Is Your Carpet Reeking Of Pet Odours?

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Is Your Carpet Reeking Of Pet Odours?

Is Your Carpet Reeking Of Pet Odours?

Pets are part of the family. Whether you have cats or dogs in the household, you want them to be jovial and comfortable. The cute furry guys already enjoy using the carpet, dashing around on it, playing and rolling on the lush fibres, and may have even picked a favourite spot for napping. It’s all fine and dandy, until an unpleasant odour begins being emitted by the unit.

There are different causes of pet odours. First is the fur and dander they leave behind. This adds to the organic waste that is already piling up in the material, calling for a deep carpet cleaning. The fur and dander are also allergens, contributing to the health risks that the occupants of the household are exposed to.

Urine in the carpet takes odours to the next level. The pungent smells begin to be emitted immediately the spot is formed, and get worse over time. Note that the urine doesn’t just stay on the carpet surface. Instead, it penetrates into the fibres, contaminating the carpet backing and even getting to the flooring material underneath. As the urine dries over time, its liquid content will evaporate, and the urine crystals that remain behind become more concentrated. Herein lies another problem. These crystals are reactivated by moisture, releasing a more pungent odour. For instance, when the humidity increases in the room or that particular spot becomes wet, the odour becomes stronger. The urine can also lead to outcomes like permanent colour damage for your carpet, due to its corrosive effect that removes the carpet’s dyes.

Pet urinate on carpets for different reasons, including:

Behavioural issues

Here you have the likes of pets that get separation anxiety when the owner is leaving the house, as well as cases like your furry friend getting aggressive and territorial when a new pet is being introduced into the residence.

Not adequately grasping their training

This is especially for puppies and new dogs being brought into the house, where it takes a while before they fully comprehend their potty training. Carpet cleaning after urine incidences should be a matter of priority, otherwise the pet will mark that section as their go-to spot, which increases the rate of damage to the unit.

Health issues

These are diverse, ranging from the cat or dog having a urinary tract infection all through to incontinence during old age where the pet loses bladder control. A visit to the vet is important to determine any underlying issues that your furry friend could have, and have these addressed to improve their quality of life, as well as protect your carpet.

Pet Urine Stain Removal By The Pros

Do you have a case of pet urine stains on your unit? Call in our professional carpet cleaning team to handle it. We have equipped our personnel with powerful carpet cleaning machinery, and invested in their professional development to keep them up to date with the latest technologies to handle the different kinds of carpet materials and stain problems. They have the skills needed to ensure that the urine spots that are riddling the carpet are summarily dealt with, getting rid of the sustain themselves, the odours, and the urine crystals that are buried in the material.

Here are more benefits you get when you turn to our team to handle your carpet cleaning needs:

Safe cleaning

The machinery and solutions that are used for the carpet cleaning will be safe for the persons on the premises, as well as the carpet itself. You don’t have to worry about issues like toxic VOCs being released into the indoor air space, or hazardous chemicals being disposed of and polluting the surrounding water streams. We use carpet cleaning products that have been certified to be safe for the environment, and put in place measures to seal off the spaces being worked on to avoid cases of people walking on the wet carpet as the cleaning is being carried out.

Fast drying

High-powered suction units are incorporated into the carpet cleaning process. These vacuums remove the bulk of the moisture content from the wet carpet, leaving it just slightly damp. This will dry off naturally in a few hours, allowing you to resume using the carpet on the same day that it has been washed. Further measures like ensuring that there is proper ventilation in the room will further speed up the drying time. All this is in a bid to reduce the disruption to your normal activities, as well as prevent the growth of mould and mildew. As a welcome bonus, the disruption to your day-to-day activities is minimised since normalcy gets to be restored much sooner.

Affordable prices

With us, you get customised rates that are suited to your particular carpet cleaning needs. Using industrial-grade machinery enables us to reduce the resources that go into labour costs without compromising on the quality of the results, and we are thus able to pass on these benefits over to you through budget-friendly quotations. These will be tailored to your situation, from the type of the carpet that is being cleaned, the condition in which the carpet is in – from the soiling to troublesome spots like the pet urine stains, all through to the timing with which you want to schedule the cleaning, including special cases where you want your carpet attended to outside the normal working hours. Get in touch with us to discuss your situation.

Definitely, the underlying cause of the pet’s urine accidents needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. This is to avoid a situation where your furry friend keeps on peeing on the carpet, as each incident increases the risk of permanent damage occurring. From vet visits for health problems, investing in potty training for the young pups and kittens, to getting diapers for the elderly pets – different measures used will depend on the particular situation. This is for your pet’s safety and comfort, your very own peace of mind, and to protect the carpet from unwarranted damage.

Is Your Carpet Reeking Of Pet Odours?

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