to grow. Fungi on the top of your carpet commonly appears as discolourations, especially black, white, brown, or green stains. That musty smell in your residential or commercial property can be due to fungal growths in the carpet. A tiny spurt can result into a full blown infestation that can do anything from ruining the appeal of your carpet, to outrightly destroying its fibres. The fungi literally feed on the carpet, and you don’t want them eating through to its backing. Call in the carpet cleaning Dublin professionals to prevent this from happening. Carpet Cleaning Prices


5. Pet fur and dander – Carpet Cleaning Prices

Your furry friend was called so for a reason- the fur. And it will end up on the carpet. As your cats or dogs play around on the warm and soft carpet, their fur gets rubbed onto the fibres. The dander includes more than the flecks of the animal’s skin. Your pet can have carried in dust, mould spores, and pollen from the outdoors. It’s just like people do on their clothes and shoes, bringing the substances into the building. All these substances end up in the carpets fibres- some are dropped off due to gravity, others are rubbed into the carpet’s material as your pet sleeps on it. Hiring professional carpet cleaning Dublin services will get rid of them in their entirety. Carpet Cleaning Prices


6. The stench in your carpet – Carpet Cleaning Prices

Oh that smell- smoke, mould, urine or dust smell- it makes the place unbearable. The carpet’s fibres have high absorbency, and easily cling onto the pungent smells emanating through the home. The particles are trapped in the fibres, and end up causing the premises to smell all foul. Whether it’s your pet that has had a urine accident, or there has been a vomit incident in your residential or commercial establishment, our carpet cleaning Dublin team will get things back in order. Carpet Cleaning Prices


Your Dirty Carpet Is Harmful To Your Health

· Common allergens

There are plenty of allergens in your carpet, ranging from cat dander, irritating chemicals, tobacco smoke, mildew, cockroach droppings to even grass pollen. These lead to reactions like Hay fever, watery eyes, a runny nose, incessant sneezing, asthma attacks or difficulty in breathing, infantile eczema, itchy or red eyes, nasal congestion, the nose, throat or roof of the mouth getting itchy, coughs, and kids tend to frequently keep rubbing their noses upwards. Proteins found in saliva, urine and faeces from pets can also lead to reactions. Most of the allergens are lightweight and microscopic, and when they get raised into the air can remain suspended for long periods, which increases the risk of getting affected. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· Dust mite allergens

While the dust mites don’t carry diseases, they are a common cause for reactions in persons with asthma, and those who are allergic to the protein in their faecal residue. Depending on the person and amount exposure, reactions can range from itchy eyes to asthma attacks or eczema. High levels of dust mites and their waste can even result in previously non-allergic people developing an allergy. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· Fungi

The mould and mildew in the carpet are not just unsightly, but they can lead to anything from allergic reactions to adverse medical conditions. They release spores into the atmosphere, which can easily get inhaled. Sensitive persons coming into contact with mould spores can experience a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, eye burning, itching, or dry and patchy skin. The spores can lead to the bronchopulmonary aspergillosis condition. Persons who have chronic lung conditions such as COPD or cystic fibrosis are at a higher risk. Allergic reactions are not your only problem. Some species of the fungi release mycotoxins, which are substances with lethal effects. There are those that affects vital organs like the liver, while others can damage the central nervous system. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· Germs

That 5-second rule that “food dropped on the ground does not significantly get contaminated with bacteria if it is picked up within five seconds” could land you in hospital, especially when the ground in question is your carpet. This is because the fibres host hordes of bacteria. They are brought onto the carpet by food and drink spills, droppings from insects and pests, and even tracked onto it under people’s shoes. Take Salmonella for instance. It a common cause of fever, diarrhoea and abdominal cramps in both children and adults, and can easily be brought into the building on shoes. The Norovirus, which causes stomach flu and other digestive problems, can survive on carpet fibers for 4-6 weeks. It even gets airborne each time people walk on the carpet. The numbers are more revealing. There can be over 200,000 bacteria per square inch of your carpet. That beats the toilet seat by close to 4000 times. Carpet Cleaning Prices


Benefits Of Hiring Professional Carpet cleaning Dublin Services

1. Top of the range carpet cleaning machinery

To do a quality job, we have invested in modern carpet cleaning Dublin technology that is trusted to deliver. Hot water extraction systems are used to pump solutions of heated water and cleaning products into the fibres of the carpet, loosening the heavy build-up of soiling, and breaking down the stubborn stains. They are brought to the surface, where powerful suction is used to remove them. All the stains are eliminated, from artificially coloured juices, wine, Kool-Aid, soda, coffee or tea spills, to ink blots, nail polish, paint and even urine stains. Dirt, skin flakes, grease splatters from cooking activities in the home, pet fur and dander, insect body fragments, droppings from pests coming over onto the carpet are all removed. The high temperatures of the hot water extraction process kills off the microbes and pests like fleas that may be hiding in the fibres of the carpet, and destroys their breeding grounds. They are then removed together with the rest of the soiling. The newly cleaned carpet will feel great under your feet. The soft and warm texture that you desire for your establishment will be restored, and the ambience of the premises will be enhanced. The thorough carpet cleaning Dublin job will literally breathe new life into your residential or commercial establishment. Carpet Cleaning Prices

2. Eliminate odours

You want a fresh smelling home- not one that smells like cats or stale veggies. Some home owners get tuned to the smell of the house and seem to ignore it, but that doesn’t mean that your guests will. You may assume that the place smells normal, but guests walking through the front door will exclaim about it stinking like a high school locker room. Either way, you don’t deserve to live in such squalid conditions. Our carpet cleaning Dublin team will eliminate those odours and bring back that happy feel to your residence. In the workplace, odours can do massive damage your business. First, they make the environment unconducive for your employees to work, which lowers their productivity. It also discourages clients. Would you hire a consultant you found in a smelly office, or sleep in a hotel room with pungent smells faring up your nose? Exactly. It portrays a negative image about the enterprise. Prevent this from happening by calling in our experts. Whether you’re dealing with pet urine smell, smoke that has been absorbed by the carpet over the years, the musky smell from mould and mildew, or gunk that’s decaying in the fibres, our carpet cleaning Dublin team has got you covered. The newly cleaned carpet will be a welcome refreshment to your sensory cells. You’ll get to enjoy your home or office building, host guests with confidence and impress customers in your commercial establishment. Carpet Cleaning Prices


3. Timely services

You don’t want to be locked out of rooms in your house for hours. Controlling your kids and pets for extended periods can strain you. In commercial establishments, you don’t want to inconvenience your customers by preventing them from easily accessing different areas of your building, or outright sealing off sections of the premises for lengthy periods. With our carpet cleaning Dublin services, you won’t need to. First, the machinery used is highly effective, which cuts down on the amount of time needed to work on your carpet. You get fast results without any compromise on the quality. Secondly, the high powered suction at the end of the cleaning process removes most of the moisture from the carpet. The little that remains will dry off in as little as 1 hour, enabling you to resume using your carpet as soon as possible. Carpet Cleaning Prices


4. For your health’s sake

Carcinogens in cigarette smoke particles can accumulate in your household carpet. Since your pets, plus children and infants, spend plenty of time on the floor, they are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer in homes with cigarette smokers. The carpet cleaning Dublin processes get rid of these substances, enabling you to protect the health of your loved ones. You also don’t want to infection to spread due to inappropriate machinery. Your family can keep getting gastrointestinal illnesses due to leaky vacuum systems that keep redepositing Salmonella germs from your carpet into the indoor airspace. Our personnel use effective and well maintained carpet cleaning Dublin equipment to prevent such scenarios from occurring. Carpet Cleaning Prices


5. Enhance the life of your carpet

The dirt and grime on the carpet is abrasive. Its gets grinded into the fibres of the material each time people walk on it, wearing down the carpet and causing it to age faster. Pests like mice that are drawn by the food crumbs, come with sharp claws and teeth, which they use to tear at the carpet material as they try to pry up the food particles. You don’t want holes getting punctured into your investment. Carpets particularly made from knotted wool can contain pests known as house beetle grubs or “woolly bears.” These contain chemicals in their digestive tract that covert the wool into sugar, and can literally feed on your carpet. You want to be able to enjoy your carpet for longer. After all, you spent loads of funds in getting the material colour and style that blends intricately with the décor of your premises. The carpet cleaning Dublin processes is done thoroughly to breathe new life into your carpet, and keep it gleaming. By removing the dirt and grime, the fibres are protected, enhancing their efficacy. This also enables you to protect the warranty of your carpet, as manufacturers tend to insist on you getting the carpet cleaned by certified professionals. Carpet Cleaning Prices


6. The Green choice

All around the world, people are turning to eco-friendly practices. From lifestyle choices, the jobs people do, bin liners they use, all through to getting their carpet cleaned. This global craze is receiving institutional and government support because it determines the very fate of future generations. We’ll enable you to be part and parcel of it. Our personnel use environmentally friendly carpet cleaning Dublin services. The entire process, from the prespraying to the extraction and waste disposal is carried out using systems and products that pose no risk to Mother Nature. Even the persons in your premises are protected, as there are no toxic fumes generated, preserving the indoor air quality. The carpet cleaning Dublin processes are also safe to use around children and pets. Carpet Cleaning Prices


7. Improves relationships

You don’t want to argue every night with your significant other because of the dirt on the carpet. The soiling causes strains in relationships between couples, friends, relatives and even people who just started dating. Stories have been told of people being invited over to dates, only to instantly leave because of the odours that they found coming from the carpet. It sets off a negative precedent, and your potential boyfriend/girlfriend takes it to be warning sign of what expect for the future. You don’t want that being the impression you make. Couples getting into squabbles because of stain patches on the carpet, or pet fur and dander strewn all over, can affect other spheres of their lives. Arguing with your husband or wife on whether or not to get rid of the cat or dog simply because of the build-up of dander in the carpet is not how you want your home to be. Relationships with relatives also get icy. When your in-laws walk into a home with a soiled carpet, you won’t hear the end of it. Suggestions of how it should be better, mistakes being pointed out by the thorough “inspectors”, and you bubbling out excuses as you try to salvage your reputation will put you on edge. Sometimes the conditions of the carpeting get so deplorable that people cancel inviting guests over all together. The thought of facing your friends or neighbours with stained carpets is mortifying. Some people go as far as offering to take items being fetched over to the other residence, instead of them being come for; or talk with the visitors out on the patio, refusing to invite them in. This is not how you want to live your live. Call in the carpet cleaning Dublin professionals to get things back in line. The thorough job done will enable you to impress your guests and charm your way into the hearts of your in-laws. At workplaces, the carpet cleaning also enables you to bolster your relationships with your clients and employees. You get to make a positive impression on customers and increase your chances of partnering with new investors. Your employees perform their duties more enthusiastically as they can see that you care about their working conditions. Great working relationships are crucial for business growth. Carpet Cleaning Prices


8. Experience and professionalism

You want specialists you can trust. Our carpet leaning personnel come with extensive training and years of experience in the business. They can identify and apply the most appropriate technique to clean your carpet. This is from the products to use when getting rid of the dirt and stains, to the systems and the right amount of solution to employ. You can rest assured that your carpet is in safe hands. The processes used loosen the heavy soiling and break down the stubborn stains without affecting the strength of the fibres. This enables the quality of your carpet to be well maintained. The personnel will arrive on your premises in time, and will serve you with the utmost courtesy. They will easily notice faulty items and practices in the establishment that may affect the durability of the carpet, and offer you advice on how to correct them, to enable you to protect your investment. It’s an all-rounded approach to ensure that you are fully satisfied with our carpet cleaning Dublin services. Carpet Cleaning Prices


9. Insured services

You want to know that you are covered in the case of any eventuality. Our full insurance coverage for your property and our employees enables you to rest assured that you are protected. Carpet Cleaning Prices


10. Quality and costs that make you smile

Getting cheap services for your carpet comes with plenty of risk. Companies offering low prices don’t provide quality services, and usually cut corners in order to make a profit. This is detrimental to you in a couple of ways. First, poor carpet cleaning increases the rate of resoiling, and exposes your investment to damages from the wrong solutions being used to treat the stains. The personnel may also be untrained, which increases the risks involved. However, this does not mean you break the bank trying to get your carpet cleaned. You want quality services that are affordable. You want results that can be guaranteed. The pricing structure should take into account your individual needs, such as the size and type of carpet in your establishment. That’s exactly what we do. Our carpet cleaning Dublin personnel deliver high standards of quality, at budget friendly prices that have been tailored to your specific situation. Carpet Cleaning Prices


How To Maintain Your Carpet In Between Cleaning Sessions

· Proper ventilation is key. Open your windows and keep the air flowing. This will prevent your carpet from becoming damp and developing fungi. It will also enable odours from like smoke particles to be quickly removed from the building, reducing the amount that gets absorbed by the carpet. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· Vacuum thoroughly and frequently, especially in high traffic areas. The more people use the carpet, the more the dirt gets embedded deeper into the fibres, and vacuuming will reduce the rate of this happening. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· In case of a spill, act fast. Blot it out. Do not rub. Rubbing merely spreads the stain over a wider area and deeper into the carpet. Also avoid excessive scrubbing, to prevent the nylon or wool from getting frayed or twisted. For food spills, you can gently scrape them off using a spoon or dull knife. Don’t use sharp objects. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· Move heavy furniture occasionally. This is to protect the carpet’s pile from getting crushed. When moving the furniture, protect the carpet using materials like plywood, and avoid dragging the items across the carpet. Lift and carry them to the intended location. Carpet Cleaning Prices


· It’s recommended that you invest in walk-off mats, which will cut down on the amount of soiling getting tracked into the building and onto the carpet.


· Reduce the length of time that your carpet is exposed to direct sunlight. Blinds, shades, or awnings can come in handy here.


Carpet Cleaning Dublin – Outstanding carpet cleaning services for fair prices!

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