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Carpeting adds
beauty and style to the premises. With the wide range of choices available, you
get to go for the installation that reflects your personality, and portrays
your business in positive light- whether you want a neutral foundation that
blends seamlessly with different furnishings and wall finishings, or to have
bold patterns and vibrant colours that make the carpet a striking feature.
That’s the focal point of the room. The carpet also improves the indoor air
quality. It’s literally an air filter, trapping dust particles, pet dander,
pollen and other allergens, preventing you from breathing them in. This is
particularly beneficial for establishments where there are persons suffering
from allergies. However, as the gunk piles up, it will need to be removed
through thorough carpet cleaning processes, to prevent people walking from
kicking up the particles back into the air. The carpet is also ideal for
increasing traction and reducing slips and falls. The soft and absorbent nature
also enables the material to cushion falls, thus minimising injuries whenever
they occur. The safety is provided for all persons in the premises, but is
especially beneficial to toddlers and older individuals. The air pockets, fibre
material plus the under pad also enable the carpet to reduce noise in your
establishment. It absorbs the sounds from the speakerphones, TVs, and home
theatre in your home, to the chatter, shuffling feet, and buzz of activities in
your commercial establishment. It also acts as a sound barrier, preventing the
noises from being transmitted to the rooms below. That way, you get to have
more conducive living and working conditions, not constantly being distracted
by the noise. To keep it in optimal condition, turn to the carpet cleaning
Dublin professionals.


Why You Should Let The
Experts Take Care Of Your Carpet Cleaning Needs


Preserve indoor air quality


The carpet has a
huge bearing on the air that you breathe. It accumulates toxins and allergens
that can end up being released into the air space as people walk on it. This
ranges from everyday dust, dust mites and their waste, all through to pet fur
and dander, plus the faecal residue left behind by cockroaches coming to feed
on food crumbs, increasing the waste in the fibres. They trigger anything from mild
reactions like coughing and sneezing, to all-out asthma attacks, and worsen
respiratory conditions such as bronchitis. Common triggers of allergic
rhinitis, also referred to as hay fever, include the allergens that are piling
up in your carpet. Add to this the bacteria from the organic waste, plus those
pathogens that get sneezed or coughed into the environment, winding up in the
carpet. Your kids, spending lots of time playing on it, and even your pet
rolling over and sleeping on the carpet, are at risk. Our carpet cleaning
Dublin team use powerful hot water extraction systems that get rid of the gunk,
with the temperatures involved in the process being so high that even the
microorganisms hiding out in the fibres won’t be able to survive. They are flushed
out with the rest of the waste, enabling you to enhance the health of the


Budget friendly services


Times are hard,
and we don’t intend on making them any more so. As such, our carpet cleaning
Dublin services have been priced to be affordable, without compromising on the
quality of the results. They also take into account your particular situation,
such as the type and size of the carpet in your establishment.

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