How Dirt Ruins Your Carpet

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How Dirt Ruins Your Carpet

How Dirt Ruins Your Carpet

Remember how elegant your carpet was when you first brought it home from the store? The beauty that is added to the interior space, plus the softness of its plush fibres under your feet? The intricate colour patterns that made the decor pop? Do you recall those compliments that you used to get from guests when they dropped by your place, asking you where you got the carpet and how lovely it made your home? Over time, the grand nature of the carpet, its aesthetic appeal and characteristic charm- they get worn down by the beating that it comes under on a daily basis. From foot traffic to the dirt and grime building up within the carpet, it gradually loses its charm, which drags down the rest of the decor. Due to the large size of the carpet, its state will reflect on the rest of the premises. You may have state-of-the-art electronics and furniture pieces with artistic designs, but if the carpet is in a dilapidated state, it will have a negative impact on them. 

The Damage To Your Carpet

Over 70% of the soiling that accumulates within the carpet is dry particulate matter. These are the particles that have been tracked into the building under people’s feet, dust particles that settled on the fibres of the carpet from the air above, pet fur and dander, to food crumbs from the occasional snacks that find their way onto the carpet. Add insect residue to this pile of gunk, from the critters that come under the cover of darkness to feed on the food crumbs. The soil that is accumulating is building up is gritty and abrasive. It wears down the carpet material, which causes it to dull and look forlorn. What’s more, the loose soiling continues working its way down to the bottom of the pile. As people walk about, they grind the particles against the fibres of the carpet, weakening them further. Gradually the pile thins, and it becomes visible faster on those sections that are frequently walked on. If you compare these areas to the sections of the carpet that are under furniture, there will be a stark difference. 

Then there are the oils and greases that are on the carpet. These have different sources, ranging from food spills, to splatters from cooking activities. This particular type of soiling is problematic because it leads to an accumulation of more dirt. The oil and grease spots act like dirt magnets, trapping more soiling from the environment. Dark patches end up developing all over the carpet, further ruining its appeal. Since the carpet is a thriving ecosystem, it contains loads of organic matter- from food particles to dead human skin cells, plus the dander left behind by cats and dogs in the household. These, in turn, encourage dust mites, mould and bacteria to grow. Coupled with insects and rodents that are drawn to the gunk in the carpet, it becomes a health hazard for those on the premises- a far cry from the source of comfort that it was intended to be when you were first making the purchase and bringing it home. 

Call In The Domestic Carpet Cleaning Professionals

You want to walk into an inviting home. After a busy day at work, you should be able to stroll through the front doors, and be greeted by a calm and serene setting, one where you can relax and unwind. You don’t want to be met by a soiled and unsightly carpet, riddled with dirt spots and stains. They take away your comfort and peace of mind, by making the setting appear chaotic. It’s worse when there are odours emanating from the carpet. These smells are attributed to the decaying organic matter that is within the fibres of the material, and it’s not something that can just be wished away. Odour masking solutions just offer temporary reprieve, since they haven’t dealt with the source of the problem. An in-depth carpet cleaning is needed, one where the grime that is buried deep within the carpet is flushed out, getting rid of the source of the problem. 

When you hire the domestic carpet cleaning experts, you also get to save your time. After all, you already have a lot on your plate- with the different work and social activities that you’re involved in. Taking on a DIY carpet cleaning on the weekend that you’re meant to be relaxing will add to your frustrations. What’s more, the DIY process comes with lots of risks. Without the requisite skills needed for the task, there is plenty of room for error. All it takes it using the wrong cleaning solution- a product that is too acidic or too alkaline for the carpet, an oversight like using too much water than is required, or scrubbing the carpet with a brush whose bristles are hard, for the carpet to get ruined. The different types of carpet materials each come with their cleaning requirements. From the pH of the chemicals used, machinery that can be safely operated on the particular unit- you want to ensure things get done right. DIY carpet cleaning has resulted in issues like overshampooing which leads to residue remaining within the carpet and increasing the rate of resoiling, to overwetting where the carpet is at risk of shrinkage or delamination. What’s more, if drying systems are not used, the carpet will remain wet for too long, which can allow fungi to grow in it, compounding the problems. 

What of the quality of the results? Without access to the industrial-grade machinery that is used by the professionals, coupled with their skill-level and experience, achieving the same quality of results will be a tall order. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have spent hours, lots of funds and cleaning resources on the task, only to wind up with results that are not satisfactory. Get things done right- and in a fraction of the time that the DIY process would have taken, by leaving the task to the domestic carpet cleaning specialists.  

How Dirt Ruins Your Carpet

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