Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Methods

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Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Methods

Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Methods

The injection- extraction cleaning method, it proved to be one of the most effective methods of cleaning carpets and upholstery in depth, the most often used by companies specialized in cleaning. Using this method, involves spraying water mixed with a special solution to clean than fabric that and then extracting it. Due to the pressure spray cleaning solution, dirt deposited in the internal structure of the tissue is removed, refreshing and thoroughly cleans carpet. Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Methods

The efficiency of this vacuum cleaner is great, penetrating active solution to the base of the carpet, ensuring a deep cleaning fabric. Among the advantages of this method are: 80% – 90% of special solution is extracted, leading to low levels of moisture and rapid drying of the carpet; detergent used confers lasting protection and is recommended by experts in the field for cleaning and maintenance of carpets; there is no risk of toxicity or allergy; Textile strengthen and maintain their elasticity; refresh and revive colors; Textile washing is done at a longer interval. Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Methods

For carpets, textile surfaces, with areas showing an increased resistance to stains or dirt washing accentuated use a machine called a single disc. Carpet cleaning steps will be made in the following order: dry foam or water spray with a special shampoo over the entire carpet, working with single disc, last operation consisting vacuuming the carpet.

Dry foam Dublin carpet cleaning method

Foam cleaning method is very useful for fabrics from natural fibers or textiles whose composition does not allow washing wet work specified in the maintenance instructions given by the manufacturer.

The operation involves the application using dry foam buffing machine, which, inter alia, has the advantage of not thoroughly wet fabric, and fabric washing respective electric rotary brush. This method has numerous benefits:

more rapid drying of the carpet; depth removing dirt; eliminate odors; refreshing and original color reproduction; treating, protecting and strengthening textile fibers; the use of ecological solutions, professional, non-toxic to the body or the environment. Get your quote at the Dublin carpet cleaning company, now! Professional Dublin Carpet Cleaning Methods


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