How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

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How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

The Answer To Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Most people wash their carpets once per year. Cleaning your own carpet might sound like a nifty DIY project, but it’s really more taxing and frustrating than it looks. Numerous factors are against you, from the skill involved, to the quality of the machinery that can be rented from stores. Mistakes like using the wrong detergent for a particular type of carpet are all too common. There’s everything from products that actually cause the stains to set more permanently into the material, to harsh chemicals that can cause the fibres to get corroded. When it comes to the machinery, it’s all about the power being delivered, ranging from the heating of the water to the pressures used to pump the solution into the carpet, all through to the vacuum capacity. The issue with the machines from the DIY stores is that, while they come small to enable ease of use and portability, it also means you get limited power. This is due to the smaller internal motors and pumps, that won’t deliver the same results as the truck mounted systems that are used by the professional carpet cleaning Dublin crew. Low power means that the carpet won’t get properly cleaned. The soiling in the fibres won’t be broken down and flushed out, and there may be too much residue left behind after the process. These have effects on their own. For instance, the soapy and sticky residue increases the rate at which the carpet gets resoiled. In addition, when it’s left too damp the drying time increases, allowing mould and mildew to pitch camp and flourish. You end up with patches all over, and also expose the persons in the premises to health risks. Then there are issues such as overwetting that can cause anything from discolouration to carpet shrinkage and delamination. Add to this the amount of time and energy that you’ll have spent. It takes hours out off your free days, and there’s also the frustration of ending up with unsatisfactory results. On top of it all is the cost implications, especially when you’re forced to buy a brand new carpet due to the current one getting permanently damaged. All this can be avoided when you turn to the professional carpet cleaners. How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

Reasons To Invest In The Professional Carpet Cleaning Dublin Team

  • Quality tools for professional results – How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

The cleanliness that is achieved depends on the effectiveness of the machinery used. As such, we have heavily invested in technologically advanced systems, plus the latest in carpet cleaning processes, in order to deliver high standard results, in minimal time. Our carpet cleaning Dublin crew use hot water extraction processes to get rid of the dirt and grime. In fact, this is the approach recommended by carpet manufacturers around the globe, and it even helps you to preserve your warranty. Heated water into which tough acting cleaning solutions have been added is injected into the fibres of the carpet, dislodging the gunk and flushing it up to the surface. Here, powerful suction takes it away, leaving your carpet fresh and revitalised. There is no leftover residue to worry about, and much of the moisture is also removed. The little amount that remains easily evaporates, reducing the amount of drying time needed before the carpet can be used again. This also means that there won’t be fungal growths popping up, which is a welcome bonus. How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

  • Experts at your service – How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?

You want your investment to be taken care of by the professionals. That’s what you get when you turn to our carpet cleaning Dublin services. Our personnel, in addition to being extensively trained, have been in the business for years, delivering the services to clients in both residential and commercial establishments. They have the knowledge base and skill set required to handle your carpet cleaning needs, and treat your property with the care that it deserves. Moreover, our friendly customer care team are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns, in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the services that we provide. How Often Should I Get Carpet Cleaning Done?


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