How Does A Carpet Get Clean At

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How Does A Carpet Get Clean At
  1. ANALYSIS – How does a carpet get clean at

This process involves setting process for washing and cleaning carpet and texture depending on the degree of wear and soiling thereof.

  1. INITIAL VACUUMING – How does a carpet get clean at

Vacuuming carpets before we start washing operation to remove dust and lint that can hold laundering.

Stage consists of vacuuming the carpet with a vacuum cleaner professional to remove particles of dust, lint and hair from the existing surface. To protect its fabric and fiber, and to prepare the surface for subsequent washing and cleaning, vacuuming will be done on both sides of the mat for a more efficient removal and deep dust particles and dirt.

  1. WASHING at  

November wash carpets not just rinse them, we are not car wash, not the fence was drying carpets, detergent will not ask, we are professionals.

November wash carpets WELL, that did not put them away after a car just got off the mud, and then, to give cleanliness and hygiene blow, you hang on a fence covered with dust dries up .

Our goal is to have a good carpet washing, dry and smelling good.

Due centrifugation (process that eliminates water in 95% of the fabric of the carpet) and drying carpets being made in a specially designed, heated and ventilated controlling permanent temperature and humidity we can deliver carpets clean and dry summer even one day to another. How does a carpet get clean at

For carpets that belong to pets lovers (dogs, cats etc.) and bearing traces of urine smell we, at, have good news: washing these rugs use an odor neutralizer that succeeds in many cases to remove the lingering smell of urine (unfortunately not in all cases fully succeed, knowing that animal urine role pheromone chemical message that does not react to any known product on the world market). How does a carpet get clean at


Rinses the carpet using a sufficient amount of water, followed by its drying process, which is done in two phases. The first phase consists in centrifuging at 1500 revolutions / minute, in which process in a few minutes to remove the fabric 95% of the water. In the second phase the mat is placed on special supports in a heated dryer, so the day will be ready for delivery. How does a carpet get clean at

Continuous air circulation on all sides of the carpet is ensured by sufficient distance between carpets (40-60cm) and the spinning process itself helps to fix the color. All procedures rinsing, squeezing and drying are performed by non-invasive, leaving intact the carpet fabric (whatever material it is made) under the same conditions as at the moment of order.

  1. PREPARATION FOR DELIVERY – How does a carpet get clean at

Remove lint or pet hair so that it may be left after washing with rotating plastic brushes. And then, Dublin carpet cleaning company delivers your carpets back home. Easy, right?


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