Troubles That Come With DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Troubles That Come With DIY Carpet Cleaning

Troubles That Come With DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not an ordinary chore. While the professionals make it look easy, it doesn’t mean that one can simply get the same level of results with the rented machinery from dealership stores.  Taking on the task as a DIY project can end up costing you more than you bargained for. Manufacturers insist on the buyer of the carpet getting it professionally cleaned for plenty of reasons. Blunders can cause irrevocable damage to your installation. Here is a look at things that can go wrong:


  • Damage from too much water


Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”  While the latter can be debated, the former is true. Too much water is your carpet- that’s recipe for chaos.  This is a common oversight. Basically, the DIYer drenches the carpet in more water and cleaning solution than is required. Perhaps it can be due to wanting to remove a particularly stubborn stain, or there were miscalculations made when using the carpet cleaning machines. The material ends up becoming too wet, soaking through to the padding. Issues like shrinkage can occur, where the carpet may even rip up from the floor. Delamination may also result, where the carpet gets separated from its backing. These are not outcomes you want for your unit. Overwetting the carpet also increases the drying time. This occurs due to the machines used for the cleaning and drying not having the sufficient suction power to extract the bulk of the moisture from the material, which makes that carpet take days to dry. This opens a can of worms. Mould and mildew will start growing on your unit. They come in different colours, staining your carpet. Then there is the musty odour that they produce, which makes the living conditions uncomfortable. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The fungi release spores into the airspace. These are allergens, triggering different reactions, from coughing and sneezing to asthma attacks in affected individuals. There are also species of the fungi that produce mycotoxins. When these substances get into the body, they are a threat to systems and entire organs. This is certainly not how you envision things going. 


  • Discolouration


Here, the main issue is using chemicals that are not suitable for the particular type of carpet. The different materials that carpets come with each have their unique treatment options. The chemicals that are used on other sections of the premises, from the all-purpose cleaners, descalers to the popular DIY reagents that are developed to deal with stubborn stains- they can wreak havoc on the carpet. Differences in pH, the chemical composition of the formulation- these cause reactions with the carpet material and the treatments that have been used on it, resulting in discolouration of the unit.

It can also be a case of colour bleeding. This is usually attributed to overwetting the carpet. Using too much of the cleaning solution basically leaches out the dyes that the carpet has been treated with. These scenarios are avoided when you turn to the domestic carpet cleaning professionals, who have the skills required to determine the appropriate amount of products and solutions that are needed to handle the different types of carpets and stains that are being dealt with. That way, those stubborn spots are got rid of without affecting the colours and patterns that give the carpet its elegance.


  • Unsatisfactory results


Getting the carpet truly clean requires a combination of two main things: the proper machinery for the task, and the right skill set to deal with the particular carpet cleaning needs. It’s not just about sloshing detergents onto the dirt and scrubbing it away. The various situations, from the water-based and oil-based stains that may be on the carpet, issues like the level of soiling, to the particular material that the carpet has been constructed with, come into play. The machinery itself has its modes of operation, and they are different ways of working in the carpet, from dry cleaning methods to hot water extraction. The units that are available for rent from dealership stores do not operate at the same capacity as the industrial-grade  units that are used by the domestic carpet cleaning professionals, hence aspects such as the power needed for the scrubbing, to the extraction efficacy required to remove the residue from the carpet, will be affected. You wouldn’t want to spend hours labouring on the chore, and still wind up with low quality results that force you to redo the task- consuming more time and resources. With professional services, the carpet cleaning gets done right, and in a fraction of the time that the DIY approach would have taken.


  • Invalidating the warranty


Some of these outcomes can be costly to rectify, and you find yourself being forced to purchase a new carpet. This will be with funds from your own pocket, since the DIY carpet cleaning may also void the warranty of your unit. The carpet manufacturers usually stipulate that the buyer of the product should get the carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months. Going the DIY route exposes you to liabilities in case of damage, which is not an extra cost that you want to bear. 

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Team You Can Rely On

Our personnel have been cleaning carpets for years. They are trained and come with the required experience to take care of your task to quality standards. What’s more, they actually love what they do, take pride in their work, and will treat your carpet as their own. We have also invested in their own personal and professional development, to keep them up to date with the latest developments in the carpet cleaning industry. This is to ensure that the most appropriate products and methods are used when providing the services. We adhere to industry standards, and utilize products that are safe for the environment and the persons on the premises. As such, you won’t have to worry about issues such as your kids and pets being exposed to harmful agents, or toxic runoff getting into the nearby water streams. 

Troubles That Come With DIY Carpet Cleaning

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